Subcontractors’ nonpayment under investigation

3 April 2023 Make a submission

Committee chair Juliana Addison and deputy Martin Cameron appeal for submissions from relevant stakeholders.

A parliamentary inquiry is looking at whether laws need to be changed to better protect subcontractors from nonpayment.

The Legislative Assembly Environment and Planning Committee has launched an investigation into employers and contractors who refuse to pay their subcontractors for completed works.

As part of the probe the Committee is calling for submissions from relevant stakeholders.

'We’re especially interested in hearing from organisations who deal with nonpayment of subcontractors for finished works,' Committee Chair Juliana Addison said.

'Individuals and organisations who have experienced non-payment for completed works, and employers and subcontractors who have been involved in matters related to nonpayment of subcontractors.'

While the Committee will be looking to improve the overall framework around subcontractor payments, it will not be looking to resolve individual matters.

'The inquiry will look at the mechanisms currently in place for subcontractors to secure payments, along with opportunities for improvements in the law,' Ms Addison said.

'If you have a story to share which is relevant to those terms of reference, please go to our inquiry website and fill out the e-submission form by Friday the 19th of May 2023.'

The Committee intends to hold public hearings and will provide a report to parliament with findings and recommendations by 31 December 2023.