Games cancellation probe underway

30 August 2023 Make a submission

Watch Committee Chair David Limbrick and Deputy Joe McCracken outline the inquiry's terms of reference.

The handling of regional Victoria’s abandoned 2026 Commonwealth Games is the focus of a select committee inquiry.

Individuals and groups can make a submission as part of the probe until Monday 23 October 2023.

‘There’s a lot of questions that need to be answered.'

Committee Chair David Limbrick


Regional Victoria was confirmed as future host in April 2022, but the State Government terminated the contract in July 2023 citing a huge blowout in the estimated cost of organising and running the event.

‘We need to understand the impacts of the contract termination on Victoria’s reputation, as well as our business, tourism and major events sectors,’ Mr Limbrick said.

‘We’re also looking at whether failures in governance, probity and procurement contributed to this outcome.

‘We’ll be investigating the advice received from government departments, councils, agencies, consultants and contractors, and examining the potential undue influence of the executive on the independence of the public service.’

Regional Victoria was set to play a major role in the March 2026 sporting spectacle.

‘The impact of the games cancellation on community, social, amateur and professional sports in Victoria is another key focus,’ Committee Deputy Chair Joe McCracken said.

The timeline, progress and budget of the Victorian Government’s regional infrastructure and housing build will also be scrutinised.

The Legislative Council Select Committee has nine members, including three MPs each from the Government, Opposition and Crossbench.

Once public submissions close the Committee will hold public hearings before providing an interim report to parliament by 30 April 2024. A final report is due by April 2025.

To have your say and for more inquiry information go to the Committee’s website.