Research fellowships announced


The Victorian Parliamentary Library has announced two research fellowships for 2015.

A team of researchers from the Australian Catholic University will undertake a study into the demise of the automotive industry in Melbourne, Geelong and Detroit and a researcher from the University of Melbourne will look into the history of health care for some of Victoria's most vulnerable children.

The automotive industry study will be conducted under the leadership of Professor Bryan Turner from the City University of New York, who is director of the newly established Institute for Religion, Politics and Society at the Australian Catholic University. The research team comprises Dr Joshua Roose, Dr Tom Barnes and Adjunct Professor Lisa Heap, who will research the social impact from the automotive industry’s decline.

The project is part of a broader comparative study that seeks to establish the consequences of ‘deindustrialisation’ in Australia and the United States and the basis for renewal and ‘successful societies'. The researchers will be working with Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, on the international study.

They will look at the impact of industrial decline on the automotive workforce, including indicators of their health and economic well-being, future employment prospects as well as family and community cohesiveness. The researchers are particularly interested in helping to develop new and innovative policies that are relevant to communities coping with the transition to a ‘post-industrial’ environment.

The child health care study will be conducted by Susan Webster from the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne. Her research will focus on the formation and enactment of public policies on health care for children and young people who have been under the protection of the state.

Susan recently completed a PhD on contemporary systems for health assessment for children and young people in out-of-home care.

Victorian Parliamentary Library Fellowships have been offered annually since 2007.

Researchers offered a fellowship are provided with access to the Parliamentary Library’s extensive collections, including rare documents and specialist databases. They are also provided with support by staff from the library’s research service, including the opportunity for research collaboration.

Results from the studies will be published in books, academic articles and the media. The Parliamentary Library also plans to conduct seminars featuring the research work.

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