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Item Description: Victorian representatives: chief secretary Graham Berry and postmaster-general Henry Cuthbert
New South Wales representative: postmaster-general J. F. Burns
Queensland representative: postmaster-general Charles Stuart Mein
South Australian representatives: prime minister James P. Boucaut and postmaster-general Charles Todd
Tasmanian representative: president of the Legislative Council Sir James Milne Wilson
Western Australia and New Zealand were not represented at the Conference but a letter was received from the Colonial Secretary containing the views of New Zealand as to the duplication of the cable between Australia and Singapore
"Graham Berry, President"
"Thos. Webb Ware, Secretary"
Witnesses: Edward Charles Cracknell (supt. of telegraphs NSW), W. J. Cracknell (supt. of telegraphs Qld), Colonel [Thomas George] Glover (Eastern Extension Telegraph Co.), Samuel W. McGowan (supt. of telegraphs, Vic.) and Charles Todd (member of Conference)
Includes p. x: Telegraph dated 6 April 1878 from from Western Australian colonial secretary Roger Tuckfield Goldsworthy to the Victorian chief secretary
Includes p. x-xi: Letter dated 1 May 1878 from G. S. Whitmore of the Colonial Secretary's Office Wellington to the Chairman of the Conference
Appendix No. 1: Telegram dated 8 May 1878 from C. Lemon (supt. N.Z. Telegraph Dept) to Charles Todd (postmaster-general South Aust.)
Appendix No. 2: Letter dated 24 Jan. 1878 from William Morgan (chief secretary South. Aust.) to the Victorian chief secretary
Appendix No. 3: Report of a visit by the Agents-General for Victoria (Archibald Michie) and New Zealand (Julius Vogel) to Mr. [William Thomas] Thornton C.B. (sec. Public Works, Railway, and Telegraph Department of the India Office) and joint memorandum on the question of best mode of duplicating existing line
Appendix No. 4: South Australia. Interruptions on Anglo-Australian telegraph, 1872-78 / C. Todd, Postmaster-General and Superintendent of Telegraphs
Appendix No. 5: Letter dated 18 April 1870 from Charles Todd (supt. of telegraphs South Aust.) to The Treasurer
Appendix No. 5: A bill to render judgments, which have been obtained in the Supreme Court of any of the other Australian colonies, effective in [Tasmania]
Physical Description: xviii, 32p. ; 34 cm.