Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Report "To His Excellency Sir George Ferguson Bowen"
Board: M. H. Amsinck, J. E. Bromby, M. H. Irving, James Moore, G. V. Smith, J. W. Stephen and Geo. Verdon
"Rob. L. J. Ellery, Government Astronomer"
Permanent Observatory staff: R. Ellery (govt. astronomer), E. White (chief assistant), C. Moerlin (asst.), Mr. [J.] Turner (asst.), Mr.[J. E.] Gilbert (asst.), a messenger and a workman (unnamed)
Temporary Observatory staff: Mr. [J. A.] Lilley (mathematical asst.), Frederick Kemp (clerical/photographic asst.), and a mechanic (unnamed)
In the proceeding report mention was made of the resignation of Mr Hay, who had been appointed by the Government on probation to acquire the technical knowledge necessary to fit him for a junior assistant at the Observatory. The vacancy remained unfilled until the beginning of December, when Mr Lilly was nominated to the vacancy as a probationer without pay
Physical Description: 10p. ; 33cm.