Awaiting Government Response

Public hearings are completed. 

Previous public hearings

Corrected transcripts and question on notice responses of these hearings are published below when finalised by the Committee.

  • 55 St Andrews Place, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    10:00 AM

    Asthma Australia Angela Cartwright, Policy and Advocacy Manager Michele Goldman, Chief Executive Officer

    11:00 AM

    Rural Doctors Association of Victoria Cos Camassa, Project Supply Chain Specialist Tim Forcey Rob Phair, President Sotiris Vardoulakis, Professor of Global Environmental Health
  • 55 St Andrews Place, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    9:05 AM

    Environment Protection Authority Victoria Martine Dennekamp, Senior Environmental Epidemiologist Lee Miezis, Chief Executive Officer Mark Taylor, Chief Environmental Scientist Paul Torre, Senior Applied Scientist Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning Carolyn Jackson, Acting Deputy Secretary Environment and Climate Change Hamish Webb, Director Knowledge, Planning and Risk in Forest, Fire and Regions
  • Parliament of Victoria / 55 St Andrews Place, G.1 and G.2, Melbourne, 3002

    9:00 AM

    Environmental Justice Australia Bronya Lipski, Lawyer

    10:00 AM

    Victorian Council of Social Service Ben Latham, Policy Advisor Brooke McKail, Manager, Policy and Research

    11:15 AM

    Clean Air Communities Arabella Daniel Kate Forster Communities for Clean Air Network Liz Poole, Member Australian Air Quality Group Dorothy Robinson

    12:15 PM

    Inner West Air Quality Community Reference Group Bert Boere Clare Sheppard, Interim Secretary Patsy Toop OAM Caroline Cittarelli Maribyrnong Truck Action Group Martin Wurt, President

    2:00 PM

    Thomas Michael Ellis Voices of the Valley Wendy Farmer, President Marianne Robinson, Secretary Advocating for the Latrobe Valley - ALiVe Inc. Maggie Jones, Secretary

    3:00 PM

    Australian Home Heating Association Eunsil Hwang, Adviser - Managed Services Ashley Stride, Group General Manager

    4:00 PM

    Anti-Toxic Waste Alliance Colleen Hartland, Chair
  • Parliament of Victoria / 55 St Andrews Place, G.1 and G.2, Melbourne, 3002

    9:45 AM

    Latrobe City Council Steven Piasente, CEO

    10:45 AM

    Moreland City Council Stephen Meloury, Unit Manager, Environmental Health & Building Services

    11:45 AM

    Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Lai Heng Foong, Chair, ACEM Public Health and Disaster Committee Australian Medical Association Victoria Roderick McRae

    2:00 PM

    Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research (CAR) Michael Abramson, Chief Investigator Fay Johnston, Founding Research Lead, Environmental Health Group

    3:00 PM

    The Lung Health Centre, Melbourne University Robyn Schofield Clare Walter, Researcher

    4:00 PM

    Healthy Futures Veronique Hamilton, Registered Nurse Harry Jennens, Coordinator Geraldine McClure, Healthy Futures Latrobe Valley Organiser