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Today is a sitting day

Today in the Legislative Assembly

Bills for completion this week

House Contracts Guarantee Repeal Bill 2016
Land (Revocation of Reservations – Metropolitan Land) Bill 2016
Treasury and Finance Legislation Amendment Bill 2016

There will be debate on the Appropriation (2016-2017) Bill 2016 too.

For detailed and up to date information visit the Assembly home page.

Today in the Legislative Council

The Council starts sitting at 9.30 a.m. and General Business takes precedence today.

General Business likely to be debated: (1) Order of the Day No 1 - Motion relating to Government's continuing failure to comply with certain orders for the production of documents - resumption of debate; (2) Notice of Motion No. 254 - Motion calling for certain documents relating to Crown Casino; (3) Notice of Motion No. 253 - Motion relating to Victorian CFA volunteer firefighters; (4) Notice of Motion No. 537 - Motion relating to the Moomba riot in the Melbourne CBD in March 2016; (5) Notice of Motion No. 239 - Motion requesting the Treasurer to appear before the Economy and Infrastructure Committee; (6) Notice of Motion No. 240 - Motion requesting the Minister for Local Government appear before the Environment and Planning Committee.

For full details, see the Notice Paper.

The order of business listed above is a guide only; it is subject to change and other business may be debated.


Inquiry into the 2016-17 Budget Estimates - Public Hearings

The schedule of hearings for the 2016-17 Budget Estimates is now available. The Public Accounts and Estimates Committee will start nine days of public hearings this Friday, 6 May. The hearings will be held inthe Legislative Council Committee Room... Read more

Inquiry into Infrastructure Projects - Public hearings

The Economy and Infrastructure Committee will hold a public hearing with the Level Crossing Removal Authority on Wednesday 4 May for its inquiry into infrastructure projects. The hearing will be held from 7.00 pm in the Legislative Council Committee Room... Read more

Review of Protected Disclosures - Have your say

The IBAC Committee, which oversees the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission, is examining the Protected Disclosure Act. A protected disclosure is a disclosure about suspected wrongdoing in the public sector. The Committee is inviting public submissions on how the current... Read more

School and Booked Tours

The Parliament of Victoria offers a range of activities for students at primary, secondary, tertiary and adult education levels. These activities include tours, role plays and metropolitan school visits.

Large groups or organisations of 6 or more people are also encouraged to book one of our tours. To check the availability of for each type of tour please click here.

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There are no tours today as today is a sitting day.

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23 recommendations to improve elections

Electoral Matters CommitteeThe Victorian Parliament's Eectoral Matters Committee has made 23 recommendations to improve the conduct of Victorian State elections in a report presented to Parliament today.

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Victorian budget presented to parliament

Budget 2016 NEWSTHUMB 3 Treasurer Tim Pallas has presented Victoria’s 2016–17 state budget to parliament. It is the second budget for the Andrews Government.

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New video series explores our unique heritage

The Parliament Collection Victoria

A new video series on the Victorian Parliament’s heritage collection has been released during Australian Heritage Week.

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Youth partnership for Victorian Parliament

Democracy for Millennials

Making parliament more accessible to young Victorians is the aim of a new project that kicks off next week.

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Tributes for service and sacrifice

5000 Poppies

In the lead up to ANZAC Day, the Victorian Parliament has paid tribute to the men and women who have served our country and made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Inquiry investigates lower P-plate age

P Plate Inquiry

Should Victoria be lowering the P-plate licence age to 17? The Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee is asking that question as part of a new public inquiry.

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Report presented on family violence

Report presented on family violence

The report of the Royal Commission into Family Violence was presented to the Victorian Parliament today.

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On This Day

Thursday, 4 May, 1916

Former Victorian Premier John Murray died.