Crown land licenses : return to address Mr Fawkner, 8th June, 1855

Corporate Author: Victoria. Surveyor-General's Dept.
Other Authors: Clarke, Andrew, Sir, 1824-1902
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1856
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1855-56, no. C 36
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Treasurer by command of His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government and ordered by the Council to be printed 18th March 1856"
"Andrew Clarke / Surveyor General's Office, / Melbourne, 17th March, 1856"
Licensees Bourke County: Mrs C. Broadhurst (The Dean 1851-1855), William Henry [i.e. Hartley] Budd (Strangeways 1851-1855), Hugh M. Guthrie (Rands Run 1854-1855), John Harlin & executors (Glenvale 1851-1855), James Malcolm (Rands Run 1851-1852)
Licensees Grant County 1851: S[olomon], J[osiah] & F. [i.e. Thomas] Austin (Toulon), Thomas Austin (St. Leonards), George Armitage [i.e. Armytage] (Ingleby), F[red.] Dewing (Paraparap), T. R. [i.e. John Rout] Hopkins (Wormbete), William Harding (Ellenvale), R[obert] C[ulbertson] Hope (Native Creek), G. L. [really John Henry] Mercer (Weatherboard), [Thomas] Roadknight and [William] Vickery (Cherry Tree Hill), William Roadknight (Gerangamite [i.e. Gerangamete]), George Synnot (Moyang [i.e. Mouyong]), M[arcus] Synnot (Station Peak), T[homas] W[illiam] Vickery (Deans Marsh/Yan Yan Gurt), [Thomas William] Vickery and [Thomas] Roadknight (Cherry Tree Hill), Thomas Warner (Kinross)
Licensees Grant County 1852: J[osiah] & F. [i.e. Thomas] Austin (Toulon), Thomas Austin (St. Leonards), George Armytage] (Ingleby), F[red.] Dewing (Paroparop [i.e. Paraparap]), J[ohn] R[out] Hopkins (Wombete [i.e. Wormbete]), W[illiam] Harding (Ellenvale), R[obert] C[ulbertson] Hope (Native Creek), George [really John Henry] Mercer (Weatherboard), [Thomas] Roadknight and [Thomas William] Vickery (Cherry Tree Hill), William Roadknight (Gerangamite [i.e. Gerangamete]/River Station), George Russell (Clyde Company [i.e. Golf Hill Run]), George Synnot (Moyang [i.e. Mouyong]), A. [i.e. Monckton] Synnot (Station Peak), T[homas] W[illiam] Vickery (Deans Marsh/Yun Yun Quit [i.e. Yan Yan Gurt]), [Thomas William] Vickery and [Thomas] Roadknight (Cherry Tree Hill), Thomas Warner (Kinross Wste)
Licensees Grant County 1854: S[olomon], J[osiah] & T[homas] Austin (Kinross), S[olomon] & T[homas] Austin (Toulon or Toulouse), Thomas Austin (St. Leonards), Frederick Dewing (Paraparap), J[ohn] R[out] Hopkins (Wormbete), Wm. Harding (Ellen Vale), R[obert] C[ulbertson] Hope (Native Creek), Geo. [really John Henry] Mercer (Weatherboard), Thomas Roadknight (Gerangamete/River Station), John von Stieglitz (Station Peak), Monckton Synnot (Mowyong [i.e. Mouyong]), George Vicary (Deans Marsh), T[homas] W[illiam] Vickery (Yan Yan Gurt), [Thomas William] Vickery and [Thomas] Roadknight (Cherry Tree Hill)
Licensees Grant County 1855: Thomas Austin (Kinross/St. Leonards/Toulon), Frederick Dewing (Paraparap), J[ohn] R[out] Hopkins (Wormbete), W[illiam] Harding (Ellen Vale), R[obert] C[ulbertson] Hope (Native Creek), Geo. [really John Henry] Mercer (Weatherboard), Thomas Roadknight (Gerangamite/River Station), [Thomas] Roadknight and [Thomas William] Vickery (Cherry Tree Hill), John von Stieglitz (Station Peak), M[onckton] Synnot (Mowyong [i.e. Mouyong]), George Vicary (Deans Marsh), T[homas] W[illiam] Vickery (Yan Yangart [i.e. Yan Yan Gurt]), [Thomas William] Vickery and [Thomas] Roadknight (Cherry Tree Hill)
LICENSEES PORTLAND BAY DISTRICT A-C: Robert Adams [given as Adam] (Greenvale [No. 16] given as Green Vale 1851-1852), William Adeney [also given as Adney] (Chocolyn 1851-1855), [James Elliott] Addison & [William] Murray (Dunrobin 1851-1855), G[eorge Nairn] & D[avid] Aitcheson [also given as Atchison] (Kuruck Kuruck [variously mispelled] 1851-1855), W[illiam] W[ilson Allen [also given as Allan] (Colantet 1851-1855), Anderson Brothers [Dr. Alexander & Edwin] (Lower Crawford 1851-1855), Alexander Anderson Jr. (Bangal [also given as Bungal] 1851-1855/Borri Yallock North 1855), Henry Anderson (Borriyallock East/Borriyallock North 1851), Robert Anderson (Bolac Plains 1851-1855), [Thomas] Anderson & [John L.] Currie (Geelengla/Western Elephant [i.e. Mount Elephant No. 1] 1851-1852), William Anderson (Borriyallock South 1851-1855), [John Lang] Currie & [T.] Anderson (Geelengla/Western Elephant [i.e. Mount Elephant No. 1] 1851-1852),
LICENSEES PORTLAND BAY DISTRICT M: [William] Murray & [J. E.] Addison (Dunrobin 1851-1855)
Licensees Western Port District A-C: [Francis] Adams and [Frederick] Bicknell (Sunday Creek [No. 195] 1852,1854), G[eorge] S[herbrooke] Airey (Killingworth 1851-1855), Aitken, John (Bullock Creek [No. 6]/Flowerdale/Myers' Creek/Open Plains/Picanniny Creek/Tandar[r]a 1851-1854), John Aitken [1792-1858] (Emmeline Vale 1851-1855), John C[hristie] Aitken (Acheron/Mount Martha/Thornton 1851-1855), John Atkins [given as Aitkins] and [Robert Nalder] Clarke (Speed's 1852), [Edward] Argyle & [Abraham] Booth (Duck Swamp 1851-1855/St. Agnes 1852--1855), Richard Babington (Glenlyn [i.e. Glenlyon No. 59] 1851-1855), W[illiam] H[enry] Bacchus (Speeds 1851), J[ohn] & R[obert] Bakewell (Burnewang 1851-1852), [John] Bakewell, [John] Mickle & [William] Lyall (Great Swamp/Manton's Station [given as Tooraddin] 1854-1855, Red Bluff/Torbinurruck/Yellock [given as Yallock] 1852-1855), Alexander Balcombe (Tichingorourke 1851-1855), William Bamblett [given as Bamplett, Bamreett and H.W. Bamble] (Muddy Creek [No. 8] 1851-1855), John Barker (Cape Schanck 1851-1855), William Barker (Mount Alexander [No. 21] 1851-1855), William Barnett (Major Mitchell's Creek 1851-1854), John Barnewall (Mulla Mullane 1851, 1854), James Bathe (Toomah (also given as Toomab) 1854-1855), Benjamin Baxter (Carrup Carrup 1851-1854), Thomas Baynton (also given as Baynter) (Darlington 1851-1854), John Bear (East Loddon/Serpentine Creek 1851-1855), Robert Beauchamp (Spring Plains 1851/Wild Duck Creek 1851-1852), [William Montgomerie] Bell & [George] Houston (Avoca Forest [No.82] 1855), Henry G[ray] Bennett (Muskerry 1851-1855), John Bett (Wharparilla [given as Wharparella] 1851-1855), [Frederick] Bicknell & Adams (Sunday Creek [No. 195] 1852,1854), A[rthur] and C[ecil] [not Christopher] Birch (Bullarook [given as Ballarook/Boolarook/Boollarook] 1851-1855), [Edward C.] Bishop & [John G.] Wright (Balham Hill 1851), [Abraham] Booth & [E.] Argyle (Duck Swamp 1851-1855/St. Agnes 1852--1855), [Michael] Bourke & [James] Neville (Minton's Creek [given as Muston's Creek in error 1854] 1851-1555), David Bowman (Panty Gurn Gurn 1855), William Bowman (Panty Gurn Gurn 1851-1854), [Major] J[ohn] Boyd & John S[ein] Boyd (Wallan Wallan 1851), John S. Boyd (Wallan Wallan 1852-1855), C[harles] & J[oseph] Bradshaw (Glenmona 1854-1855), Robert Brierty [possibly Briarty] (Steel's Flat 1851-1855), Robert H[enson] Broadhurst & [Alfred Dowby] Tootal (Belle Vue 1851-1855), Brock Bros. [Alexander, Henry & James Miller] (Coonooer [also given as Coonover] 1851-1855), John Brock (Bullanda Vale/Cameron's Run/Moonnee Jettee [i.e. Moonjettee] 1851-1855), G[eorge] S[inclair] Brodie & R[ichard] Brodie (Campaspe 1851-1852), George Brown (Weandron 1851-1855), W[illiam] H[enry] Brown[e] (Mt. Piper 1851-1852), W[illiam] & Matthew Bryant (Cairn Curran 1855), E[dward] G[ittins] Bucknall (Rodborough Vale 1851-1855), [Richard Hale] Budd & [Rev. William] Waterfield (Chintin 1851-1855), executrix James Cain (Curr's also given as Curris [i.e. Steel's Creek]/Mount Macedon Ranges/Springfield [No. 47]/Steel's Creek 1851-1854), [Ralston] Caldwell & [Robert] Ross (Axedale 1851-1852), A[lexander] Cameron (Mayune 1852), Donald Cameron (Clunes 1851-1855/Tourello (also given as Torello) 1851,1855), Archibald M[acarthur] Campbell (Gan[n]awarra 1851-1855/Pine Hills [i.e. Loddon or pine Hills No. 43] 1854), John Campbell [of Spring Vale Run] (Marine [or Mairini, part of Dunach Forest Run] 1851), R[oderick] and D[onald] Campbell (Bullock Creek [No. 58] 1851-1855/Merang [i.e. Meran] 1855/Weddikar 1854-1855), [Robert] Campbell [Jr. 1811-1887]? & [William F. ] Splatt (Bael Bael/Combatook [i.e. Meering Lake or Combatook]/Reedy Lake 1851), William Campbell [1810-1896] (Aberfoyle 1854/Mount Hope & Mount Pyramid 1851-1855/Strathloddon 1852-1855/Trio [i.e. Trio or Wedge's] 1852-1854), [William] Cashen & [P.] Nelson (Borothat 1851-1852), John Catto (Loddon [i.e. Catto's Run or Loddon] 1851-1855), Robert Cay (Jane Vale 1855/Loddon Plains 1854-1855), [Robert] Cay & [William] Kaye (Buckrabanyule [various misspellings]/East Charlton 1851-1855), John Clarke (Moranding/Stewart's Plains 1851-1852), Reay Clark (East Moranding [i.e. Moranding east] 1854), [Robert Nalder] Clarke and John Atkins (Speed's 1852), W[illiam] J. T. Clarke (Bear Bear [ i.e. Bean Bean (and Dowling Forest] 1851-1854), Clowes Bros. (Henry, Robert & Thomas) (Holcome [i.e. Holcombe]/Woodside [No. 53] 1851-1852), Henry Clowes (Holcombe 1854), Thomas Clowes (Woodside [no. 53] 1854-1855), S[amuel] H[enry] Clutterbuck (Mount Ararat [No. 186] 1854), Charles Cochrane (Mount Misery 1851), J[ames] & J[ohn] Cochrane (Bealaba [i.e. Bealiba] 1852), James Cochrane (Bealiba 1854-1855), George Coghill (Pannoobamawm [various misspellings] 1851-1854/Pine Hill [i.e. Loddon or Pine Hills] 1851-1852), [George] Coghill & [Hector N.] Simson (Terrick Terrick East [i.e. Terrick Terrick East or Prairie] 1855), William Coghill (Glendarnell [also given as Glendaruell/Glendonald] 1851-1855), James W. [i.e. John and William] Collyer (Mount Hope [Creek]1851-1852/Spring Plains 1852/Torrumbarry 1851-1852), J[ohn D.] and W[illiam D.] Collyer (Wild Duck Creek 1854), W[illiam] D. Collyer (Mount Hope [Creek]1854-1855/Spring Plains 1854/Torrumbarry 1854-1855), Richard Corbett (Kilmore 1851-1855), execs. of John Cotton [also given as John Caxton] (Doogallook [i.e. Doogallook and Muddy Creek] 1851-1852/Mohican 1852-1854), [William] Cotton & [Peter] Snodgrass (Doogallook 1855), Mary Coutts (Bealiba 1851/Coyurah Springs 1855), [James] Crawford & Co. [i.e. William Westgarth & Alfred Ross] (Campaspe [No. 35] 1854-1855), Eliza Crewe (Mayune 1851), Archibald Cunningham/e (Wanregnan [i.e. Wanregarwan (Wanregnan)] 1852-1852 & with his sisters 1854-1855), E[dward] M. Curr (Corrop [i.e. Corop] 1851-1852), execs. of Eliza Curr (Cargarac/Colbinibbin [i.e. Colbinabbin No. 45]/Tongalla [i.e. Tongala] 1851-1852) and James Cuthbert (Hurdy Gurdy 1851-1854/Westaway station 1851-1855)
Licensees Western Port District D-H : James Davey [given as Davis] (Ballarong [i.e. Ballanurong] 1851, [Paul de] Castella & [Adolphe de] Meuron [also given as Menron] (Yereng [i.e. Yering] 1851-1852), Paul de Castella (Yering 1854-1855), Henry Dendy [also given as Denby] (Christmas Hills 1851-1854), A[lexander] & J[ohn] Dennistoun (Green Hills [No. 78] 1851-1855), John Dickson (Gulf station [i.e. Gulph No. 2] 1851-1855, J[ohn Stirling] & W[illiam] Donald (Spring Bank [East and West] 1851-1854), [John] Dore & [Michael] Hennessy (Mount Ararat [No. 73] 1851-1855), [Archibald & Joseph] Dougall and [Matthew] Hervey [also given as Harvey] (Glenloth [i.e. Glen Loth] 1852-1855, Harry Drew (Coolort 1854), Edward Dryden (Newham 1851-1855), W[illiam] H[enry] Dunsford [also given as W. E. Dunsford] (Lancefield 1851-1855), [William Henry?] Dunsford and [Henry & Charles Joseph?] Morgan (Cherrington 1852), C[harles] H. Ebden (Bael Bael 1854-1855/Campaspe Plains 1852/Combatook [i.e. Meering Lake or Combatook]/Reedy Lake 1854-1855), James Egan (Major's Line 1851-1854), [John] Egan and [John] Leahy (Corinilla [i.e. Corinella] 1851), John Egan (Corrinilla/Corrinella [i.e. Corinella] 1852-1855), James Ellis (Avoca Forest [No. 82] 1851-1854), Richard Feehan [given as Feeham] (Mt. Misery 1852), [Frederick] Fenton & [Stewart] Gibson (Ravenswood [i.e. Mount Alexander (Ravenswood)] 1854), [Compton] Ferrars & C[harles] H. Lyon (Balleenee [ i.e. Ballenee]/Morockdong/Upper Werribee [i.e. Werribee Upper] 1854-1855), J[ohn] M[orris] Fisher (Norwood 1852-1852), William Fletcher (Cairn Curran 1851-1854), Michael Flinn (West Moranding [i.e. Moranding] 1854-1855), Henry Foley (Balla Balla [No. 204] 1851-1852), Robert Forsyth (Torphecin [i.e. Torphicon] 1851, John and William Gardiner (French Island 1851-1855), Emily Gavan (Sunday Creek [No. 87] [also given as Sandy Creek] 1851-1855/Mount Piper 1854-1855), Matthew Gibson (Wild Cattle Run 1851), R.C. [i.e. R. O.] and S[tewart] Gibson (Ravenswood [i.e. Mount Alexander (Ravenswood) 1851), S. P. [i.e. Stewart] Gibson (Ravenswood [i.e. Mount Alexander (Ravenswood) 1852), [Stewart] Gibson & [Frederick] Fenton (Ravenswood [i.e. Mount Alexander (Ravenswood) 1854), Hugh Glass (Glengowar [i.e. Glengower] 1855/Merran [i.e. Meran?] 1852/Netty Alloc [i.e. Nettyalloc] 1854-1855), [Hugh] Glass & [Henry] Moor (Niagaroon [also given as Magaroon] 1851-1855), Henry Godfrey (Boort 1851-1855), Edward Goodman (Pentland Hills [given as Boolingrook and Pentland Hills/Ballengorourke] 1851-1852, George Govett (Pastoria 1854-1855), [James] Graham & [James] Jackson (Dunach Forest 1851,1854/Tragowell [i.e. Tragowel] 1851-1854/Waranga [i.e. Waranga (Park)] 1851, [James] Graham & [William] Ryrie (View Hill 1851-1852), [Richard] Grice, [T.] Sumner and Co. (Yarraberb [given as Tarraberb]) 1854, [John] Grieve & [Gideon] Rutherford (Glen Loth [given as Glenloth]) 1851, Thomas N[attle] Grigg (Lardidark [given as Lardedark] 1851-1852), George Groves [also given as Graves] (Gobarup [given as Gobareep, Gobearep, Gobearhep] 1851-1855), [Charles Browning] Hall & [Edmund] McNeill (Glenmona [given as Glenarona, Glenmore] 1851-1852), Rev. William Hall (Brenanah/Glenalbyn [No. 174] 1854-1855), [Peter] Hamilton & [William] Tait ( (Colbinabbin [No. 146] [under various misspellings] 1851-1855), [Thomas Ferrier] Hamilton & [John] Riddell (Cairn Hill/Turitable 1851-1855), William Hamilton (Glenaroua [given as Glenaraona, Glenarona, Glenorona] 1851-1855, Joseph Hann (Coolort 1855), D[avid] and H[enry] Hardie (Glenburn 1851-1854), Joseph Hawdon [also given as Hawdar] (Tallarook 1851-1854/Tallarook Sheep Run 1854), John Hearn [given as Ahern] (Bow [i.e. Bon] Hill 1854), [Michael] Hennessy & [J.] Dore (Mount Ararat [No. 73] 1851-1855), [Michael] Hennessy & [Thomas] Mulcahy (Mount Pleasant [Melbourne District] 1851-1855), Robert Henry (Cardinia [given as Cordinia] Creek [No. 108] 1851), John Hepburn (Glendonald 1851-1855/Mount Prospect 1854-1855)/Smeaton Hill 1851-1855), [Matthew] Hervey [also given as Harvey] & [A. and J.] Dougall (Glenloth [i.e. Glen Loth] 1852-1855), James Hodgkinson (Lamplough 1854/Maiden Hills/Woodstock [No. 104] 1851-1854), John Holmes (Toorbouric [given as Tombourie] 1854), James Hook (Bon Hill [given as Bow Hill] 1851-1852), [James] Hook & [James Ready] given as Reddy/Reedy (Minton's [i.e. Cannabul] Creek 1851-1855), [George] Houston & Bell (Avoca Forest [No.82] 1855), [John Werge Howey] (given as Harvey) & [Robert] Patterson (Toomah 1851-1852), William Morrison Hunter (Kingower 1851-1855/Kingarara Creek [under various mispellings] 1851-1854/Muckleford/Tarrengower [under various mispellings] 1851-1855), Edward Hurst (Running Creek 1852-1854), Margaret Hyde (Mount Campbell 1851-1855)
Licensees Western Port District J- M : [James] Jackson & [James] Graham (Dunach Forest 1851,1854/Tragowell [i.e. Tragowel] 1851-1854/Waranga [i.e. Waranga (Park)] 1851, Thomas Jardyne [given as Jardine] (Coyurah Springs 1851,1854), Jeffreys Bros. [Edward William & Henry Charles] (Burnewang [various mispellings] 1854-1855/Kyneton 1851-1855/Trio [i.e. Trio or Wedge's] 1851), E[dward] W[illiam] Jeffreys (Kyneton 1852), Daniel Jennings (Campaspe Plains 1851), Henry Jennings (Balla Balla [No. 204] 1854), Henry Johnson (Taggerty 1851-1855), Joyce Bros. [Alfred & George] (Norwood 1854/Plaistow 1851-1852), Alfred Joyce (Norwood 1855), George Joyce (Plaistow 1855), [William] Kaye & [R.] Cay (Buckrabanyule [various misspellings]/East Charlton 1851-1855), Alexander Kennedy (Bough Yards 1851-1855), [John H.] Kerr and [Robert S.] Neill (Edgar's Plains 1854-1855), M[artha] J[ane] King (Bunguyan [also given as Bomguyan] 1851-1855), D[avid] B[olton] Lamb (Mount Eliza 1851), F[rederick] W. Langdon (Mount Prospect 1851-1852), [John] Leahy & [John] Egan (Corinilla [i.e. Corinella] 1851), James Lecky [also given as Leckey,Leehy & Locky] (Gin Gin Bean [given as Gin Gin Baen/Been/Burn] 1851-1855), A[ndrew] Linton (Pontesford 1854), R. W. [i.e. William Robert] Looker (Caragarac/Corop/Tongala [given as Tongola] 1854), [William] Looker and [James] Murphy (Caragarac/Colbinabbin [No. 45]/Corop 1855/Stewart's Plains 1854-1855/Tongala 1855), [William] Lyall, Bakewell & Mickle (Great Swamp/Manton's Station [given as Tooraddin] 1854-1855/Red Bluff/Torbinurruck/Yellock [given as Yallock] 1852-1855), C[harles] A. Lynott [also given as Lynote] (Barnedown [i.e. Barnedown (and Axedale) 1851-1854), C[harles] H. Lyon & [Compton] Ferrars (Balleenee [ i.e. Ballenee]/Morockdong/Upper Werribee [i.e. Werribee Upper] 1854-1855), Donald McBean [also given as David/McBain] (Old Crossing Place [No. 124] 1851-1854), A[ndrew] M. McCrae (Arthur's seat 1851), John McDonald (Clonbinane 1854), A[rchibald] C. McDougall (Dunnolly 1851-1852), J[ohn] & P[eter] McFarlane (Island Station 1854-1855), Alexander McKenzie (Clonbinane 1851-1852/Reedy Creek [No. 125] 1851-1855), Daniel MacKenzie (Baillieston [i.e. Bailieston or Late Postlethwaites]/Boramboot [various mispellings] 1851-1855), John M[a]cKenzie (Glenalbyn [ No.174] 1851-1852/Mount Martha 1851/Yarraberb 1852), Charles McLachlan (Pentland Hills 1851-1854), Dugald McLachlan (Glegower 1851-1852), William McLelland (Happy Valley [also known as Green Hill] 1855, Hector McLeod (Lardedark [i.e. Lardidark] 1854-1855), John McMillan (Leaghur 1851-1854), [Edmund] McNeill & [Charles B.] Hall (Glenmona [given as Glenarona, Glenmore] 1851-1852), J[ames] P[atrick] [also given as J. B] Main (Cherrington 1851,1854-1855), D[onald] Malcolm (Powlett's Plains [also given as Korong] 1851-1855, J[ames] W. Malcolm (Sunday Creek [No. 195] 1851), Septimus Martin (Torbinurruck given as Torbinnruck 1851), [Septimus] Martin & [Henry] Moor (Red Bluff/Yallock [i.e. Yellock] 1851), [Robert] Mason & [Charles] Oliver (Barndown [and Axedale] 1855), Sir James Matheson (Wyuna [also given as Wynna] 1851-1855), Henry Matson (Bullengarook given as Bullengorourke 1854-1855), [John] Mickle, Bakewell & Lyall (Great Swamp/Manton's Station [given as Tooraddin] 1854-1855/Red Bluff/Torbinurruck/Yellock [given as Yallock] 1852-1855), Alexander Miller (Murrindinda 1851-1855), John Miller (Tuerong 1851-1852), W[illiam] H. F. [also given as W. H. J.] Mitchell (Barfold 1851-1855/Terrick Terrick [West No. 127] 1851-1854), A[lexander] F. & W[illiam T.] Mollison (Pyalong 1851-1855/Terrick Terrick Plains 1852-1854), [Henry] Moor & [Hugh] Glass (Niagaroon [also given as Magaroon] 1851-1855), [Henry] Moor & [Septimus] Martin (Red Bluff/Yallock [i.e. Yellock] 1851), [Henry & Charles Joseph?] Morgan & [W.H.?] Dunsford (Cherrington 1852), W[illiam] L. Morton (Salisbury Plains 1854-1855), James Mouatt (Yarraberb given as Jarrabert 1851), J[ames] & G[eorge Mouatt (Pontesford 1851-1852/Yarraberb 1854), [Thomas] Mulcahy & [Michael] Hennessy (Mount Pleasant [Melbourne District] 1851-1855), A[ndrew] & M[aurice or Morris] Mulchinagh (Muddy Creek [A No. 126] 1851-1852), John Murchison (Kerisdale [various misspellings] 1851-1855), James Murphy (Konagadara given as Konagadarra 1851), James H. Murphy (Colbinabbin [No. 45] 1854), [James] Murphy & [Robert] Looker (Caragarac/Colbinabbin [No. 45]/Corop 1855/Stewart's Plains 1854-1855/Tongala 1855) and T[homas] & W[illiam] Myers [also given as Myer] (Sandy Creek or Weddikar 1851/Weddikar 1852)
Western Port Disrict N-Z: [Robert Steel] Neill & [John K.] Hunter (Edgar's Plains 1854-1855), [Peter] Nelson & [W.] Cashen (Borothat 1851-1852), [James] Neville & [M.] Bourke (Minton's Creek [given as Muston's Creek in error 1854] 1851-1555), [John] Nicholson and Cowx [i.e. Thomas Coux] (Mount Disappointment 1851-1852,1854), [W. H.] Nicholson & [John] Roach (Northwood or Clarke's Old Station 1851-1855), [Daniel] O'Brien & [William] Walsh (Mount Ararat Creek 1851-1855), Terence O'Connor (Cardinia [also given as Cordinia] Creek 1852-1854), Patrick O'Dea (Cornelia Creek also called Junction of Goulburn and Murray 1851-1855), [Charles] Oliver & [Robert] Mason (Barnedown 1855), James Orr [Sr.] (Coliban [also given as Colliban] 1851-1855/Lower Coliban [given as Lower Colliban] 1854-1855/Stratford Lodge/Yawong Springs 1851-1855), [Willoughby Pain] given as Paine & [Thomas C.] Stone & [William] Stone (Balham Hill 1852-1854), E[dward] S. Parker (Holcom[b]e 1855/Mount Franklin 1851-1855), Alexander Patterson (St. Germains [No. 12] 1851-1855), John Hunter Patterson (Kimbolton/Langwornor [various mispellings] 1854-1855/McIvor Creek [part of Toorbouric] 1852/Moorabbee 1854-1855/Pine Grove 1851,1854/Toorbouric [various misspellings] 1851-1852), [Robert] Patterson & [John W. Howey] (Toomah 1851-1852), Charles Payne (Waranga [also given as Wearanga] Park 1852-1854), William Payne (Coolort 1851-1852), Robert E. Paynter (Solitude 1851-1855), [James] Pearson & [William] Webster (Brenanah/Richmond Plains/Spring Hill 1851-1852), Sir J[ohn] L. Pedder (Cupumnimnip [various mispellings] 1851-1855), Charles & Thomas Peevor (Langley Vale 1855), Thomas Peevor (Langley Vale 1851-1854), Michael Pender (Upper Plains 1851-1855), Charles Peters (Garth 1851-1855), David Peters (Torphicon given as Torpichen 1855), John Pike given as Pyke (Manton's Old Station 1851-1852), [Robert] Pickering & [Richard] Underwood (Muddy Creek [A No. 126 1854-1855), William Piper (Pastoria 1851-1852), F.R./R.F./R.H. [i.e. Frederick Roper] Pohlman (Glenhope 1851-1855), J. H. [i.e. Thomas Herbert] Power (Eumemmering 1851/Mount Misery 1854-1855), W[illiam] S[ayer] Price (Running Creek 1855), James Purves (Tootgarook 1851-1855), Thomas H[enry] Pike (Morockdong given as Morrockdong/Werribee Upper given as Upper Werribee 1851-1852), T[homas] H[enry] and W[illiam] Pyke (Pheden or the Den given as Theden 1851-1855), [James Ready] given as Reddy/Reedy & [Jame] Hook (Minton's [i.e. Cannabul] Creek 1851-1855), [John Carre] Riddell [also given as Riddle] & [Thomas F.] Hamilton (Cairn Hill/Turitable 1851-1855), [John] Roach & [W. H.] Nicholson (Northwood or Clarke's Old Station 1851-1855), James [also given as J. & J.J.] Robetrtson (Campaspe River 1851-1854), Thomas Robertson [of Clare Inn] (Campaspe [River] 1855), Thomas Robertson [1824-1891] &c./Sr. & Jr. [i.e. sons James, John & Thomas Jr.] (Mount Mitchell (1852-1855), Thomas Robertson [1824-1891] & [William] Skene (Mount Mitchell 1851), William Robertson [1799-1874] (Wooling 1851-1855), John Rogers (Elizabeth Island 1854-1855/Sandstone Island 1855), [Robert] Ross & [R.] Caldwell (Axdale 1851-1852), Robert Ross (Axedale 1854-1855), G[eorge] C[hristian] Rowan & executors (Gunbower 1852-1855), J[ames] H[utton] Rowan executors (Gunbower 1851), John P[earson] Rowe (restdown plains 1854-1855), Ralph Ruddell (Tuerong 1854-1855), Andrew Rutherford (Lamplough 1851-1852), [Gideon] Rutherford & [John] Grieve (Glen Loth [given as Glenloth]) 1851, Donald Ryrie (Dalry 1851-1855/Parambol 1854-1855), [William] Ryrie & [James] Graham (View Hill 1851-1852), Isaac Saunders/Sanders (Compton's Creek 1851-1855), Alexander Sim (Restdown Plains 1851-1852), D[onald] C[ampbell] Simson (Charlotte Plains 1851-1855/Jane Vale/Langcourie [various mispellings] 1851-1854), H[ector] N. Simson (Archdale 1855/Dunolly 1854-1855/Sutton Grange 1851-1855), [Hector N.] Simson & [G.] Coghill (Terrick Terrick East [i.e. Terrick Terrick East or Prairie] 1855), [William] Skene & Thomas Robertson (Mount Mitchell 1851), William Smith (Barker's Heifer station 1851-1855), [Peter] Snodgrass & [W.] Cotton (Doogallook 1855), William Speed (Derrimal [given as Derrimall/Deerimal] 1854-1855), Thomas Splatt (Ardpatrick given as Ard Patrick 1851/St. Germain's [No. 188] 1851-1852), W[illiam] F. Splatt (Bael Bael/Combatook/Reedy Lake 1852), [William F. ] Splatt & [Robert] Campbell [Jr.]? (Bael Bael/Combatook/Reedy Lake 1851), W[illiam] E[dward [also given as W. R.] Stanbridge (Wombat 1854-1855), William Stawell (Nettyalloc given as Netty Alloc 1851-1852), H[enry] & P[atrick] Stevenson (Ardpatrick 1854-1855/Toolamba/Wanalta also given as Wanatta 1851-1855), J[ohn Lewis] von Stieglitz (Ballenee 1851, given as Ballance 1852), [Thomas C.] Stone, [William] Stone & [Willoughby Pain] (Balham Hill 1852-1854), [Theodatus] Sumner, [Richard] Grice and Co. (Yarraberb [given as Tarraberb]) 1854, George Symmons [?] (Kerr Hill [?] 1854), [William D.] Tait & [Peter] Hamilton (Colbinabbin [No. 106] [under various misspellings] 1851-1855), [William Drayton] Taylor & Abel Thorpe (Edgar's Plains [or Fernihurst given as Ferryhunt]/Salisbury Plains 1851-1852), George & W[illiam] Thomson (Two Rivers and Griffith's Point 1851), [Alfred Dowby] Tootal & Robert H. Henson (Belle Vue 1851-1855), Henry Tuck (Manton's Creek given erroneously as Minton's Creek 1851-1855), [Richard] Underwood & [Robert] Pickering (Muddy Creek [A No. 126 1854-1855), William Waddell [also given as Waddle] (I. Y. U. given as J. Y. U. 1851-1854), [William] Walsh & [D.] O'Brien (Mount Ararat Creek 1851-1855), [Dr. John Edward] Walton & [William Drayton] Taylor (Balham Hill 1855), [Rev. William] Waterfield & [R. H.] Budd (Chintin 1851-1855), Ross Watt (Stainforths also given as Stamforths 1851-1855), James [Daniel?] Webster (Burnanto given as Bumants 1851 Bummanto 1852), [William] Webster & [James] Pearson (Brenanah/Richmond Plains/Spring Hill 1851-1852), Nicholas Were (Borothat 1854-1855), A[lfred] E[dward] Wheatley (Terrick Terrick [No. 189] 1851,1854], Robert Whitehead (Running Creek 1851), executors Frederick Wight [given as White 1851, Wright 1852] (Mount Ararat [No. 186] 1851-1852), William Willoby (Longwaring given as long waring 1851-1855), James N/V [i.e. Milne] Wilson (Richmond Plains/Spring Hill 1854), [John G.] Wright and [E.] Bishop (Balham Hill 1851), A[rchibald] B. Yuille (Ballanurong [variously misspelled] 1854-1855) and W[illiam] C. Yuille (Ballanurong given as Ballenrong 1852)
Licensees Wimmera District A-C: W[illiam] Affleck (Pleasant Banks 1851-1852), [John] Affleck and [George] Younger (Rose Bank [i.e. Rosebank or Mortat] 1851-1852), J[ames] W. & D[avid] Affleck (Pleasant Banks 1854-1855), George Armytage (Fulham [no. 1]/Ganoo Ganoo (also given as Gonoo Ganoo)/Murndarra or Murrandarra (given as Mundarn/Mundara/Mundarra) 1851-1855), [George] Archbold (also given as Archibald) and Sons (Brimin (also given as Brinini) 1852-1855), John Armstrong [d. 1857] (Allan Vale or Sinclairs [i.e. Sinclairs or Allanvale] 1855), [William] Armstrong & [Dr. Alexander] Thomson (also given as Thompson) (Avon Plains [i.e. Avon and Molly Plains] 1851-1855), H[enry A.] Atkinson (Lorquon (given as Lourgnon/Lourquon)/Tullyvea 1854-1855), [Henry A.] Atkinson and [James Henry] Belcher (Lorguon [i.e. Lorquon] 1852/Tullyvea 1851-1852), [Henry A.] Atkinson and [John H.] Pepper (Lake Hindmarsh [i.e. Pine Hills] 1852-1855), [Alexander] Ayrey, [James Robson] Darnell & [Henry] Nichol[l] (Warranook 1851), [Alexander] Ayrey & [Henry] Nicol[l] (Warranook (given as War[r]anoke 1852-1855), E[dward] M[eade] Bagot (Lindsaye [i.e. Lindsay] Island/Wolwoola [i.e. Woolwoola]) 1851-1855), Thomas Baillie (Polkem[m]et 1851-1854/Wyn Wyn 1854-1855), Thomas Baillie & [Robert] Hamilton (Bunyip 1852), M[atthew] H. Baird (Coniog [i.e. Coniay]/Lockhart 1852/Yanyip 1854), [Matthew] Baird & [Richard] Hpodgkinson (Bunyip/Lockhart 1851), [George] Bell & [Peter] McGinnis (given as McGuinness) (Corrong [given as Corang/Lake Corang/Lake Corong) 1851-1855), [Matthew H.] Baird & [Richard] Hodgkinson (Bunyip/Lockhart 1851), [James Henry] Robert Ballantyne (Newlands 1851), Belcher & [Henry] Atkinson (Lorguon [i.e. Lorquon] 1852/Tullyvea 1851-1852), W[illiam] M. Bell (Kadnook 1854), [William M.] Bell & [George] Houston (Avoca Forest [No. 26] 1855), A[ndrew] Beveridge (Swan Hill or Tyntynder (given as Swan Hill/Tyn Tyndin/Tyntyndra) 1851-1855), [Walter] Birmingham & [David] Edgar (Mullagh 1851-1854/Pine Hill [or Konnepra] 1851-1855), J[ohn] Blunden (Concongella (given as Concungella/Concungilla/Concuagella) 1851-1855), Brock Bros. (Alexander, Henry & James) (Coonover [i.e. Coonooer]/Swan Water [North] 1851-1855), [Richard B.] Broughton and [Edward] Herne (Morea Catkin 1852-1855), [Alexander] Cameron [1791-1858]? & [Joel] Pennington (Eureka 1855), D[aniel] Cameron (Blackheath/Wooragworn [i.e. Woraigworm]), [James A.] Cameron (Decameron 1851-1855/Navarre 1854-1855), A[rchibald] M. Campbell ( Lexington & La Rose or Mokepile [i.e. Lexington, La Rose and Mokepille] 1855), James Campbell (Strathfillun [i.e. Strathfillan 1851-1855), S. R. [i.e. Robert Tertius] Campbell (Moompool [i.e. Mournpool] 1852), J[ohn] & C. G [?] Carfrae (Rosebrook/Wartook 1854), [John] Carfrae & [John Chester] Jervis (Rosebrook/Wartook [given as Wontook] 1855), [John] Carfrae and [Thomas] Young (Ledcourt/Newington 1851-1855/Swinton 1851-1852), Charles Carter (Brim Spring [also given as Bruin's Springs] 1851-1855), [Robert] Cay & [William] Kaye (Charlton West 1851-1855), Charles Carter (Brim Spring), Thomas Chirnside (Barton 1851-1855), Thomas Clapperton (Glenlogie 1855/Six Mile Creek 1854-1855), W[illiam] J. T. Clarke (Woodlands 1851-1852), W[illiam] J. T. Clarke & ? Dixon (Woodlands 1854), W[illiam] Coghill (Burra Burra/Piangill [i.e. Piangil] 1851-1855), John Coppock (Albacutya 1851-1855), James Crawford (Gayfield 1851), H[enry] Creswick (Banyena Plains [various misspellings] 1851-1855/Gerahmin/South Tyrrell 1854-1855), [John] Crozier & [John] Rutherford (Cowra, Cowea] [i.e. Cowra or Hawdon's Lower Run] 1852-1855/Kulmine, Kulminie [i.e. Culnine or Hawdon's Upper Run] 1852-1854),
Licensees Wimmera District D-I: F[rederick] W[illiam] Dallimore (Knighton/Lansdown 1852), [James Monckton] Darlot & [Archibald] McLachlan (Brighton 1851-1855), [James Robson] Darnell, [Henry] Atkinson & [Henry] Nichol[l] (Warranook 1851), Henry Davis [also given as Davies] (Brim 1855/Davis Plains 1851-1855), William Degraves (Woodlands 1855), Dennis Bros. [Alex., John & William) (Carr's Plains 1854-1855/Robertson's Station 1851-1855), [?] Dixon & W[illiam] J. T. Clarke (Woodlands 1854), John Stirling & William Donald (given as J. L. & William Donald, Donald & Stirling, J. S. & W. Donald and J. S. W. Donald] (Banyenong, Banyenong East [i.e. Banyenong]/Corack/Spring Bank [i.e. Springbank East & West] 1851-1855), C[harles] H. Ebden ( Bael Bael/Lake Boga [i.e. Swan Hill or Lake Boga]/Quambatook or Reedy Lake [i.e. Quambatook East & West and Reedy Lake] 1855), [David] Edgar & [W.] Birmingham (Mullagh 1851-1854/Pine Hill [or Konnepra] 1851-1855), H[oratio] C[larence] Ellerman (Antwerp 1851-1854), H[oratio] C. & H[enry] C[larence] Ellerman (Antwerp 1855), James Ellis (Avoca Forest [No. 26] 1851-1854/Kadnook 1855), [James] Falconer & [Hugh] Mann (Wirmbirchip [various misspellings] 1851-1854), Michael Fallon (Six Mile Creek 1851-1852), [Compton G.] Ferrers & [C. H.] Lyon (Morton [i.e. Morton's ] Plains 1854-1855), W[illiam] Firebrace (Mount Elgin/Vectis 1851-1852), William & Robert Tarver Firebrace [given as W. & R. T. G. and W. & W. G. Firebrace (Mount Elgin/Vectis 1854-1855), Fitzgerald and Co. [i.e. John B. and Mary] (Mullagh [given as Mallagh] 1855), Thomas L. Gibson (Lake Bringalbert [given as Bringalbert/Borrmgalbert, Lake Bungalburt] 1851-1855), Hugh Glass (Moyreisk [given as Moyreek] 1855/Moyreisk [given as Rathescar, Rathscay 1854-1855), Christopher Glendinning (Blasted Heath [name changed to Heath Hill] 1851-1852), [Christopher] Glendinning & [George] Urquhart (Blasted Heath 1854-1855), James Gordon (Newlands 1854-1855), George Govett (unnamed run [probably Ultima] 1851-1852), John Grant [Sr.] (Bumbang 1851-1855), Mrs. Ann/e Greene (Glynwylln [various misspellings] 1852-1855), [Richard] Grice & [B.]Heape (Bunyip 1854-1855), [R.] Grice, [B.] Heape & [C.] Sherratt (Yat Nat 1852-1854), [R.] Grice, [B.] Heape & [T.] Sumner (Yat Nat 1851), James Hamilton [given as Thomas Hamilton for 1852] (Narring,Narung,Narong [i.e. Narong, Narrung or Neroney] 1852-1855), Robert Hamilton (Wyn Wyn 1851-1852), [Robert] Hamilton & Thomas Baillie (Bunyip 1852), Thomas Hamilton (Second Kout Narin 1851-1855), John Harrison (Swan Water South 1851), R[obert] R[oss] Haverfield (Gerhamin/Nurnurnemal 1852/Sandhills [i.e. Sand Hills] 1851-1852), [Robert] Haverfield & [Joseph] Jardine (South Tyrell 1852), J[ohn] Hawdon Jr. executors (Cowra/Culnine [given as Kularine] 1851), [Benjamin] Heape & [R.] Grice (Bunyip 1854-1855), [B.] Heape, [R.] Grice & [C.] Sherratt (Yat Nat 1852-1854), [B.] Heape, [R.] Grice & [T.] Sumner (Yat Nat 1851), G. S. [i.e. stephen George] Henty (Newlands 1852), [Edward] Herne and [Richard B.] Broughton (Morea Catkin 1852-1855), F[rancis] P[atrick] Hines (Newhapper [i.e. Neuarpur] 1851-1855), E[dward] J[ames] Hogg (Yerre Yerre [given as Yerree Yerree, Yerri Yerro] 1854-1855), [Richard] Hodgkinson & [Matthew] Baird (Bunyip/Lockhart 1851), James Hodgkinson (Knighton/Lansdowne 1854-1855/Tittybong 1851-1852), [E. C.] Holmes & [R.] Teek (Wirmbirchip [given as Wurmburcheep] 1855), G[eorge] & R[obert] C. Hope (Lake Wallace 1851-1855), R[obert] C. Hope (Bolangum [also given as Belangum] 1854-1855), [George] Houston & [William C.] Bell (Avoca Forest [No. 26] 1855), Alexander Irvine (Junction [i.e. Glenlogie] 1851-1855),
Licensees Wimmera District J-O: [James] Jackson, [James] Rae and Co. (Brim 1851-1854), B[ushby] & H[ugh] Jamieson (Irymple [also given as Trymple] 1854-1855), [Joseph] Jardine & [R.] Haverfield (South Tyrell 1852), [John Chester] Jervis & [J.] Carfrae (Rosebrook/Wartook [given as Wontook] 1855), D[erwas] O[wen] Jones (Tallageira [various misspellings] 1851-1855), H[eighway] Jones [also given as Highway Jones] (Tattiara [given as Tatgara, Tatyara] 1852-1855/Yanyip [given as Yau Yip] 1855), [William] Kaye & [Robert] Cay (Charlton West 1851-1855), T[heophilus] J. Keene (Mournpool given as Moorapoul 1851), [Theophilus J.] Keene & [Robert] Orr (Gayfield [or Kulkyne] 1852-1855/Mournpool [also given as Moormbool]/Nurnurnemal [also given as Numurimal] 1854-1855), [Angus] Kennedy & [J.] Pennington (Eureka 1852-1854), William Kiddle (Tittibong 1854), E[dmund] & J[ames] Kirby (Cove 1852), [Dr.] John Learmonth (Avoca and Wycheproof 1851-1855), James Little [Sr.] (Mackenzie Springs [i.e. Spring] 1852-1855/Yanac-a-Yanac [given as Yanack-a-Yanack, Yanneek- a-Yannack] 1851-1855), James Little [Sr.] and Sons (David & James Jr.) (Drumbanagher [various misspellings] 1851-1855), Andrew Love (Sand Hills 1854-1855/Wallaloo [Creek] 1851-1855), [Charles H.] Lyon & [Compton G.] Ferrers (Morton [i.e. Morton's ] Plains 1854-1855), [Peter] McGinnis (given as McGuinness) & [G.] Bell (Corrong [given as Corang/Lake Corang/Lake Corong) 1851-1855), McGrath Bros. [James, Michael & Thomas] (Kidd's Station [given as Lower Murray 1855] 1852-1855), R. Mackay (Watch Creek 1854), John McKellar (Coniay [given as Coniag]/Lockhart 1854), C[olin] McKinnon (Mountain Creek 1851-1855), [Archibald] McLachlan & [J. M.] Darlot (Brighton 1851-1855), D[onald] J[ames] McLeod (Narang [i.e. Narong, Narrung or Neroney] 1851), H[ugh] L. McLeod [also given with initials S & H. C. N.] (Benyeo [also given as Benyo, Bengro] 1851-1855), A[rchibald] McMillan (Irrewarra/Sheep Hills 1851-1855), D[ugald] McPherson (Ashens/Nhill 1851-1855), R[obert] R[eid] Macredie (Banyenong [West]/Laen 1851-1855), [Hugh] Mann [also given as Maun] & [J.] Falconer (Wirmbirchip [various misspellings] 1851-1854), [John Henry] Mason & [John] Welsh (El Dorado [i.e. Eldorado] 1851-1854), Sir John Matheson (York Plains 1851-1855), Mrs. J[essie] Moffatt (Lemon Springs 1852-1854), William Moffatt's executors (Lemon Springs 1851), W[illiam] L[ockhart] Morton (Plains of Thalia 1852-1855), [Henry] Nichol[l], [Alex.] Ayrey & [James R.] Darnell (Warranook 1851), [Henry] Nicol[l] & [Alex.] Ayrey (Warranook (given as War[r]anoke 1852-1855), [Sir] Robert Officer (Lingmer [given as Longmer/e or Salt Lakes]/Mt. Talbot 1851-1855), Robert Officer [Jr.] (Yat Nat 1855), James Orr (Towaninny [given as Towanninie]/Yawong Springs [given as Yu Wang, Yewang, Yewang Springs, Yowang] 1851-1855), [Robert] Orr & [Theophilus J.] Keene (Gayfield [or Kulkyne] 1852-1854/Mournpool/Nurnurnemal 1854),
Licensees Wimmera District P-Z: William Patterson (Upper Regions 1851-1855), Charles [B.] Payne (Swan Water South 1852-1854), J[ohn] Pearson (Conroy [i.e. Glenorchy?]/Lockhart 1855) [Joel] Pennington & [Alex.] Cameron (Eureka 1855), [Joel] Pennington & [Angus] Kennedy (Eureka 1852-1854), [John H.] Pepper & [Henry] Atkinson (Lake Hindmarsh [i.e. Pine Hills] 1852-1855), Henry Pinson (Swinton 1854-1855), Thomas H. Pyke (Morton's Plains 1851-1852), [Charles Pitt] Pynsent & [W. F.] Splatt (La Rose & Lexington [i.e. Lexington, La Rose and Mokepille] 1854/Wonwondah 1851-1854), J[ohn] Quarterman [given as Qualermaine] (Wonwondah 1855), P[hilip] D. Rose (Rosebrook/Wartook [given as Wartock, Woortok) 1851-1852), [Charles] Sherratt [also given as Shirratt], [R.] Grice & [B.] Heape (Yat Nat 1852-1854), [William F.] Splatt & [C. P.] Pynsent (La Rose & Lexington [i.e. Lexington, La Rose and Mokepille] 1854/Wonwondah 1851-1854), [James] Rae, [James] Jackson and Co. (Brim 1851-1854), Joseph Raleigh (Springfield [No. 11]) 1852-1855), Thomas Robertson & sons James, John & Thomas Jr. [given as J. J. & J/J. J. & P./J. J. & T./J. T. & T Robertson] (Moora Moora [given as Moorra Moora/Murra Murra/Murn Murn] 1851-1855), L[awrence] Rostron (Ramsbottom/Tottington [also given as Tollington] 1851-1855), Andrew Russell (Outlet/Pine Plains [i.e. Plain] 1851-1855), George Rutherford (Carr's Plains 1851-1852), [John] Rutherford & [John] Crozier (Cowra, Cowea] [i.e. Cowra or Hawdon's Lower Run] 1852-1855/Kulmine, Kulminie [i.e. Culnine or Hawdon's Upper Run] 1852-1854), William Rutherford (Ranges [given as Pyrenees Ranges] 1851-1855), L[ancelot] Ryan (El Dorado [i.e. Eldorado No. 108] 1855), Adolphus Sc[e]ales (Lalbert 1851-1855), [Andrew] Scott and Sons (Andrew Jr. & Robert) ( Warracknabeal [various misspellings] 1851-1855), M[artin] Shanahan (Marnoo [also given as Murnoo] 1851-1854), J. J. & S. Simson/J. J. & J. Simson/J. & F. Simson [i.e. Donald Campbell & Hector Norman Simson as trustees] (Glenisla 1851-1855), John Sinclair (Allanvale [i.e. Sinclairs or Allanvale] 1851-1854)William F. Splatt (Bael Bael/Lake Boga [i.e. Swan Hill and Lake Boga]/Quambatook [East and West] 1851-1854), W[illiam] E]dward] Stanbridge (Astley (Tyrrell) [given as Tyrell, Tyrell on Astley] 1851-1855), W[illiam] F. Stawell (Rathscar or Moyreisk [i.e. Moyreisk]/Jerree Jerree, Yerre Yerree [i.e. Yerre Yerre (Mildura)] 1851-1852), A[ndrew] Stewart (Bolangum 1852), R[obert] W[illiam von] Stieglitz [given as Steiglitz] (Pine Hills [given as Lake Hindmarsh] 1851), [Theodatus John] Sumner, [R.] Grice & [B.] Heape (Yat Nat 1851), Robert Sutherland (Rich Avon 1851-1852), Donald Swan (Cove 1855), W[illiam] Swan (Cove 1855), [Charles Lambert] Swanston and [Edward] Willis (Chetwynd 1851-1852/Pigeon Ponds 1852), William Taylor (Longerenong 1851-1855), [R.] Teek & [E. C.] Holmes (Wirmbirchip [given as Wurmburcheep] 1855), [George] Urquhart & [C.] Glendinning (Blasted Heath [later called Heath Hill] 1854-1855/St. Mary's Lake 1851-1855), Alexander Walker (Daliamong (also given as Dalaining/Dalainong/Delmyong) 1851-1855), [John] Welsh [also given as Walsh, Welch] & [John] Mason (El Dorado [i.e. Eldorado] 1851-1854), Messrs. [James J. & James Jr.] Whittaker (Longlands 1851-1855), [Edward] Willis and [Charles Lambert] Swanston (Chetwynd 1851-1852/Pigeon Ponds 1852), [Dr. Alexander] Thomson (also given as Thompson) & [William] Armstrong (Avon Plains [i.e. Avon and Molly Plains] 1851-1855), George Urquhart MLC (Ballarook [also given as Balarook, Ballerook]/Mary Vale [also given as Maryvale] 1851-1855), William Wallace [given as A. Walker for 1852] (Elderslie [also given as Ellerslie] 1851-1855), Horatio S[pencer] Wills (also given as H. L. Willis) (La Rose & Lexington [i.e. Lexington, La Rose and Mokepille) 1851-1852/Swan Water South 1855), Wilson Bros. [Alexander H., Charles & Samuel] (Kewell [or Muckbilly]/Walmer [also given as Walmer and Tulgamy]1851-1855), [Thomas] Young and [John] Carfrae (Ledcourt/Newington 1851-1855/Swinton 1851-1852), [George] Younger and [John] Affleck (Rose Bank [i.e. Rosebank or Mortat] 1851-1852), George Younger (Rosebank 1854-1855)
Physical Description: 69p. ; 34cm.