Police force : replies to a question put by Mr. Snodgrass 17th January 1861 for a return showing 1. The existing distribution of the police force, officials and men. 2. The intended alterations in the distribution of the force should the proposed reductions be carried out. 3. The dates of service of every officer in the force distinguishing those officers who will be reduced if the proposed estimate is agreed to. 4. Also the districts in which the police magistrates and clerks of petty sessions referred to in the estimates are appointed for and the dates of service of each of these officers

Corporate Author: Victoria. Crown Law Offices
Other Authors: Standish, Frederick Charles, 1824-1883, Victoria Police Force (1853-1977)
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1861
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1860-61, no. A 15
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Legislative Assembly to be printed 25th January 1860"
Contents: Victoria Police Return [1A] showing the existing distribution of the Police Force officials and men -- Victoria Police Return [1B] showing the distribution of the Detective Force on the 1st January 1861 -- Victoria Police Return [2] showing "the intended alterations in the distribution of the Force should the proposed reductions be carried out -- [3] List of officers of the Victorian Police Force, in the order of their rank and seniority, and shewing thir dates of service, and those who will be reduced if the proposed Estimates be agreed to --Attorney-General's Department Return [4A] showing the districts for which police magistrates, referred to in the estimates are appointed, and the dates of service for each of those officers -- Attorney-General's Department Return [4B] showing the districts for which the clerks of court referred to in the Estimates are appointed and the dates of service of each of these officers
Returns 1-2 signed Fredk. C. Standish, Chief Commissioner of Police, 8th January 1861
Return 3 signed Fredk. C. Standish, Chief Commissioner of Police, 18th January 1861
Returns 4 prepared by the Crown Law Offices, 24th January 1861
Return [3] Police officers p. 6.: Hugh R. Barclay, Alexander Beaver, Power Le P. Bookey, St. John Branigan, John F. Culkin [given as Calkin], David D. Chambers, Hussey M. Chomley, Francis McC. Cobham, William A. P. Dana, Robert Disney, John Dobson, Henry Downing, Henry Foster, Samuel Edward Freeman, Samuel S. Furnell, Harry V. [i.e. Henry Vincent] Geary, Reginald Green, Francis Hare, Henry Hill [possibly 1826?-1878], Leopold Kabat, Jackson Keddell, Arthur Kirk, Ladislaw Kossack, Thomas E. Langley, Robert Leech, Thomas H. Lyttleton, Joseph Mason, Robert McCulloch, Francis J. McNamara, Nathan McNeil, William Nicholas, Charles H. Nicolson, John W. Orridge, Martin Page, Henry S. Palmer, George E. Pearce, Dillon Purcell, Francis A. S. Reid, Edward B. Ryall, John Sadleir, Robert C. Shearman, Edgar Slade, Alexander B. Smith, Isaac H. H. Stoney, Robet C. Taylor, Thomas K. Weldon, Caleb Whitefoord, Bowes T. Wilson, Frederick A. Winch and Maurice F. Ximines
Return [4A] Attorney-General's Dept. Police magistrates p. 7-8: G[ilbert] A. Amos, W[illiam] M. Anderson, E[dward] T. Barnard, J[ames] Blair, W[illiam] H. Bonsey, M[arcus] F. Brownrigg, J[ohn] E. N. Bull, F[rederick] Call, J[ohn] Le M. Carey, C[harles] W. Carr, [Philip Robert Champion de Crespigny] given as P. C. Crespigny, S[tephen] T[homas] Clissold, J[ames] M. Clow, J[ohn] Cogdon, W[illiam] Crawford, J[ohn] Day, C[harles] C. Dowling, W. H [i.e. William Murray Henry] Drummond, [Charles Octavius Eardley-Wilmot] given as C. E. Wilmot, C[uthbert] Fetherstonhaugh, W[illiam] H. Foster, W[illiam] H. Gaunt, L[ewis] Gilles, C[harles] P. Hackett, J[ohn] P. Hamilton, G[eorge] Harrison, T[homas] D. S. Heron, H[enry] B. Lane, W[illiam] Lavender, G[eorge] M. Lowther, A[lexander] M. McCrae [given as McRae], R[obert] C[leghorn] Mackenzie, L[achlan] McLachlan, C[rawford] Mollison, J[ohn] S. Morphy, V[irginius] Murray, F[rancis] K. Orme, C[rawford] A. D. Pasco [given as Pascoe], W[illiam] Piper, R[obert] W. Pohlman, F[rederick] H. Puckle, A[lexander P. L.] Robertson (health officer Queenscliff), R[obert] W. Shadforth, C[harles] W. Sherrard, C[harles] Shuter, A[lexander] J[ohn] Smith, B[ernhard] Smith, G[eorge] Stewart, C[harles] E. Strutt, E[velyn] P. S. Sturt, J[ames] G. Taylor, W[illiam] Templeton, J[ohn] C[ampbell] Thom[p]son, C[harles] J. Tyers, G[eorge] Webster, C[harles] C. Weston, W[illiam] Willoby, A. C. Wills and C. E. Wilmot
Return [4B] Attorney-General's Dept. Clerks of Court p. 9-12: A[rthur] P. Akehurst, W[illiam] H. Anderson, J[ohn] M. Ardlie, W[illiam] H[enry] Atkins, E. H. Bankart, E[dward] Barry, G[eorge] F[rederick] Bartrop, E[dward] C[onnor] Bell, A. M. Bewes [Alfred Malcolm Bews], J[ohn] T[hompson] Biers, T[empleton] Bunnett, E[dmund] Burke, G[eorge] W[illiam] Campbell, N[orman] Campbell, H[enry] Carroll, W[erner] Cathrey, Henry [Duncan] Church, J[ames] Coffin, J[ohn] S[isson] Cooper, B[enjamin] B[ousfield] Creagh, H[arman] Crofton, C[harles Edward] Cruickshank, George Cue, D[enis] B[owes] Daly, C[harles] H[odson] Dawson, C[harles] L[eonard] Dobbin, A[rthur] Drury, J[oseph] Drury, G[eorge] Dunderdale, H[enry] V[aughan] Duigan (given as Durgan), A[lbert] L. Ely, R[obert] Ewing, J. O. G. [i.e. James Augustus Grant] Forbes, R[ichard] Garton, J[oseph] Goslett, F[rancis] Greene, F[rank] W. Greene, M[ichael] J[ohn] P[age] Hanify, W[illiam] Hardy, W[illiam] Hogarth, J[ames] D. L. Houghton, W[illiam] K[earsey] Hughes, G[eorge L.]. Hutchinson, T[homas] Ingram, T[homas] Jardine, R[eynell] E[veleigh] Johns, Edward [W.] Kelsall, H[enry] N[athaniel] Kentish, John Keough, A[rthur] J[ohn] Landon, S[amuel] Lapham, Joseph Lewis, J[ohn G. R.] Lightfoot, Alexander Mackie, Edward] Manning, A[nthony] L['Espinasse] Martin, G[eorge] Maynard, C[orker] W. Minchin (given as Merichin), J[ohn] Miskelly, F[rederick] O. Monckton, R[ichard] A. Montgomery, R[obert] C[lark] Morgan, J. G. [i.e. George Pickering]? Morton, J[ames Augustus] Mulligan, W[illiam] B[alfour] Nicolson, John Nott, D[aniel] Oliver, H[odson] C[lark] Peters, F[rederick] Quain, R[ichard John T.] Quinan, J[ames] H[enry] Quin (given as Quinn), John Rich, N[icholas] J[ohn] B. Rigbye, H. A. [probably Henry Hill] Roberts, J[ames] Robertson, W[ellesley] F[letcher] Roe, J[ohn] T. Sanders, T[ownsend] Somerville, S[idney] J[ames] Stephen, D[avid] G[rieve] Stobie, T[homas] Taylor, E[dward]Townsend, J[ohn] W[illiam] Walden, H[enry] Weigall, W[illiam] E[dward] Wheeler, J[ohn] L[ouis] Willis,and J[ohn] N[ugent] Wood
Other mentions A-L: Aitken's Gap Police Station 2, Alberton 7,8,9,11, Alberton Police Station 3,5, Amherst 7,9, Amherst Police Station 2, Amphitheatre 7,8,9, Amphitheatre Police Station [1], Anderson's Creek 7,9,10, Anderson's Creek Police Station 2, Ararat 7,9,10, Ararat Police District [1],5, Ararat Police Station [1],5, Avenel 9,12, Avenel Police Station 3, Avoca 7,9, Avoca Police District [1],5, Avoca Police Station [1],5, Axedale Police Station 4, Bacchus Marsh 7,9, Bacchus Marsh Police Station 2, Back Creek Police Station 2,5, Ballan 7,9, Ballan Police Station 2, Ballarat 7,9, Ballarat East 7,9, Ballarat East Police Station [1], Ballarat Police District [1],2,5, Ballarat Police Station [1],5, Ballarat Swamp Police Station [1], Ballarat West Police Station [1], Balmoral 7,9, Balmoral Police Station 4, Beechworth 7,8,9,12, Beechworth Police Station 3,5, Belfast Police District 2,5, Belfast Police Station [1],5, Belvoir Police Station 3, Benalla 7,9, Benalla Police District 2,5, Benalla Police Station 2,5, Bendigo (given as Sandhurst) 7,8,11,12, Big Hill Police Station 4, Black Forest Police Station 2, Blackwood 7,9, Blackwood Police Station 2, Boroondara police Station 2, Bourke Police District 2,5, Branxholme 7,9,10, Branxholme Police Station 4, Brighton 9,11, Brighton Police Station 2, Broadford Police Station 3, Broadmeadows Police Station 2, Brown's [Diggings] Police Station [1], Brunswick 9, Brunswick Police Station 2, Buangor (given as Buanga) Police Station [1], Buckland 7,9, Buckland Police Station 3, Bullarook Police Station [1], Bullock Creek Police Station 4, Buninyong 7,9, Buninyong Police Station [1], Burrumbeet Police Station [1], Caledonia 7,9, Camberwell Police Station 2, Campbellfield Police Station 2, Campbell's [Bridge] Police Station [1], Campbell's Creek Police Station 2, Camperdown 9, Camperdown Police Station 2, Caramut 9,10, Caramut Police Station 2, Carisbrook 7,9, Carisbrook Police District 2,5, Carisbrook Police Station 2,5, Carlsruhe Police District 2,5, Carlsruhe Police Station 2, Carngham 7,9,11, Carngham Police Station [1], Carwarp Creek Police Station 4, Casterton 7,10, Casterton Police Station 4, Castlemaine 7,10, Castlemaine Police District 2,5, Castlemaine Municipality Police Station 2, Castlemaine Police Station 2,5, Cavendish Police Station 2, Charlton (given as Charltons) Police Station [1], Chiltern 7,10, Chilwell 11, Christmastown Police Station 3, Clarendon Police Station 4, Clunes 7,10, Clunes Police Station [1], Colac 10, Colac Police Station 3, Coleraine Police Station 4, Collingwood 10, Cowana (?) (given as Cowand) 10, Cowana (given as Cowana Bend) Police Station 4, Cranbourne Police Station 2, Creswick 7,10, Creswick Police Station [1],5, Crowlands 9,10, Crowlands Police Station [1], Dandenong 10, Dandenong Police Station 2, Dandenong [Police] Stud Depôt 4,5, Daylesford 7,8,10,12, Daylesford Police Station 2,5, Digby 7,9,10, Digby Police Station 4, Donnybrook 10, Donnybrook Police Station 3, Drysdale 10, Drysdale Police Station 3, Dunkeld Police Station 2, Dunolly 7,8,10, Dunolly Police Station 2, Durham Ox Police Station 4, Eaglehawk 7, given as Eaglehawk Hamlets 10, Eaglehawk Police Station 4, East Collingwood Police Station 3, Echuca 7,10, Echuca Police Station 3, Elphinstone Police Station 3, Eltham 7,9,10, Eltham Police Station 2, Elysian Flat Police Station 4, Emerald Hill Police Station 3, Epsom Police Station 4, Essendon 10,11, Essendon Police Station 2, Euroa Police Station 2, Fitzroy 10, Fitzroy Police Station 3, Flemington Police Station 2, Footscray 7,8,10,12, Footscray Police Station 3, Forest Creek Police Station 7, Fryerstown 7, 8,10, Fryers Town Police Station 3, Gardiner 10, Geelong 7,10, Geelong Police District 3,5, Geelong Police Station 3,5, Geelong Water Police Station 3, Gippsland Police District 3,5, Gisborne 7,8,10,12, Gisborne Police Station 2, Glenorchy Police Station 4, Golden Square Police Station 4, Gordons [Diggings] Police Station [1], Great Western Police Station 4, Green Hills Police Station [1], Hamilton 7,10, Hamilton Police Station 2, Harcourt Police Station 3, Harrow 7,9,10, Harrow Police Station 4, Hawthorn 10,11, Hawthorne Police Station 2, Heathcote 7,10, Heathcote Police Station 3,5, Heidelberg 7,9,10, Heidelberg Police Station 2, Hepburn 10, Hexham 9,10, Hexham Police Station 2, Heywood Police Station 4, Hobson's Bay 5, Hobson's Bay Police District 3,5, Horsham 10, Horsham Police Station 4, Huntley Police Station 4, Indigo 7,10,11,12, Indigo Police Station 3, Inglewood 7,11, Inglewood Police Station 2,5, Inverleigh Police Station 3, Italian Gully Police Station 2, Keilor 7,10,11, Keilor Police Station 2, Kerang 7,8,11, Kerang Police Station 4, Kildare Police Station 3, Kilmore 7,11, Kilmore Police District 3,5, Kilmore Police Station 3,5, Kingower Police Station 2, Kingston [nr. Ballarat] Police Station [1], Korong [Vale] 8,12 Kulkyne Police Station 4, Kyneton 7,8,12, Kyneton Police Station 2,5, Lamplough 7,11, Lamplough Police Station [1], Lancefield Police Station 2, Learmonth 11, Learmonth (given as L. Learmonth) Police Station 2, Lethbridge Police Station 4, Lexton 7,11,11, Lexton Police Station [1], Linton 7,9,11,12, Lintons [Diggings] Police Station 2, Little River Police Station 3, Livingstone Creek Police Station 5, Lockwood Police Station 4, Longwood Police Station 3, Lower Lead Police Station [on the Indigo Creek?] 3
Other mentions M-Z: McIvor Police District 3,5, Maldon 7,11, Maldon Police Station 3, Malmesbury Police Station 2, Malvern Police Station 2, Mandurang Police Station 4, Mansfield 11, Mansfield Police Station 2, Maryborough 7,11, Maryborough Police Station 2,5, Melbourne 7,11, Melbourne Police District 5, Melbourne Police Division No. 1 - No. 3 [3],5, Melton Police Station 2, Meredith 7,8,11,12, Meredith Police Station 4,5, Mitchell [i.e. Mitchelltown (early part of Bairnsdale)] 3,7,11, Moonambel (given as Mountain Creek) 7,8,11, Morses Creek Police Station 3, [Mount?] Egerton 7,8,12 & given as Egerton (Mount Gordon) 10, Mountain Creek (later called Moonambel) Police Station [1],5, Mulwalla Police Station 2, Murchison Police Station 3, Myers Flat Police Station 4, Narrung (given as Narang) police station 4, Navarre Police Station 4, New Ballarat [later called Chiltern] police Station 3, Newstead Police Station 3, Newtown 11, Newtown Police Station 3, North Melbourne (given as Hotham 11, Northcote Police Station 2, Oakleigh 11, Oakleigh Police Station 2, Omeo 8,11, Omeo Police District Police Station 4, Rose's Gap police station 4, Sandridge Police Station 5, Seymour 9,12, Seymour Police Station 3, Shelford (given as Leigh) 11, Shelford Police Station 4, Shepparton Police Station 2, Skipton 8,11,12, Skipton Police Station 4, Smythesdale 7,8,12, Smythesdale Police Station 2,5, Snowy Creek Police Station 3, South Barwon 12, South Barwon Police Station 3, South Melbourne (given as Emerald Hill) 10,12, Stanley 7,8,9,12, Stanley Police Station 3, Stawell (given as Pleasant Creek (Stawell) 8,11, Stawell Police Station 4,5, Steiglitz 7,8,10,11,12, Steiglitz Police Station 4, Stradbroke Police Station 3, Stratford Police Station 3, Studley [Park Kew] given as Studley Paddock 4, Sunbury 8,10,12, Sunbury Police Station 2, Swan Hill 7,8,12, Swan Hill Police District 4,5, Swan Hill Police Station 4,5, Talbot (given as Back Creek) 7,9, Tambo Police Station 3, Taradale 7,8,12, Taradale Police Station 3, Tara Vale (given as Tarraville) 7,8,11,12, Tara Vale (given as Tarraville) Police Station 3, Three Mile [near Beechworth] Police Station 3, Tongio Munjie (given as Tongec Mungec) Police Station 3, Tooleybuc (given as Toulibuc) Police Station 4, Traralgon (given as Taralgon) Police Station 3, Tylden Police Station 2, Vaughan Police Station 3, Viaduct Police Station [Geelong district] 3, [Victoria. Gold Mounted Police] given as Ballarat, Castlemaine and McIvor escort 5, Ovens, Castlemaine and Ballaarat escorts 4, escort 1,3,5, Violet Town Police Station 2, Wahgunyah 8,11,12, Wahgunyah Police Station 3, Wangaratta 8,12, Wangaratta Police Station 2, Waranga 8,11,12, Warrnambool 8,12, Warrnambool Police Station 2, Wedderburne 8,12, Wedderburne Police Station 2, Western Port Police Station 2, Whim Holes [later called Enfield] Police Station 4, White Hills Police Station 4, Whroo Police Station 3, Wickliffe (given as Wycliffe] Police station [1], Williamstown 7,8,10,12, Williamstown Police Station 3,5, [Williamstown] Water Police Station 3, Wimmera Police District 4,5, Winchester Police Station 3, Wodonga (given as Belvoir) 7,8,9, Woodend 7,8,11,12, Woodend Police Station 2, Woodford Police Station 2, Woolshed Police Station 3, Wyndham Police Station 3, Yackandandah 8,12, Yackandandah Police Station 3, Yan Yean 12, Yan Yean Police Station 2, Yandoit 7,8,10,12, Yandoit Police Station 3, Yea Police Station 3,
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