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Protect Brumbies
The Petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council the survival of Australia's unique wild horse, the brumby. Brumbies have lived here for 200 years, long before the creation of National Parks or manmade wetlands. They are now under threat from the Government, whose plans are to remove all brumbies from these areas.
Brumbies are an integral part of our social history and hold important cultural and heritage value. Brumbies are ancestors of the same founding stock linked to early settlers and were used during World War I and II.
Genetic sampling has been taking place since 2014, with brumbies being included in the World Wild Horse Database. To date, DNA sampling has established an individual DNA line to Barmah Horses and Barmah National Park, with over 80 samples tested. Victorian Government scientific reports do not differentiate impacts caused by all introduced species or acknowledge the benefits of brumbies.
Mass extermination or uncontrolled culling of brumbies would see the destruction of unique heritage brumby bloodlines from Victoria, as opposed to retaining controlled sustainable populations in all three key areas, enshrining the brumby in Australia's history for future generations.
Brumby bloodlines should be protected in the form of legislation, namely a ‘Victorian Brumby Heritage Act’, which should recognise the heritage value of sustainable wild horse populations within the Barmah and Alpine National Parks and surrounding area of the Bogong High Plains.
The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to abandon plans to remove all brumbies from the Bogong High Plains, Barmah and Eastern Alps and instead manage sustainable brumby populations, introduce legislation to protect brumby bloodlines and establish scientific and community advisory panels to participate in all future decisions for brumby populations, which should include a representative from key brumby organisations.
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The Hon. Wendy Lovell