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You can download the published Hansard documents from the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council below.

Both Assembly and Council documents are split into individual years as follows:

Download Legislative Council

Download Legislative Assembly


PDF versions of Hansard volumes for the period 1856-1999 are also available for download.

Downloading Hansard

The Daily Hansard for any sitting day can be downloaded approximately 4 hours after the house rises.

The weekly revised Hansard is available approximately three working days after the completion of the corresponding sitting week.

Daily Hansard is a draft proof and is marked as such on each page. Daily Hansard must not be quoted in any way as it is subject to alteration. Once the revised book becomes available, Daily Hansard ceases to exist. The revised book has been divided into separate days, each with its own contents and information pages. If you wish to download the revised book (all sitting days of the week) click on the appropriate book number under the "Revised Book" column. Hansard or parts thereof can be downloaded and printed only; the copy and paste functions have been disabled.


The Parliament of Victoria does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of information contained herein. It is your responsibility to ensure by independent verification that all information obtained from all Download and Search Hansard screens is true and accurate.