Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed 11th October 1854"
"Chas. Hotham, Lieutenant Governor, Message No. 20"
Comprises - despatch No. 2 24th June 1854 from [Sir] G[eorge] Grey (sec. of state), to Sir C. Hotham (lieut.-governor Vic.), on the subject of the punishment of certain persons from Van Diemen's Land, holders of conditional pardons, under the Convicts' Prevention Act, and enclosures comprising a letter 15th Mar. 1854 from W. Denison to the Duke of Newcastle, a memorandum 7th Mar. 1854 from J. S. Hampton (comptroller-general), a memorandum from W. D., a memorandum 11th Mar. 1854 from Jas. Penny JP (acting police magistrate Launceston), a letter 2nd Mar. 1854 from W. Gunn (police magistrate Launceston) to the Chief Police Magistrate, a memorandum 4th Mar. 1854 from F. Burgess (chief police magistrate) to the Comptroller General, and a warrant of commitment 18th Jan. 1854 from R. Martin JP to the Constable of Warringal, in the Colony of Victoria, and to the Chief Keeper of the Gaol at Melbourne, in the Said Colony
Other mentions: Anson (ship) 2, Attorney General for Vic. [1], Blundell (ship) 2, Daniel Bridges (convict) 2,3, Convicts' Prevention Act [1],2, Sir William Denison (lieut.-governor Van Diemen's Land) [1], District of Warringal 3, Downing St. [1], Govt. House (Van Diemen's Land) [1], W. Gunn 3, William Harding (convict) 2,3, Heidelberg (Vic.) 2,3, Her Majesty's Govt. [1],2, H. W. Howlett 3, Mr La Trobe [1],2, Launceston 2,3, Legislative Council of Vic. [1], Melbourne 2,3, Melbourne Gaol 3, [Henry Pelham] Duke of Newcastle [1], Fred. Roper 3, Van Diemen's Land [1],2,3, Victoria [1],2,3 and Warringal 3
Physical Description: 3p. ; 33cm.