Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Report "To His Excellency Sir Charles Darling, K.C.B., Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the Colony of Victoria, and Vice-Admiral of the same, &c., &c., &c."
Board: H. Amsinck, J. E. Bromby, J. H. Kay, James Moore, J. Wilberforce Stephen, Geo. Verdon and W. P. Wilson
The number of members of the Board resident in Melbourne having been reduced by the absence of Sir Henry Barkly, Commodore Seymour and Captain Amsinck, difficulty was experienced in obtaining the attendance of the number requisite to constitute a meeting. The Board therefore recommended that its effective strength should be increased by the addition of the Rev. J. E. Bromby, D.D., late Fellow of St. John' College, Cambridge, J. W. Stephen, M.A., late Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, and James Moore, M.A., Trinity College, Dublin
Observatory staff: Robt. J. Ellery (director/govt. astronomer), E. J. White (asst. astronomer), C. Moerlin (2nd asst.), J. E. Gilbert (junior asst.) and an unnamed messenger
C. Moerlin was transferred from the Meteorlogical and Magnetic Dept. to the Observatory's staff
Includes correspondence: Three letters dated 19 Apr., 5 July & 25 Sept. 1864 from major-general Edward Sabine to Professor Wilson - Letter 29 Oct. 1862 from J. F. W. Herschel to Edward Sabine - Letter 4 Dec. 1862 from T. R. Robinson to Edward Sabine - 2 letters 1 Dec. 1862 & 22 July 1863 from Wm. Lassell to Edward Sabine - Letter 9 Dec. 1862 from [William Parsons, 3rd Earl of] Rosse to Edward Sabine - Letter 3 Dec. 1862 from Thomas Grubb to Rev. Dr. Robinson - Letter 11 May 1864 from T. R. Robinson to Professor Wilson - Letter 22 June 1864 from W. P. Wilson to the Chief Secretary - Letter 24 June 1864 from W. P. Wilson (hon. sec. Board of Visitors) to Edward Sabine - Letter 27 July 1864 from Wm. Lassell to Professor Wilson - Letter 24 Sept. 1864 from W. P. Wilson to Wm. Lassell - Letter 25 Sept. 1864 from Edward Sabine to F. Elliot (Colonial Office)
Physical Description: 18p. ; 33cm.