Library gives a snapshot of our changing state

28 April 2023 Briefing e-book

Rooftop solar has powered ahead in Victoria in recent years.
Rooftop solar has powered ahead in Victoria in recent years.

Between January 2019 and May 2022, as part of a push toward renewable energy sources, 1,845 megawatts of capacity was added to the electricity grid as a result of new household small-scale rooftop solar systems, more than doubling the existing capacity of 1,564 megawatts already coming from this source.

That’s just one of the fascinating data points in the Parliamentary Library’s latest Briefing e-book.

But not only are we getting greener, the e-book also captures the shifting demographics of Victoria. 

It shows a new entrant in the top five languages other than English spoken at home in the 2021 Census, with 1.61 per cent of Victorians speaking Punjabi, coinciding with a rapid increase in migration from India, which also in that year surpassed China as the top country of birth (other than Australia) for Victorians. 

The publication is aimed at providing MPs and parliamentary staff with a comprehensive reference guide to help inform future debates and provides an in-depth overview of key issues that arose during the life of the 59th Parliament (2018-2022).  

The publication is also accessible to the public in the link above (though some links are only available on the parliamentary intranet). 

The Briefing e-Book is organised by portfolio and covers a broad range of topics, including Victoria's economy, the COVID-19 pandemic, education, health, crime and justice, arts, sport and recreation, and many other topics. The e-Book contains links to relevant data, committee inquiries, library publications, and legislation related to each topic. 

'Victoria in Numbers' provides a snapshot of Victoria's demographic, social and economic statistics, including population, employment, industry, education, and more. This information can be used to provide context for debates and help members make informed decisions. 

Another key section of the e-Book is the 'COVID-19 Overview,' which provides an overview of the pandemic's impact on Victoria, including the government's response, public health measures, and economic support packages. 

The treasure trove of data and information also includes an overview of elections and joint sittings, selected legislation, and links to the committee inquiries and final reports.