Public works, Geelong : return to address, Mr. Fyfe - 21st December, 1855

Corporate Author: Buxton Brothers
Other Authors: Anderson, David, Anderson, William, 1853-1898, Baillie, C., Baillie, D., Balding, Robert, Balmain, Thomas Cubitt, 1827-1864, Bartlett, Reuben, Barton, Stephen, Bradshaw, Joseph, Burgoyne, James, Butteril, J. L., Caldwell, William, Clarke, Andrew, Sir, 1824-1902, Clarke, Robert, Cleal, Jacob, Conoroy, James, Corbett, Charles, Cornish, William Crocker, 1815-1859, Craig, J., Craven, John, Craven, Moses D., Downs, William, Firth, Ezra, Frazer, George, Frith, John, Gleeson, Cornelius, Grenfell, Michael, Grimes, Edward, 1811?-1859, Growden, Henry, Growden, William, Hardie, George, Holdsworth, Benjamin, Hood, Thomas, Jackson, John, Jackson, W., Jamieson, Robert, Johnson, J. H., Kawerau, Friedrich Ferdinand, 1817-1876?, Kelley, Thomas, Kemp, Philip, Langford, Samuel, Leggat, James, Low, John, Lyall, David, McCaw, Matthew, McLean, Duncan, McLement, W., McPherson, Allan, Mahony, Thomas, Malcolm, Duncan, Marshall, J., Marshall, Thomas, Miller, James, Moore, John, 1803-1885, Nesbit, John, Nickless, Enoch, b. 1809?, Nickless, Henry, Pasley, Charles, 1824-1890, Rankin, Robert, Richardson, William, Robertson, James, Ryan, W., Rev., Schofield, William, Scurry, Alfred, Sinclair, John, 1807?-1890, Sinclair, Peter Steele, Sladen, Charles, Sir, 1816-1884, Sutherland, Joseph, 1800-1875, Taverner, Henry, Thompson, Robert, Tomlins, Charles, Watson, Charles, Wright, George, Growden and Grenfell (Firm), Samuel Knott and Co., Victoria. Public Works Dept., W. C. Cornish and Co., Watson, Brown and Co.
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1856
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1855-56, no. C 12
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Commissioner of Public Works, by command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government, and ordered by the Council to be printed, 22nd January, 1856"
Contractors who submitted tenders: David Anderson (63 Bourke St., West), William Anderson (Bacchus Marsh), C. and D. Baillie (118 Flinders Lane, East, Melb.), Robert Balding (Geelong), Joseph Bradshaw (Melb.), James Burgoyne (Spring St., Melb.), Buxton Brothers (builders Victoria Terrace, Geelong), Robert Clarke (Melb.), W. C. Cornish & Co. (100 Gore St., Collingwood), John Frith (Melb.), Growden and Grenfell (Henry and William Growden and Michael Grenfell) (Geelong), Thomas Hood (Melb.), Philip Kemp (Geelong), Samuel Langford (Madeline St., Melb.), James Leggat (Geelong), David Lyall (Corio St. East), J. Marshall (Geelong), Thomas Marshall (Geelong), Enoch Nickless (Emerald Hill), Robert Rankin (Spring St., Geelong), William Schofield (Queenscliff), John and Peter Sinclair (as John Sinclair and Son) (Melb.), W. C. Cornish & Co. (100 Gore St., Collingwood) and Watson, Brown & Co. (Geelong)
Contractors' bondsmen: Reuben Bartlett, Stephen Barton (contractor Sandridge), J. L. Butteril (merchant Elizabeth St.), Wm. Caldwell (plasterer Queensbury St.), Jacob Cleal, James Conoroy (merchant Williamstown), Charles Corbett (licensed victualler Geelong), J. Craig (24 Bourke St., East), John Craven (contractor George St., Collingwood), Moses D. Craven (builder Johnston St., Collingwood), W[illia]m Downs (Eureka Hotel, Little Malop St.), Ezra Firth (quarrier Barrabool Hills), George Frazer (La Trobe Terrace, Geelong), Cornelius Gleeson, George Hardie (Geelong), Benjamin Holdsworth (builder Geelong), John Jackson (timber merchant Ryrie St.), W. Jackson (gentleman La Trobe Terrace/Mercer St., Geelong), J. H. Johnson (plumber Elizabeth St., North), F. F. Kaweran [i.e. Kawerau] (architect Geelong), Thomas Kelley (Crown Hotel, Ashby, Geelong), John Low, Matthew McCaw (Murroobark, Upper Yarra), Duncan McLean (Spring St., Geelong), W. McLement (timber merchant Geelong), Allan McPherson (Kildare), Thos. Mahony (builder Collins St.), Duncan Malcolm (Spring St., Geelong), James Miller (ship chandler Moorabool St., Geelong), John Nesbit, Henry Nickless (builder Emerald Hill), Wm. Richardson, James Robertson (joiner Cross St., Nth. Melb.), Rev. W. Ryan (New Town), Samuel Knott and Co. (blacksmiths Little Collins St., East), Joseph Sutherland (gentleman Melb., at Mr. Matheson's, Manager of Bank of Victoria), Henry Taverner (wine merchant Williamstown), Robert Thompson (gentleman Malop St., Geelong), Charles Tomlins (gentleman South Yarra), Charles Watson (merchant South Yarra) and George Wright (auctioneer, Bellerine St., Geelong)
Includes correspondence, etc., from Thomas C. Balmain (chief clerk Colonial Engineer's Office, Melb.), Andrew Clarke, James Conroy [i.e. Conoroy] (Williamstown), W. C. Cornish (Gore St., Collingwood), John Frith (Geelong), Edward Grimes, Thomas Hood (Geelong), Robert Jamieson (clerk Tender Board), J. Moore (colonial secretary's office), C. Pasley (colonial engineer, Melb.), Alfred Scurry (clerk of works Geelong), Charles Sladen, Henry Taverner (Pier Hotel, Williamstown) and W. C. Cornish and Co. (Collingwood). Recipients comprise: James Conoroy, Messrs. Frith and Hood (Geelong), J. Moore, C. Pasley, Alfred Scurry and W. C. Cornish and Co.
Physical Description: 22p. ; 33cm.