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Ban the Use of 1080 Poison
This Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the need to prohibit the use of sodium monofluoroacetate (1080) poison.

1080 is an indiscriminate and non-selective, schedule 7 poison which adversely affects the environment and is potentially dangerous to human beings. 1080 is a chemical of security concern to Australia and is banned in nearly every country except Australia and New Zealand.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency state that “aerial application of 1080 is banned in the US due to the extreme hazard to human health and to the environment” whilst the World Health Organisation defines it as a Class 1A pesticide (extremely hazardous).

1080 is used to kill so called ‘pest’ species such as foxes, pigs, rabbits, cats, deer and ‘wild dogs’. Dingoes are often erroneously described as “wild dogs” by pest control companies and subsequently killed. 1080 kills inhumanely by either primary poisoning (eating bait) or secondary poisoning (eating a poisoned animal); routinely killing non-target and threatened native species and has been used in the deliberate killing of protected species in agricultural environments.

1080 kills by depriving the cells of oxygen causing farm animals and native wildlife who consume it to die prolonged and agonising deaths. 1080 causes the heinous death of hundreds of working and pet dogs leaving their families distraught. There is no antidote.

Viable alternatives include exclusion fencing, fox lights, guard animals, immunocontraception and predator friendly farming initiatives demonstrated by the Eureka award winning study ‘Team Dingo’ at Evelyn Downs.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to amend the Wildlife Act 1975, the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986 and any relevant subordinate legislation to ban the use of 1080 poison in Victoria on public or private land, and protect dingoes from baiting, trapping, shooting or any other form of lethal control.
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Mr Andy Meddick