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Victorian Firearms Regulations
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the flawed Regulatory Impact Statement process for the proposed Victorian Firearms Regulations 2018, particularly —
(1) the proposed impost on not-for-profit re-enactment groups of between $333.90 and $431.10 per populous place permit, where currently there is no cost;
(2) the flow-on impact of these fees on community, charitable, educational, historic and commemorative bodies which engage re-enactment groups at minimal or no cost currently;
(3) the added difficulty imposed on individuals participating in the not-for-profit groups, who pay for memberships, insurance and all their historically accurate reproduction and/or original equipment, including firearms, in order to participate in re-enactment, by the heavy increase in fees for Category D and E licences from $253.40 to $310.40;
(4) the likely termination of re-enactor involvement in community, charitable, educational, historic and commemorative events due to the above cost factors, should the regulations be made as proposed; and
(5) the complete lack of consultation in the regulatory stakeholder review process prior to the release of the Regulatory Impact Statement with any re-enactment peak body or re-enactment group using firearms.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to ensure that the Victorian Firearms Regulations 2018 does not financially penalise not-for-profit re-enactment groups and their members. In particular to —
(1) waive proposed fees for populous place permits for groups; and
(2) ensure that there are no license fee increases for individuals who need firearms licenses for re-enactments.

Further, that direction is given to the Department of Justice and Regulation and to the Licensing and Regulation Division of Victoria Police to engage with re-enactor peak bodies and re-enactor groups using firearms and address them as stakeholders, particularly regarding any future proposed changes to the regulatory instruments that impact on these groups.
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Mr Jeff Bourman