Community connections

Regional sittings

Fostering regional connections

Regional sittings allow members of parliament the chance to foster connections with regional communities and visit areas outside of their own electorates.

The first regional sittings took place 16 August 2001 to celebrate the centenary of federation with the Legislative Assembly sitting in Bendigo and the Legislative Council in Ballarat.

In 2021 the Legislative Council sat in the bushfire-affected community of Bright in April 2021 as a sign of support and to bolster local morale. In a similar mark of solidarity, the next regional sitting is planned for the Legislative Council to sit in the flood-affected region of Central Northern Victoria 18 April 2024. This sitting will take place in Echuca.

Past regional sittings

Legislative Council

Location Date
Ballarat 16 August 2001
Benalla 30 October 2002
Colac 17 November 2005    
Lakes Entrance 15 and 16 October 2008
Bendigo 6 September 2012
Bright  29 April 2021

Legislative Assembly

Location Date
Bendigo 16 August 2001
Geelong 17 November 2005     
Churchill 15 October 2008
Ballarat 6 September 2012