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Surgical gender affirmation procedures

Legislative Council 60 Parliament First Session
1173: Questions on Notice
MOIRA DEEMING — To ask the Minister for Mental Health (for the Minister for Health):  Which hospitals and/or facilities are Victorian children referred to for surgical gender affirmation procedures.
Answer - 23 November 2023

Victoria’s gender clinics offer some of the most vulnerable Victorians the life-saving care they need, and the Allan Labor Government is proud to support them. We know that trans and gender diverse people face significant challenges along the journey of affirming their gender identity, especially when this is met with stigma, misunderstanding and deliberate misinformation campaigns.


To be clear for the member, the Royal Children’s Hospital model of care includes a multidisciplinary assessment of the needs of the child. RCH provides non-medical pathways for gender expression and experience, and medical treatment where clinically and legally appropriate. The Royal Children’s Hospital DOES NOT provide or refer children to surgical treatment.


The treatment and care of trans and gender diverse young people in Victoria, like all other states and territories, is guided by the Australian standards of care and treatment guidelines for transgender and gender diverse children and adolescents


The Department of Health does not report on clinical care provided to patients, particularly in an aggregated way, due to the highly private and sensitive nature of this information.



The Hon Mary-Anne Thomas MP

Minister for Health

Minister for Health Infrastructure

Minister for Ambulance Services


Date: 07/11/2023


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3 October 2023
by Deeming, Moira
2 November 2023
23 November 2023