Police Commission : ad interim report of the Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Circumstances of the Kelly Outbreak, the Present State and Organization of the Police Force, etc.

Corporate Author: Royal Commission on the Police Force of Victoria (1881-1883)
Other Authors: Anderson, William, 1828-1909, Dixon, Edward John, 1833-1905, Fincham, George Randall, 1829-1901, Hall, George Wilson, 1836-1916, Longmore, Francis, 1826-1898, Williams, James
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1882
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1882-83, no. 66
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Item Description: "Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's command"
"ad Interim Report respecting certain charges preferred against Superintendent F. A. Winch and Sub-Inspector Larner" p. [iii]
Commission: Francis Longmore (chairman), William Anderson, Edward J. Dixon, George R. Fincham and G. Wilson Hall
"Jas. Williams, Secretary" to the Commission
Other mentions: William Anderson ix, sgt. [William Nixon] Bell iv,v, [Sir Graham Berry] given as the Chief Secretary iv, Boundary Hotel iv, sr. const. [Patrick] Bourke viii,, Bourke Street [iii],vi, James J. Brown (hansom cab prop. East Melb.) iv, Brunswick vii, const. [James] Cash vii, Castlemaine v, [Hussey Malone Chomley] given as chief commissioner of police vii, viii, Cleal's Hotel vii, sr. const. [Matthew] Coniffe [i.e. Conniff] v, sgt. [James] Dalton vi,viii, const. [Michael] Delan[e]y vii, Devon and Cornwall Hotel viii, Edward Dixon ix, East Melbourne iv, H[enry] Edwards (licensee White Hart Hotel) iv,v, Geo. Randall Fincham ix, Fitzroy vi, Galway Arms Hotel viii, Glasgow Arms Hotel viii, Golden Fleece Hotel vi, Geo. Wilson Hall ix, [Francis Augustus] Hare (police magistrate) viii, [Caroline Hodgson] given as Madame Brussell[s] vi, Horse and Jockey Hotel v, Mr. Edward Hynes (Devon and Cornwall Hotel) viii, [International] Exhibition [1880-81] vi, sub inspector [James Nicholson] Larner [iii],iv,viii,ix, Francis Longmore ix, Lonsdale Street vi,viii, Andrew McCutcheon (licensee Horse and Jockey Hotel) iv,v,vii, const. [Francis?] McLiney vii, Melbourne iv,vi,vii,viii, [Melbourne Police district] given as Metropolitan district vii, [Melbourne Polioce district] No. 1 Division vi, Mr. [Thomas] Mulcahy (North British Hotel) vi, C[harles] H[ope] Nicolson iv, Marquis of Normanby (Governor of Victoria) [iii], North British Hotel vi, sgt. [Martin] O'Flaherty (Richmond) vii, [Franz] Opitz (Golden Fleece Hotel) vi, sgt. [Peter] O'Shaughnessy [i.e. O'Shaughnassy] (Brunswick) vii, sgt. Florence O'Sullivan iv,vi,vii, Princess Royal Hotel (Bourke street) [iii], [Regulations for the guidance of the constabulary of Victoria 1877] given as 165th Regulation/165th clause of the Police Regulations v,viii, Richmond vi,vii, [Richmond Police] Depôt iv, Mr. Rowe (licensee Princess Royal Hotel) [iii], [Royal Commission on the police Force of Victoria] [iii],iv,vi,vii,viii,ix, [Royal] Irish Constabulary v, Russell Street barracks vi, inspector [Frederick Hughes] Secretan viii, Mr. [William] Sheeky (Victoria Hotel, Lonsdale St.) viii, Martin Stobie iv,vii, Sunday trading [iii],v,vii,viii, James Tierney (Glasgow Arms Hotel) viii, Michael Tierney (Galway Arms Hotel) viii, [Victoria. Commission of Inquiry into the Case of Mr. Superintendent Winch] given as 1861 ... Board ... brought against Superintendent Winch iv, [Victoria. Court of Petty Sessions (Melb.)] given as City Bench viii, [Victoria.] Licensing Bench [Melbourne] viii, [Vic.]. Police department viii, [Vic.] Treasury viii, Victoria Hotel (Lonsdale Street) viii, Victoria Police Force iv,v,vii,viii,ix, const. [Patrick] Weldon vi, White Hart Hotel iv, viii, [James Williams] secretary to the Royal Commission vii,ix, supt. F[rederick] A. Winch [iii],iv,v,vi,vii.viii,ix
Physical Description: ix p. ; 33cm.

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