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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Victorian representatives: R. S. Anderson (Commissioner of Customs) and R. Ramsay (Minister of Public Instruction/Post-master General)
New South Wales representatives: J. F. Burns (Postmaster General), John Robertson (Colonial Secretary) and Alexander Stuart (Colonial Treasurer)
New Zealand representative : G. McLean (Postmaster General/Commisioner of Telegraphs/Commissioner of Customs)
Queensland representatives: Charles Stuart Mein (Postmaster General) and Samuel Walker Griffith (Attorney General/Sec. for Public Instruction)
South Australian representatives: Sir Henry Ayers (Chief Secretary) and Ebenezer Ward (Minister of Agriculture and Education)
Tasmanian representative: James Whyte (Member of the Executive Council)
Western Australian representative: Malcolm Fraser (Surveyor General/Member of the Executive Council)
John Robertson was elected Chairman of the Conference
Alex C. Budge (clerk of the Executive Council) was appointed Secretary
Includes papers laid before the Conference:
No. 1. Proposals for a duplicate telegraph cable to connect the Australian colonies with the rest of the world / John Robertson
No. 2. Letter dated 23 Jan. 1877 from A. H. Hoskins (commodore) to the Governor on the subject of rewards for apprehension of deserters from the Navy, and free telegraph messages on naval service
No. 3. Report of the Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Company, Limited / John Pender, Chairman ; audited and found correct John Ball, Henry Dever, Auditors
No. 4. Letter dated 19 Jan. 1877 from J. Ellis Stewart (hon. sec. Victorian Humane Society) to the Chairman of the Intercolonial Conference on the subject of life saving apparatus at sea
No. 5. Letters dated 23 & 25 Jan. 1877 from Audley Coote to the Postmaster-General, Sydney re duplicate cable to London
No. 6. Letter 26 Jan. 1877 from Samuel Knevett (agent Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Co.) and W. Grigor Taylor (supt/electrician New Zealand Cable) to the President of the Conference
No. 7. Returns laid befor the Conference by the Hon. Sir Henry Ayers, K.C.M.G. [re] Port Darwin line interruptions
No. 8. Cable interruptions
No. 9. Statement showing the several proposals and suggestions in regard to the duplicate cable to connect Europe with the Australasian colonies
No. 10. Proposed additional telegraphic communication between England and Australia / John Pender, Chairman, Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Company
No. 11. Telegram from John Pender, Esq., on the subject of duplication of telegraph cables
No. 12. Respecting delays in the transmission of cable telegrams - Absence of official information as to interruption on lines - Mutilation of messages / Eugene C. Amswick, R.A.P.
No. 13. Translations of letter dated 23 Jan. 1877 from Ed. Nutt (dir. of the Interior, New Caledonia) to the Colonial Secretary
No. 14. Letter dated 29 Jan. 1877 from Eldred & Co. (on behalf of the Netherlands-India Steam Navigation Co.) to the Colonial Secretary offering to run a steamer with despatches between Banjoewangie and Port Darwin in the event of another break in the cable
No. 15. Agreement relating to submarine cable between New Zealand and Australia, &c. / signed Normanby, by Julius Vogel, Postmaster-General of New Zealand ; Hercules Robinson, by Daniel Cooper ; witnessed by Jno. Mackrell (solicitor 21 Cannon St.) ; the common seal of the Eastern Extension Australasian and China Telegraph Co. was affixed in the presence of John Pender, Director (Chairman), George Lyons, Secretary
Witnesses: captain Audley Coote (rep Siemens Brothers and Indo-Australian Telegraph Co.), Samuel Knevett (agent Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.) and William Gregor Taylor (supt/electrician in charge of New Zealand cable)
Appendix A: Letters dated 7 May 1875 & 24 Aug. 1876 from Siemens Brothers to the Colonial Secretary, Queensland
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