Have your say on the big issues facing Victoria

31 March 2023

Watch this insight into the committee inquiry process.

Community contributions to many of the big policy issues facing the state need not begin and end once every four years at the ballot box.

MPs are keen to hear people's views on matters before Parliament and one of the best ways to have those views heard is by making a submission to a parliamentary committee inquiry. 

Committees conduct inquiries into various matters of public interest related to the economy, health and welfare, infrastructure, environment and the law. 

The 60th Parliament already has a range of inquiries seeking submissions from the community on issues stretching from stamp duty to improving organ donation rates, ensuring sub-contractors are paid, native bird hunting and many others topics.

The Legislative Council Environment and Planning Committee will investigate the state’s preparedness for and response to the October 2022 flood disaster. 

'This inquiry will look into the flood event as a whole and the areas affected,' Committee Chair Sonja Terpstra said.

The Legislative Assembly Economy and Infrastructure Committee is welcoming public submissions for its investigation into the impact of road safety behaviours on vulnerable road users.

The inquiry will specifically look at how road users’ behaviour changed during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and how this affected the safety of people most at risk on the road. 

'Last year, 241 Victorians lost their lives on the road, and thousands more were injured,' said Committee Chair Alison Marchant.  

'We also know many more pedestrians and motorcyclists died on the road last year compared with the previous year,' she added. 

The Legislative Assembly's Legal and Social Issues Committee wants to hear from the community in its inquiry into improving organ and tissue donation rates in Victoria. 

The Committee is particularly interested in receiving input on the effectiveness of the current model for registering to be an organ and tissue donor in Victoria, as well as the issues that impact donation rates in the state. 

'We are calling on stakeholders to share their views and ideas with us so that we can recommend effective practices that will lead to better health outcomes for Victorians,' Committee Chair Ella George said. 

Employers and contractors who refuse to pay their subcontractors for completed works face scrutiny by another parliamentary inquiry. 

The Legislative Assembly Environment and Planning Committee is calling for public submissions. 

'This inquiry will look at the mechanisms currently in place for subcontractors to secure payments, along with opportunities for improvements in the law,' Committee Chair Juliana Addison said. 

For more details on these and other inquiries, including terms of reference and details on how to make a submission go to the Committees' webpage.