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Stop koala habitat loss in Gordon
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that Central Highlands Water (CHW) must stop clearfelling koala habitat in Gordon.

After a devastating year for Ballarat koalas, the Gordon koalas now face further challenges to ensure their survival. CHW have applied to Moorabool Shire Council for planning permission to clearfell a 16-hectare blue gum plantation that is a known koala habitat.

Placed at the intersection of Cartons Road and the Western Freeway in Gordon, this small blue gum forest has existed for 20 years and has attracted a sizeable koala population. The habitat forms part of the important wildlife corridor connecting Wombat State Forest to Whipstick Forest Bendigo. The Cartons Road overpass has allowed the safe movement of koalas and other rare arboreal animals such as sugar gliders, phascogales and feather tail gliders cross the busy Western Freeway.

CHW’s intention is to clearfell the plantation and enlarge the grassed “wastewater irrigation” area around existing sewerage ponds. Many locals were unaware of this plan until recently due to insufficient community consultation and publicity. Discussions between CHW and local residents resulted in an understanding that a narrow 30-meter strip of existing blue gums will be left along the Cartons Road and Western Freeway boundaries. However, as the boundary trees have already been damaged, a 30-meter strip would be a completely insufficient koala habitat and would drive koalas onto the Freeway in search of food.

The survival of Koalas in this region hangs in the balance. Offsetting strategies to replant will not benefit koalas in any way as they require habitats with mature trees. Gordon koalas desperately need the Cartons Road blue gum habitat to remain.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to prevent further decline of the region’s koalas and halt the clearfelling of the blue gum plantation at the intersection of Cartons Road and the Western Freeway in Gordon, as it is a known koala habitat.
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