Department of the Legislative Council

We provide support to the Parliament, and the President and members of the Legislative Council. We also promote the work of the Council and understanding of parliamentary democracy.

Clerk's Office

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the general management of the Legislative Council, including:

  • day-to-day operations, including finance and staffing
  • policy, procedural and corporate requirements
  • management of projects and special events
  • arrangements for visiting delegations. 


The Clerk of the Legislative Council, Robert McDonald, is the permanent head of the department. Deputy Clerk, Anne Sargent, is responsible for day-to-day management of the department.

Chamber Support Office

The Chamber Support Office performs procedural research and administrative assistance for the department. The office is responsible for: 

  • queries about Council activities
  • public documents related to the Council, including reports, petitions and documents submitted for tabling
  • procedural, research, and writing support to the Council. 

Annemarie Burt manages the Chamber Support Office. 

President's Office

The President’s Office provides advice and assistance to the President on parliamentary administration, official delegations and ceremonial events.  



Council Committees' Office

The Council Committees’ Office is responsible for:

  • the Council’s standing and select committees, as well as relevant joint investigatory committees and the Privileges Committee
  • administrative, procedural and research support for committees
  • funding allocation and authorisation of committee spending. 


The Office is administered by Richard Willis, Assistant Clerk Committees.  

Usher of the Black Rod's Office

The Usher of the Black Rod’s Office is responsible for:

  • management of the Attendant team and Project Officer 
  • ceremonial duties
  • Chamber security, emergency and evacuation arrangements, occupational health and safety and visitor management (in conjunction with the Serjeant-at-Arms in the Assembly).


The Office is managed by Sally West, Usher of the Black Rod.


The Attendant group is responsible for:

  • services for the sitting of the Council, meetings of parliamentary committees, and functions at Parliament House
  • daily cleaning and maintenance of offices, meeting rooms and the Council precincts 
  • community engagement and enquiry services
  • courier services within and outside the building. 

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Unit coordinates the delivery of community engagement activities and is supported by staff from across the parliamentary departments.