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Ban aerial and ground shooting of brumbies
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council that aerial and ground shooting of brumbies is archaic, cruel and inhumane and must be banned.

PestSmart states that aerial shooting brumbies from moving helicopters does not always result in a clean kill. Up to 37 per cent of brumbies will die a long and cruelly protracted death. If a mare has dependent or newly born foals, they will die of starvation. Brave stallions will try to protect their herds from the threat of shooters in helicopters.

Ground shooting forces brumby mobs to take flight, causing mares in foal to abort and newly born foals to be crushed.

The loss of Victorian brumby herds is irreversible, without considering their heritage or cultural value. The Government does not consider animal welfare and does not follow the prescribed ‘best management practice’. Any rehoming needs to be done well.

What the Government proposes is the unnecessary mass slaughter of extraordinary, sentient creatures who served us well. It does not reflect constituent sentiment, which prefers to see wild, living brumbies in the national parks they have lived in for over two centuries.

Legislation is needed for all Victorian national parks to compassionately manage brumby populations whilst addressing all environmental impacts. A community advisory panel that includes representatives from the Minister, the brumby community, veterinarians, tourism and eco-tourism must be established. Financial support and a sensible timeline should be included for rehoming brumbies.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to ban aerial and ground shooting of brumbies and introduce legislation for Victorian national parks to compassionately manage brumby populations.
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