Ideas showcase highlights Ecuador links

Ecuador conference 1

An innovation conference held at Parliament House in Melbourne has showcased growing education links between Victoria and Ecuador.

Ecuadorian students studying at the University of Melbourne arranged the Ecuadorian Ideas that Matter conference to promote innovation and encourage networking between Ecuadorians and Australians.

Ecuador conference 2

Speaker Telmo Languiller welcomed Ecuador's Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Leonardo Arizaga (second from left) to Parliament House

Speaker of Victoria’s Legislative Assembly, Telmo Languiller, and President of the Legislative Council, Bruce Atkinson, welcomed the conference participants to Parliament House.

Speaking at the conference opening, the Victorian Parliament’s Presiding Officers highlighted the significant benefits Victoria gained from its diverse multicultural communities.

They also emphasised the value that Victoria placed on education, and welcomed efforts to grow the international education market.

The Speaker congratulated Ecuador Vive and the Ecuadorian Research and Entrepreneurship Network (EREN) for organising the conference. Both are student organisations registered at the University of Melbourne.

Ecuador conference 3

Speaker Telmo Languiller and President of the Legislative Council Bruce Atkinson welcomed conference participants

Ecuador conference 4

Special guests at the conference were Ecuador’s Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Leonardo Arizaga, and Ecuador’s Ambassador to Australia, Raul Gangotena.

Talks held with Mr Arizaga at Parliament House earlier in the day were used to promote Victoria’s education and research facilities to Ecuadorians seeking to study overseas.

The conference presentations focused on a number of research projects and business ideas.

These included bioactive natural products, social entrepreneurships, cultural heritage preservation, virtual reality martial arts, insects as part of the food chain, and a cooperative college for slums.

Ecuador conference 5

Ecuadorian students organised the innovation conference at Parliament House

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