Library paper gives comprehensive review of 2022 election

13 June 2023 Read the paper

A new paper from the Parliamentary Library comprehensively summarises the 2022 election and its outcomes, while providing background and context through an overview of the key events and issues that shaped the 59th Parliament. 

The 2022 election saw the Andrews Government returned for a third term with a slightly increased majority in the lower house, despite suffering a fall in the ALP’s primary vote.  
Predictions of a close-run election did not eventuate, nor did a repeat of a 'teal wave' as occurred at the federal election six months earlier. 
While these results largely preserved the status quo in Victorian politics, they masked considerable turnover within the parliament.   
More than one-third of the 128 members across both houses elected at the 2018 election did not return after the 2022 election, including half of the Legislative Council. 
Prior to polling day, 32 members had either retired or not been preselected. A further 17 members were not returned to their seats in the election. A record 1,194 candidates stood for election. 
The paper provides an overview of the 59th Parliament and election lead-up, including COVID-19 politics, leadership and integrity issues, retirements and preselections, and flood and cost-of living crises - all of which shaped the election and changes in the composition of the 60th Parliament.  
This is followed by a detailed analysis of the campaign, policies, polling, social media, results, and overviews of how the parties and media reflected on their election performance. Outgoing and incoming members, women in parliament, the Andrews Ministry and further results (with interactive data elements) are also included.  

Parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee is conducting a review into the conduct of the 2022 Victorian election.  

If you'd like to follow the review or make a submission you can do so via the committee's website.