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Stop convenience killing of Victorian shelter animals
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the need for a comprehensive review of the Code of Practice for the Operation of Shelters and Pounds in Victoria that permits unnecessary euthanasia of treatable animals.

Beautiful greyhound Dash experienced five years of exploitation by the racing industry. After being surrendered to a large animal shelter, a Melbourne couple fostered Dash for six weeks and reported an improvement in his anxiety-related behaviours.

When Dash’s carers were requested to return him to the shelter, they were assured he would find a loving home. A few weeks later, they received an email stating a behaviourist was working with Dash and he was “doing well!”.

However, Dash had already been killed. Moreover, shelter management confirmed that a behaviourist never met or worked with Dash, his anxiety was not treated with medication, despite an onsite vet clinic, and no rescue organisation was contacted to assist with his care.

Transparent euthanasia reporting and rescue-group access laws have been successfully implemented in many international jurisdictions with proven benefits to employee mental health, public health and safety, as well as a reduction of costs and increased revenue to shelters and pounds through adoption fees.

Treatable dogs like Dash, and countless other animals who have lost their lives at Victorian animal shelters and pounds, deserve protection and the chance for rehabilitation.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to introduce legislation that implements mandatory public reporting of shelter animal euthanasia statistics, provides for mandatory rescue group access to all animals in pounds and shelters, and further, prohibits euthanasia of animals in pounds and shelters where a rescue group is willing to take on its care, unless the animal is irremediably suffering or highly aggressive.
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Mr Andy Meddick