Royal Commission on Police : general report on the present state and organization of the police force

Corporate Author: Royal Commission on the Police Force of Victoria (1881-1883)
Other Authors: Anderson, William, 1828-1909, Dixon, Edward John, 1833-1905, Fincham, George Randall, 1829-1901, Gibb, James, 1843-1919, Graves, James Howlin, 1827-1910, Hall, George Wilson, 1836-1916, Levey, George Collins, 1835-1919, Longmore, Francis, 1826-1898, McCulloch, William, 1832-1909
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1883
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1883, no. 21
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
Commission: Francis Longmore (chairman), William Anderson, Edward J. Dixon, George Randall Fincham, James Gibb, James Howlin Graves, George Wilson Hall, George Collins Levey and William McCulloch
Includes index
Other mentions: Ballarat City Council xxiii, Ballarat East Council xxv, Beechworth xxv, Bendigo (given as Sandhurst) xvi, sr. const. [Patrick] Bourke xxii, Sir George Bowen xxv, [Frederick] Call xxii,xxvii, supt. Hussey M. Chomley vi, (given as Chief Commissioner of Police) xiv,xviii,xx,xxi,xxiv, City Licensing Bench xxii,xxvii, Civil Service Act [1862] xxviii, sr. const Corbett xxiii, sgt. [James] Dalton xxiii, sgt. [Henry] Daly xx,xxiii, Dandenong [Police] Stud depôt xxi,xxix, Depot [i.e. Victoria Barracks] vii,viii,xx,xxv,xxvi,xxx, Depot in Phoenix Park xi, inspector [John] Dowdell (Scotland Yard) xix, detective [John] Duncan vii, Evening Post (Ballarat) xxv, Dr. F[rederick] T. West Ford xxvi, General Post Office [Melbourne] xvi, Great Britain.Metropolitan Police Office (given as London Metropolitan Police) xi,xii,xix,xxiv, Great Britain.Metropolitan Police Office. Criminal Investigation Dept. (given as Scotland Yard) xix, [Government] Gazette x, Hamilton xvi, Mr. [Francis A.] Hare vi,xx,xxv, Ireland xvi, sgt. [John?] Kelly (Reg. No. 1925) xix, Kelly gang [v],vii,,xi,xiii, G[eorge] B[riscoe] Kerferd (Attorney-General) xvii, sub-inspector [James] Larner vii, Licensing Act [1876] xxii,xxvii,[xxxi], Sir Charles MacMahon ix, Medical Board x,xvii,xviii, Melbourne City Council xxi, [Henry] Moors (chief clerk Police Dept.) xii,xviii, New Zealand xv, C[harles] H[ope] Nicolson vi,xiv, detective [Thomas] Nixon vii, Marquis of Normanby [v], North Eastern [Police] District [v],xi,xxiii, detective [Thomas] O'Callaghan vii, Stanhope O'Connor vi, James Oddie (Ballarat) xxiv, const. [John] Parsons xxv, Permanent Artillery x, Police hospital xxvi,xxvii,xxx,[xxxi], Police Regulation Act/Statute ix,xvii,xviii,xix,xxvii, Police Reward Fund xxvii, [Police] Superannuation Board xxx, [Police] Superannuation Fund xv,xvii,xxvii,xxviii,xxx,[xxxi], Port Fairy (given as Belfast) xvi, Regulations [for the guidance of the constabulary of Victoria 1877] vii,ix,x,xi, (given as Manual of regulations) xix, sgt. [John B.] Richards xiii, [William] Robertson (accountant Police Dept.) xxviii, [Royal Commission on the Police Force of Victoria] progress reports [v],vii,vi,vii, Royal Commission special report upon the Detective Force vii, [Royal] Irish Constabulary xi,xii,xvi,xix,xxiv, [Royal] Mint [Melboune Branch] xvi, Russell Street barracks vii,xx,xxi,xxii,xxx,[xxxi], supt. [John] Sadleir vi, Scotland Yard xix, inspector [Frederick] Secretan vii, Select Committee of the [Legislative] Assembly [on the Police Force] which sat during the sessions of 1861-2-3 viii,ix, Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly [upon a Bill for the Prevention of Contagious Diseases] (given as Select Committee of the Assembly to inquire into and report upon the Social evil in Melbourne) viii, inspector Brooke Smith vi, major [William Collard] Smith (minister of Mines) xxv, captain [Frenderick] Standish [v],ix, given as the then Chief Commissioner of Police xvii, sgt. [Arthur] Steele vi, Stores Dept. (Victoria Barracks) xviii, Tasmania xxiv, const. [John] Thompson xxv, Mr. [John] Towers (editor Ballarat evening Post) xxv, [Victoria] Police Dept. [v],vi,vii,viii-ix,xviii,xxiv,xxviii, [Victoria] Police Force [v],vi,vii,viii,ix,x,xi,xiv,xv,xvi,xvii,xviii,xix,xx,xxi,xxiii,xxiv,xxv,xxvi,xxvii,xxviii,xxix,xxx, [Victoria Police Force] Detective Branch/Dept./Office vii,xxi,xxx, Vincent's Police Code xi,xxx, James Williams (sec. Royal Commission on the Police Force) xxviii,xxx and supt. [Frederick] Winch vii
Physical Description: xxxp. ; 35cm.

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