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Proposed train stabling in Heatherton
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the proposed train stabling location for the Suburban Rail Loop in Heatherton.

This land has been marked for open space by Parks Victoria for many years. Residents were sent plans from the City of Kingston only recently for a sporting grounds facility. The residents in this area have chosen to live here due to the promised green wedge. The announcement of a train stabling site in Heatherton has completely blindsided residents and the nearby privately-owned dog park community with more than 600 members.

The impacts of the train stabling location on the residents in surrounding streets will be significant and reduce their quality of life. It would also take away the Doggy Play Park which is a safe place for anxious dogs to run safely and owners to be worry free. It is a significant community of itself. There are other suitable land pockets nearby on the alignment of the Suburban Rail Loop, that would not be so costly to nearby residents which must be considered as an alternative for this significant project. The location should be carefully thought through and not rushed.

At the very least, the community should be informed on what other locations were considered for train stabling. Information should be provided on the strengths and weaknesses of each location and the reason this proposed site was chosen. There is precedent of the Government not prioritising various sites in the Kingston green wedge for their intended use as parkland, despite election promises, such as the Alex Fraser site and the Henry St landfill. It's time to honour the promises and commitments made and prioritise the green wedge.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to be transparent in the decision-making process for the proposed train stabling site in Heatherton, to take into consideration the wishes of the City of Kingston residents and find an alternative location for the train stabling site, even if it is more costly.
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