Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Council: John Riddell (chairman), Walter Clarke, John Dalgleish, William Lyall, John Macadam, Peter McCracken, Archibald McMartin, Ferdinand Mueller, John Ramsay, Francis Robertson, Alfred Selwyn and Thomas Smith
"J. M. Matson, Secretary"
Includes: Report of the Judges of Butter / Charles Watson, Geo. Lyell, John Connell, Josiah Mitchell
Includes: Report of the Judges of Wines / John J. Bleasdale, D.D., Chairman, Edward Wild, J. A. Panton
Includes: Report of the Judges of Wines competing for premiums at the National Grain Show / J. A. Panton, John J. Bleasdale, D.D., Archd. Menzies
Includes: Dr. Mueller's report upon phosphoric potash manure / Ferd. Mueller, M.D.
Includes: Report of the lessee of Experimental Farm / Josiah Mitchell
Includes: Report on the rotation of crops, at the new Presbyterian church, Brunswick, by Mr. Josiah Mitchell
Physical Description: 23p. ; 33cm.