Internship program notches up new milestone

15 March 2024

Prize-winning intern Indigo Coulson gave helpful hints on how to succeed during the three-month placement.
Prize-winning intern Indigo Coulson gave helpful hints on how to succeed during the three-month placement.

A group of undergraduates has commenced research reports on a range of topics which have the potential to reshape the public policy debate in Victoria.

The third-year political science students have been paired with MPs for the 35th incarnation of the Victorian Parliamentary Internship Program.

At their semester one induction they heard firsthand from the people who know the parliament and the long-running initiative best.

2023 Presiding Officers’ Prize-winning intern Indigo Coulson provided practical advice and tips on how to succeed during the three-month placement.

She encouraged the new cohort to actively find ways to connect with their topics and recommended research methods and writing processes.

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As a first-term member of parliament, Southern Metropolitan MP Ryan Batchelor reflected on the experience so far.

He talked about the importance of time management, his role as a community representative and involvement in parliamentary committees.

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Brunswick MP Tim Read gave a presentation on minor parties and the ways they can influence the legislative agenda.

He also highlighted the political diversity in the Upper House and the unique voting system.

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A media panel comprising three journalists fielded questions on ethics, accuracy and accountability.

A key takeaway being the need to always verify information and research with multiple sources.

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Legislative Assembly Clerk Bridget Noonan and Legislative Council Assistant Clerk Procedure Keir Delaney outlined the principles and functions of their respective houses of parliament.

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Program co-patron and Legislative Council President Shaun Leane expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity the 26 students from University of Melbourne and Monash University have been given.

In the second half of 2024 the program will involve students from La Trobe University, Swinburne University and Australian Catholic University.