Conducting Public Hearings

Upcoming public hearings

No further hearings have been set for this inquiry yet. Check back later.

Previous public hearings

Corrected transcripts of these hearings are published below when finalised by the Committee.

  • Davui Room, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    1:20 PM

    The Police Association Victoria Wayne Gatt, Secretary

    2:05 PM

    Nine Royce Millar, Senior Reporter, The Age Sam White, Editorial Counsel

    2:45 PM

    Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) Sean Morrison, Information Commissioner Cara O’Shanassy, General Counsel

    3:50 PM

    Jordan Brown Freelance journalist
  • 10:15 AM

    The Centre for Public Integrity Dr Catherine Williams, Research Director Mahalia McDaniel, Research Officer

    11:00 AM

    Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) Victoria Elliott, Commissioner Stacey Killackey, Executive Director - Legal, Assessment and Review and Compliance

    11:45 AM

    Victorian Bar Emrys Nekvapil SC

    12:30 PM

    Victorian Legal Services Board and Commissioner Fiona McLeay, Board CEO and Commissioner

    1:20 PM

    Victoria Police Susan Middleditch, Deputy Secretary Corporate and Regulatory Services Robin Davey, Manager, Freedom of Information Division

    2:50 PM

    WorkSafe Victoria Jude Hunter, Senior Legal Counsel and Manager of Freedom of Information and Privacy Rebecca Cato, Legal Counsel Freedom of Information and Privacy

    3:35 PM

    Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Nerita Waight, Chief Executive Officer Patrick Cook, Head of Policy, Communications and Strategy

    4:20 PM

    Australian Lawyers Alliance Lachlan Fitch, President, Victoria Branch Committee Jeremy King, Member, Victoria Branch Committee
  • Meeting Room G6, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    2:05 PM

    Royal Melbourne Hospital Andrew Mariadason, Legal Counsel – Manager Medicolegal and Legal Services

    2:50 PM

    Peninsula Health Trudy Ararat, Chief Legal Officer

    3:35 PM

    Find and Connect Web Resource, The University of Melbourne Kirsten Wright, Program Manager
  • Meeting Room G6, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    10:00 AM

    Dr David Solomon AM

    10:45 AM

    Dr Danielle Moon Lecturer, Law School, Macquarie University

    11:30 AM

    Associate Professor Johan Lidberg Head of Journalism and Media Innovation, Monash University Professor Moira Paterson Faculty of Law, Monash University

    12:50 PM

    Professor Lyria Bennett Moses Director of the UNSW Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, University of New South Wales Professor Toby Walsh Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales
  • Davui Room, 55 Saint Andrews Place, East Melbourne, 3002

    1:20 PM

    Information and Privacy Commission NSW Sonia Minutillo, Acting Information Commissioner

    2:05 PM

    Office of the Information Commissioner, Queensland Stephanie Winson, Acting Information Commissioner Suzette Jefferies, Assistant Information Commissioner

    2:50 PM

    ACT Ombudsman Iain Anderson, Ombudsman