Ukrainian Flag flown at Victoria’s Parliament in support of democracy

4 March 2022

Ukrainian Flag being flown on Parliament House.
Ukrainian Flag being flown on Parliament House.

The Ukrainian Flag is being flown on Parliament House in Melbourne in support of peace, freedom and democracy in Ukraine.

'The Victorian Parliament stands in solidarity with the democratically elected Parliament of Ukraine, the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian community in Victoria,' said Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Colin Brooks and President of the Legislative Council Nazih Elasmar in a joint statement.

'Democracy is under threat in Ukraine and, as a democratic legislature, the Victorian Parliament expresses its support for the democratically elected parliamentarians of Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada,' the Presiding Officers said.

'We express our sympathy to the Ukrainian people for the lives already lost and for the suffering that they have endured.

'United we can send a clear message that aggression against a sovereign democratic nation, its Parliament and its people must stop.

'Peace, freedom and democracy must prevail.'