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Rosanna Road, Heidelberg
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the ongoing safety and amenity issues on Rosanna Road, Heidelberg.

Rosanna Road was designed as a main residential collector road and remains a residential road, bookended by primary schools. Industrial enterprises are noticeably absent along Rosanna Road and its surrounds.

As a result of the lack of freeway connection linking the M80 Ring Road and M3 Eastern Freeway, Rosanna Road now ostensibly functions as a freeway and national freight route. It is widely acknowledged by government agencies and experts that Rosanna Road does not meet recommended lane widths for larger freight traffic (Rosanna Road, Heidelberg: Road Safety Assessment). In parts, four standard lanes have been narrowed to allow for additional turning lanes and the road has been widened to capacity over many years resulting in power poles being located too close to the roadway.

Rosanna Road’s design and increased reliance on it by heavy freight vehicles has led to, among other things —
(1) trucks encroaching into adjoining lanes due to narrow lane widths causing vehicle damage and accidents;
(2) increased anxiety and a sense of imminent danger for many road users (including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists); and
(3) inability for residents to safely access or leave their property by car due to high traffic speeds.

In addition —
(1) pedestrians and cyclists are at risk at designated crossing points due to freight not being able to stop in time at signalled intersections because of heavy mass;
(2) trucks are hitting power poles close to the roadway due to truck tilt;
(3) trucks are mounting footpaths and bringing down traffic signals; and
(4) amenity issues for residents in Rosanna including truck noise from engine brakes, diesel fumes and associated mental health issues.

The situation on Rosanna Road must be addressed before there is a death. All road users, including primary school aged pedestrians, cyclists and residents are at risk.

The remedy for Rosanna Road cannot wait a decade or more for a North-East Link. Even with the North-East Link, freight will continue to rely on Rosanna Road as a toll-free alternative route.

Inaction to address the grave safety issues confronting Rosanna Road users is unconscionable given the all-too-frequent near misses and widespread community concern. Our elected representatives have a responsibility to the people of Victoria to address this before someone dies.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to, as a matter of urgency, apply sufficient government funding and resources to implement the following changes along Rosanna Road —
(1) restrict freight traffic to one designated lane each way;
(2) restrict freight traffic to vehicles that fit (including mirrors) within the designated lanes (allowing clearance within outer lanes for cyclists);
(3) redesign intersections at Banyule Road, Station Road, Darebin Street, and St James Road to improve safety for road users including providing turning lanes of best practice road width and setback between pedestrian crossings and vehicle stopping points;
(4) provide dedicated pedestrian/cycle links over or under Rosanna Road to allow safe dedicated passage of pedestrians and cyclists to services and amenities on either side of Rosanna Road;
(5) introduce landscape/traffic treatments and traffic restrictions (such as, reduced speed limits, overnight truck curfew and freight traffic bans on Jika Street) to promote safer driver behaviour and enforce these with Road Safety Cameras and remote surveillance systems;
(6) relocate at risk power poles to address existing catastrophic risks to residents and road users;
(7) investigate, plan and provide an alternative over dimensional route between the M80 Ring Road and M3 Eastern Freeway designed to carry oversized freight;
(8) establish a Community Consultative Committee to address ongoing safety and amenity issues; and
(9) implement a permanent truck ban upon delivery of the North-East Link.
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