Item Description: "Ordered to be printed, 24th April, 1855"
Committee: William C. Haines (chairman), Sir William Stawell (Attorney General), Colonial Secretary [unknown], Charles Bradshaw, John Fawkner, John Goodman, Augustus Greeves, James Murphy, John Smith and Peter Snodgrass
On 7th February, 1855, the Colonial Secretary and Mr Snodgrass were appointed Members of the Committee in the place of Mr Foster and Mr Haines, who resigned
Appendix A: Return of persons charged with drunkenness at the City Police Court, Melbourne, on Mondays, from 2nd February to 25th September, 1854
Appendix A (2): Return of convictions for drunkenness at District Court of Bourke on Mondays, from 1st November, 1853, to 25th September, 1854
Appendix B: Geelong Police Court. Return shewing the number of persons committed for drunkenness on every Monday, from the 9th January, 1854, to the 10th July, 1854, both days inclusive, distinguishing the number apprehended on Saturdays from those apprehended on Sundays / William Henry Bonsey, P.M. / Geelong, 23rd October, 1854
Appendix C: letter 26th Oct. 1854 from W. P. Simons (sec. Licensed Victuallers' Association, Melb.) to the Chairman of the Select Committee on the Sale of Liquors Laws
Appendix D: letter from John L. Milton V.D.M., M.D., to the Chairman of the SCSLL
Appendix E: Statement of previous habits of life of lunatics now in Yarra Bend Asylum / Robert Bowie, / Surgeon Superintendent. / Yarra Bend. / 28th November, 1854
Appendix F: petition from Forest Creek Licensed Victuallers' Society to Gold Fields Commission of Enquiry / (Here follow 110 signatures) [not listed]
Appendix G: Statement handed in to the Committee by Mr. Leuis Thomas / Leius Thomas, Collingwood / December 1, 1854
Appendix H: letter 1st Dec. 1854 from Robert Bowie (surgeon supt. Lunatic Asylum, Yarra Bend) to the Chairman of the Liquor Law League
Appendix J: Evidence of Rev. Robert Hamilton, United Presbyterian Minister, Collingwood, on the question
Appendix K: letter 5th Dec. 1855 from W. P. Simons (sec. Licensed Victuallers' Assoc.) to the Chairman of the SCSLL
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