Customs appointments : return to address, Mr. Horne - 2nd February, 1855

Corporate Author: Victoria. Lieutenant Governor (1854-1855 : Hotham)
Other Authors: Childers, Hugh Culling Eardley, 1827-1896, Stevens, Philip Reynolds
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1855
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. C 28
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Collector of Customs by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 27th February 1855"
Return shewing the offices in the Department of Her Majesty's Customs created since the 1st January, 1853, with the date of their creation, and the person by whom such creation was recommended, the names of the persons appointed to each new office, the dates of their appointments, the rates of salary at which they were appointed, and the persons by whom their appointments were recommended / (Signed) Philip R. Stevens, / Compt. of Accounts. / (Signed) Hugh C. E. Childers, / Collector of Customs. / Custom House, / Melbourne, 27th February, 1855
[Above return contains following list of names] - E. Allchin (weigher), J. Amos (weigher), G. Anderson (weigher Geelong), J. J. Anderson (clerk), J. J. Anderson (landing waiter), G. Ashton (tide waiter), W. H. Athill (acting clerk Portland), J. M. Atkinson (weigher), G. Austin (tide waiter), J. J. Austin (tide waiter), W. Baldwin (weigher), J. Ballingall (locker), T. W. Barrington (tide waiter), R. Barry (weigher), T. T. Bayley (locker), J. Beckett (weigher), A. Bone (asst. locker), A. Bone (weigher), C. Boyd (extra weigher), J. W. Brace (extra weigher), A. G. Branford (asst. tide surveyor), G. F. Brewster (tide waiter), J. P. Bricknell (weigher), W. Brock (weigher), H. E. Brown (asst. tide surveyor), H. A. Bruce (tide waiter), J. Burgess (tide waiter Port Fairy), J. Burke (tide waiter), W. Butler (extra landing waiter), R. Christie (tide waiter), T. Cobb (tide waiter), T. B. Cobb (wharfinger), R. J. Cole (wharfinger, Williamstown), H. Cooper (tide waiter), J. Crawford (tide waiter), B. B. Creagh (extra weigher), P. B. Cumberland (landing waiter), W. Dalrymple (tide waiter Geelong), W. H. Davidson (tide waiter), E. Davies (asst. locker), J. Davies (extra locker), J. Davies (weigher), W. H. Davies (clerk), A. J. Dewar (weigher), C. Dewey (weigher), P. Doolan (river boatman), Oct. Down (clerk), R. Down (inspector and landing surveyor), S. Downing (clerk), T. Dryburgh (landing surveyor), R. C. Dunn (registrar of shipping), J. A. E. Edwards (clerk), G. Elliott (tide waiter), W. Elliott (extra locker), G. Ellis (tide waiter), W. Emery (weigher), W. Emery (weigher Geelong), J. Faichney (extra weigher), D. R. Farquhar (landing waiter), W. Fawkner (landing waiter/tide surveyor), W. Fawkner (weigher), G. H. Findlay (weigher), E. Franks (tide waiter), S. Fraser (tide waiter), A. Gair (clerk), F. Gallagher (tide waiter), James Gates (landing surveyor Geelong), C. H. Gibson (clerk), J. A. Gilfillan (landing waiter), J. Glen (clerk), J. Glen (inspector of imports and exports), D. J. C. Goodsir (asst. tide surveyor), G. Goodsir (tide waiter), M. F. Gordon (landing waiter), M. F. Gordon (landing waiter Geelong), D. W. Gossett (landing waiter), R. N. Grigg (clerk for collecting pilotage), A. Gunn (weigher), C. E. Gunning (clerk), W. Halliday (extra weigher), M. J. P. Hanify (clerk), M. J. P. Hanify (sub collector Belvoir), H. Harrison (tide waiter), J. G. Haymes (tide waiter), P. H. Haymes (landing waiter), J. Heaney (extra weigher), R. W. Heathcote (clerk Geelong), R. W. Heathcote (landing waiter Geelong), R. Hemming (tide waiter), E. Howard (tide waiter), J. B. Howard (sub collector Warrnambool), F. W. Howden (clerk), H. Hubbard (clerk), H. Hubbard (supt. of lockers), W. R. Jaffray (asst. tide surveyor), J. H. Johnson (extra weigher), T. Johnstone (tide waiter Geelong), J. Jones (weigher Geelong), P. Kay (landing waiter), J. R. Keays (tide waiter), P. Kelly (weigher), J. Kilgour (locker), T. Leetham (wharfinger), J. Letheby (weigher), A. McAlpin (extra weigher), G. McDonnell (weigher), J. McFarlane (landing waiter), J. McHugh (extra locker), J. McHugh (weigher), M. McHugh (messenger), R. McKay (tide inspector and landing surveyor), A. McKenzie (tide waiter), J. S. McKenzie (asst. tide surveyor), A. M. McKinnon (tide waiter), C. McLeod (tide waiter Geelong), J. McNiven (clerk to do.), A. McPhail (tide waiter), F. McPherson (weigher), F. A. McPherson (landing waiter), J. McRitchie (acting tide surveyor Shortland's Bluff), J. A. Miller (asst. tide surveyor), P. Moriarty (weigher), W. Morrice (clerk), J. F. Mortimer (locker), J. H. Mudie (asst. locker), D. Munro (clerk), A. W. Musgrove (clerk), C. E. Nathan (tide waiter), W. Odell (asst. tide surveyor), F. W. Oxenbould (tide waiter), J. Pearce (supt. of boats), T. Potter (tide waiter), C. Powell (extra locker), C. Powell (weigher), H. N. Ray (tide waiter), A. Richardson (clerk), A. Richardson (landing waiter), A. Richardson (locker), R. B. Ring (weigher), R. Roberts (tide waiter), Thos. Roch (asst. tide surveyor), A. Rose (asst. tide surveyor), W. B. Ross (asst. tide surveyor Portland), W. B. Ross (tide waiter), J. Sadlier (extra weigher), A. J. Senior (tide waiter), J. Shaw (extra landing waiter), J. Skeggs (weigher), H. Smith (weigher), J. Smith (coast waiter St. Kilda), R. Smith (tide waiter), E. C. Souper (clerk), J. S. Sprent (landing waiter), C. J. Stafford (clerk), M. Stamford (river boatman), M. E. Stephen (clerk), P. R. Stevens (clerk), M. Stodart (extra weigher), W. Sullivan (tide waiter), R. Summers (Queen's Warehouse locker), D. Sutherland (clerk) , G. Sutherland (weigher), C. B. Tigar (weigher), R. M. Tracey (landing waiter), J. C. Tyler (clerk), B. L. Webber (weigher), P. Wheelan (extra weigher), J. White (tide waiter), E. Wilkinson (tide waiter), G. B. Wilkinson (extra landing waiter), J. R. Williams (extra landing waiter), W. C. Williamson (weigher), F. Willis (asst. locker), F. Willis (weigher), G. F. A. Wilson (extra locker), J. L. Wilson (clerk), J. L. Wilson (landing waiter), W. W. Wilson (clerk for comparing bills of entry), E. A. Wood (tide waiter), C. E. Wright (extra weigher) and W. Wright (wharfinger, Sandridge)
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