Legislative Council

The Legislative Council is the Upper House of the Parliament of Victoria.

2021 sitting dates.

Information on our role and operations can be found in our Information Sheets.

The Legislative Council next sits on Thursday, 29 April, 2021.

The Council will meet at 9.30 am at The Pavilion Pioneer Park in Bright.

For queries about the regional sitting, please contact regionalsitting@parliament.vic.gov.au

The expected Order of Business will be:

  1. Lord’s Prayer and Welcome to Country
  2. The Proclamation to be read by the Clerk
  3. Address by Councillor John Forsyth, Mayor, Alpine Shire Council
  4. Messages, Formal Business and Members’ Statements
  5. Government Business
  6. Question Time at 11.00 am
  7. 2019-20 Bushfires motion at 1.30 pm
  8. Government Business at 3.00 pm
  9. General Business at 4.30 pm
  10. At 6.00 p.m. Adjournment.

Information Sheet 15 has more details about regional sittings in the Council.

The Notice Paper is the business paper or agenda for the next sitting day.

The Sitting Day Schedule sets out the order and approximate times different items of business will occur.

The Minutes of the Proceedings are the official record of the House.

Hansard is the transcript of what is said in the House.

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