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Remove the five-kilometre radius COVID-19 restriction for the Mornington Peninsula
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the mental health implications of the five-kilometre radius restriction in the Mornington Peninsula. This impacts Victorians living in the Peninsula who do not have anyone within the radius to socialise with outdoors.

Being a single person excludes many Victorians from having social interaction that are essential to mental wellbeing. The extension of the current restrictions in the Mornington Peninsula means many Victorians will go three months without having social interaction with anyone outside of their own household.

For many residents living at the beach, the five-kilometre radius is halved to two and a half kilometres, as half of it includes the ocean. Due to this, and the vast nature of the Mornington Peninsula, many café’s and other essential businesses have very few customers due to this five-kilometre rule.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to remove the five-kilometre radius COVID-19 restriction in the Mornington Peninsula immediately to give everyone the opportunity to maintain social connections and their mental wellbeing.
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The Hon. Edward John O'Donohue (former)