This inquiry was completed in the 58th parliament.

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Terms of Reference

On 10 December 2013, the Legislative Council agreed to the following resolution:

That this House —

(1)     notes the details in Appendix 4 of the Department of Treasury and Finance’s 2012-13 Annual Report and further notes the discussion on pages 159 and 160 of the Department of Health’s 2012-13 Annual Report, and in particular, the sections titled “energy consumption and greenhouse emissions”;

(2)     further notes that some degree of energy consumption in the production of health services is inevitable and unavoidable, but nevertheless incurs a Carbon Tax;

(3)     requires the Economy and Infrastructure Legislation Committee to inquire into and consider—

(a) the impact on public health services of the Carbon Tax introduced by the former Commonwealth Government on 1 July 2012; and

(b) the benefits to Victorian public and private health services and their patients of the current Commonwealth Government’s promised abolition of the Carbon Tax;

and to present a final report by 30 May 2014, and make any interim reports the Committee thinks fit.