Legislative Council sitting

The Council agreed to hold a regional sitting in North Central Victoria by April 2024. 

The regional city of Echuca was chosen as the location for this sitting day.

On 21 March 2024, the Council agreed to the following order of business for the regional sitting:

Lord’s Prayer and Acknowledgement of Country
Proclamation to be read by the Clerk
Community members to address the Council on the floor of the House
Formal business
Members’ statements (up to 15 members)
Government business
At 11.30 am Questions
Lunch break (90 minutes)
Government business (continues)
At 5.00 pm Adjournment (up to 20 members).

Today in the Council

Date and time

Thursday, 18 April 2024
Sitting day starts 9.30 am


Echuca Library


For any enquiries, contact the Chamber Support Office.

Phone: (03) 9651 8678
Email: council@parliament.vic.gov.au