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Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the current absence of undergraduate Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programs to qualify school teachers to teach in the curriculum areas of Technologies and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Victoria.

There is already a severe shortage of VET and Technologies teachers. The recent suspension of the only ITE program dedicated to the preparation and qualification of VET and Technologies teachers, means it is now no longer possible to produce professionally qualified teachers in these teaching areas.

The closure of this program, together with a long-standing skill shortage of VET and Technologies teachers will make it practically impossible for Victorian schools to resource these curriculum areas with suitably skilled and qualified teachers going forward.

Consequently, the quality of education available for Victorian school students in VET and Technologies subjects is set to diminish dramatically, while many current VET and Technologies programs in schools will close. Without VET and Technologies teachers to engage students and nurture curiosity and innovation, students will be deprived of critical foundations and thus, less likely to pursue technical, STEM and/or vocational pathways. This will have flow on implications for industry and the economy.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Department of Education and Training to intervene and support the establishment of one or more Initial Teacher Education programs in Victoria, capable of producing a sustainable supply of high-quality and professionally qualified Victorian Institute of Teaching registered Vocational Education and Training and Technologies teachers to resource Victorian schools.
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