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Petition Mornington Peninsula Paid Parking pilot programme

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This petition of residents in Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly that the paid parking pilot introduced in Nov '23 is having grave negative effects on small business, local residents, families and visitors. Business sale declines of upto 20%, numerous negative reviews, fines and complaints have presented to local councillors, its CEO and relevant shire teams with little response or concern. The area operates under a video number plate recognition system that only allows 15 minutes from entry at the esplanade to exit before an infringement is issued via the mail. This is not stated on any signage and could be seen as fraudulent as one may not be physically parked but merely looking for a spot, commercially doing a delivery, be on MYC private property, a service technician, an Uber driver, awaiting a takeaway service from the hospitality venues, a Motorcyclist parked on a legal footpath, be assisting a grandparent or disabled person. The e-permit process on line is clunky and no grace period is allowed for residents with registrations in an eligible areas. No tap and pay facilities are offered, only APP or QR online severely inhibiting the elderly visiting our public area. Mornington’s famous picnic family friendly park, pier and foreshore area should NOT be the target of a local councils funding crisis. Alternative means to raise funds need tabling rather than targeting local well established businesses recovering from a global pandemic and removing the free use from both local families and families abroad the public gems we have. The public park and its surrounds have never been so quiet and unfrequented. The overflow of parking has only expanded into neighbouring streets creating stress abroad. Save our public areas, support small business, increase tourism and its flow on effects.


The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly call on the Government to remove the current Mornington Peninsula Paid Parking pilot programme immediately.

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