Progress report from the Select Committee upon the Lunatic Asylum : together with the minutes of evidence and appendices

Corporate Author: Victoria. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Select Committee on the Lunatic Asylum
Other Authors: Armstrong, James J., Balmain, Thomas Cubitt, 1827-1864, Binney, H. S., Bowie, Robert, 1787-1869, Carr, James Alfred Yates, Don, Charles Jardine, 1820-1866, Fisher, W. Charles, Gillespie, Robert, 1829-1910, Glendinning, G., Greeves, Augustus Frederick Adolphus, 1805-1874, Hadley, Thomas Henry, 1823 or 1824-1871, Heales, Richard, 1821-1864, Hedley, George Dixon, 1816?-1879, Johnston, James Stewart, 1811-1896, Kawerau, Friedrich Ferdinand, 1817-1876?, Lloyd, Frederick, Macadam, John, 1827-1865, McCrea, William, 1814-1899, Michie, Archibald Donnelly, Sir, 1813-1899, Mollison, William Thomas, 1816-1886, O'Shanassy, John, Sir, 1818-1883, Pasley, Charles, 1824-1890, Read, J.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1861
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1860-61, no. D 31
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Item Description: An investigation into the administration of Dr. Robert Bowie at the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum
Committee: James Johnston (chairman), Charles Don, Robert Gillespie, Augustus Greeves, Thomas Hadley, Richard Heales, George Hedley, John Macadam, Sir Archibald Michie, William Mollison and Sir John O'Shanassy
Contents p. 1-13. Minutes of evidence taken 17 May & 12 June 1861: witnesses Frederick F. Kawerau (Public Works Office), William McCrea MD (Chief Medical Officer) and Samuel Parker (civil engineer) - Appendix A: Two letters dated 9 Apr. & 24 Sept. 1859 from F. Kawerau to the Chief Architect, the 2nd having postscripts signed by W. W., C. Pasley and Dr. W. McCrea - Appendix B: Letter dated 14 June 1861 from F. Kawerau to the Chairman of the Legislative Committee on the Lunatic Asylum
Contents p. 1-64. Appendix C: Evidence taken before the Select Committees on the Lunatic Asylum during sessions 1858-9 and 1859-60
Contents p. 1-74. Minutes of evidence taken 27 Jan. 1859 - 31 July 1860: witnesses: James J. Armstrong (doctor/Dr McCrea's asst./former dispenser Immigration Dept.), Edward Barker (member Board appointed to inquire into the case of Dr Carr 19 Oct. 1858), William Beckett (gardener Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum), Robert Bowie (surgeon-supt. YBLA), S. C. Candler (coroner District of Bourke), James Alfred Yates Carr (surgeon/inmate YBLA 18 Mar. 1857-?), Robert Coates (inmate YBLA 14 Apr. 1856 - 30 May 1858), Richard Eades MD (mayor Melb./member Visiting Board at YBLA), John Gillan Fitzgerald (asst. YBLA), John Thomas Hinkins (visitor/read prayers YBLA), John McCarthy (attendant YBLA Aug.-Nov. 1858), William McCrea MD (Chief Medical Officer), William Robinson (accountant), Archibald Sinclair (former watchman YBLA), Alexander Kennedy Smith (engineer/Vic MP 1877-1881) and Samuel Wainwright (attendant YBLA 1 Aug.-25 Dec. 1856)
Contents: p. [i] - x. Appendix A. Letter dated 14 Sept. 1857 from Robert Bowie to Dr. W. McCrea - Appendix B. Letter dated 16 Sept. 1857 from surgeon-supt. Robert Bowie to [W. McCrea] Chief Medical Officer - Appendix C. Scale of dietary allowances for patients and attendants - Appendix D. Letter dated 8 Feb. 1860 from surgeon supt. Robert Bowie to [W. McCrea] Chief Medical Officer - Appendix E 1. Letter dated 5 Sept. 1857 from Dr. W. McCrea to [Robert Bowie] surgeon-supt. - Appendix E 2. Letter dated 10 Sept. 1857 from surgeon supt. Robt. Bowie to [W. McCrea] Chief Medical Officer, Victoria - Appendix E 3: Statement concerning his treatment at the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum July 16th 1860 by Alfred Yates Carr - Appendix F. Letter dated 28 Mar. 1860 from Dr. W. McCrea to Dr Glendinning, Ballaarat & letter of 7 Apr. 1860 from Dr. G. Glendinning, MD to [W. McCrea] Chief Medical Officer - Appendix G. Memorandum of 3 Dec. 1859 from W. McCrea to surgeon-supt. of the Asylum [R. Bowie] requesting his response to statements made in the following correspondence as to his alleged remarks concerning Dr Carr and the correspondence commprising letters to Dr McCrea from H. S. Binney (dated 30 Nov. 1859), W. Charles Fisher (28 Nov. 1859) and Robert Bowie (12 Dec. 1859) - Appendix H. Four letters dated 24, 27 Aug., 27 Sept., 4 Oct. 1859 from Dr. W. McCrea to [R. Bowie] surgeon-supt. of the Asylum and two letters dated 26 Aug., 1 Oct. 1859 from Robert Bowie to chief medical officer [W. McCrea] - Appendix T: Two letters dated 5 & 14 Jan. 1859 from Dr. W. McCrea, to surgeon-supt. Lunatic Asylum [R. Bowie], two letters 12 & 15 Jan. 1859 from Robert Bowie to chief medical officer [W. McCrae], extract from copy of unsigned letter dated 11 Feb. 1856 Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum, letter 19 Sept. 1859 from Dr. W. McCrea to the Inspector-General of Public Works and Buildings and letter 23 Sept. 1859 from Thos. C. Balmain per Inspector-General to chief medical officer [W. McCrea] - Appendix K: Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum. Results of experiments in cooking and weighing diet - Appendix L. [Deposition on causes of death of inmates of the Yarra Bend Lunatic Asylum] signed by James J. Armstrong, M.R.C.S.I. &c. and J. Read and witnessed by J.P. Frederick Lloyd - Appendix M: Yarra Bend Asylum statistics - Appendix N: Yarra Bend Asylum recoveries on the admissions and deaths on the admissions and the total number under treatment
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