Budget scrutiny begins with hearings

29 May 2023 See hearing schedule

Watch PAEC Chair Sarah Connolly outline the annual budget estimates inquiry, which includes public hearings.

The Treasurer, Premier, ministers and department heads are set to appear before parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee (PAEC).

The release of the 2023-24 budget estimates paves the way for an annual inquiry which assesses the state’s spending and revenue.

'We are reviewing economic projections and the government’s proposed major projects,' PAEC Chair Sarah Connolly said.

The budget contains estimated projections of government revenue over the next three years (forward estimates) and expenditure for the following financial year.

It also includes the fiscal outlook for the state’s economy.

'Our public hearings allow government, opposition and minor party MPs to ask questions of the executive and the public sector,' Ms Connolly said.

'We aim to improve transparency, accountability and integrity.'

PAEC is required to report to parliament with recommendations for government by late 2023.

You can watch the live broadcast of each hearing held from Friday 2 June until Thursday 15 June.

For the full schedule and other inquiry related information go to the Committee’s website.