Crown lands' sale and leases : return to address, Mr Campbell, 10th October, 1854

Corporate Author: Victoria. Surveyor-General's Dept.
Other Authors: Clarke, Andrew, Sir, 1824-1902
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printer, 1854
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1854-55, no. C 8
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor and ordered by the Council to be printed 7th November 1854"
"Andrew Clarke, Surveyor General"
No. 4. Return of the no. of pastoral tenants of the crown holding annual licenses under the regulations of 29th March 1848 ... with the no. of acres collectively held ... 1st October 1854 (p. 10-11): John McMahon Allan [given as Allen and McMahon] (Gipps' Land), William Allen (Gipps' Land), [Thomas] Armstrong and [William] Bell (Evelyn), John Armstrong (Grant), F[rancis] Anderson (Bourke), James Austin (Bourke/Grant), John Barker (Mornington), A[lfred] and E. [i.e. John Edward?] Bates (Grant), John Bear (Evelyn), J[ohn] W. Beilby (Mornington), [William] Bell and [Thomas] Armstrong (Evelyn), [Robert] Bell, [John] Russell and [Robert] Gray (Grant), Richard Benniston [i.e. Bennison] (Gipps' Land), George Black (Gipps' Land/Mornington), [John Ralph] Blois and [James Burchart] given as Bluchart (Mornington), Henry Bodman (Gipps' Land), H. and H. Bourke (Mornington), Edmund Buckley (Gipps' Land), J. C. [probably Patrick Coady] Buckley (Gipps' Land), [James Burchart] given as Bluchart and [John Ralph] Blois (Mornington), R[obert] D. Chamberlain (Villiers), William Cleave (Mornington), W. E. Cole (Gipps' Land), [John] Craig and [James] Stanhope (Villiers), James Dav[e]y (Mornington), Paul de] Castella and [Adolphe de] Meuron (Evelyn), John Delaney (Mornington), A[lexander] and J[ohn] Dennistoun (Bourke), [James] Dobson and [Robert] Morgan (Gipps' Land), Thomas Dorgan (Mornington), James Earles (Normanby), Andrew Ewing (Gipps' Land), [Maurice] Feehan, [Benjamin] Rossiter & [Henry} Jennings (Mornington), Fairfax Fenwick (Grant), A. and R[obert 1812-1884?] Gardiner (Mornington), [John] Gellion [given as Gillon], [John] Stratton & [David] Rickard [given as Richard] (Gipps' Land), Gerrard [i.e. Hatsell Garrard], [John] Gregory and Co. (Normanby), Michael Gibson (Mornington), Hugh Glass (Evelyn), [James] Graham and [William] Ryrie (Evelyn), [Robert] Gray, [John] Russell and [Robert] Bell (Grant), [Molesworth] Green[e] and Griffiths (Grant), [John] Gregory and [Hatsell] Garrard (Normanby), Frederick Griffin (Grant), [Charles James] Griffiths and Green[e] (Grant), Joseph Gundry (Grant), C. P. [i.e. Cornelius Sharp] Haley (Evelyn), J[oseph] M. Hall (Evelyn), Hannaford [given as Hunniford] and McLelland (Evelyn), Elias Harding (Grant), William Harding (Grant), John Harlin (Bourke), [Richard C. Hedditch] given as Heddith and [John] Kennedy (Normanby), John Herd (Polwarth), [Edmund] Higgins and [Mark] Nicholson (Villiers), John Hill (Evelyn), Frederick Hitchins, (Polwarth), R[obert] C. Hope (Grant), Henry Jennings (Mornngton), [Henry] Jennings, [Benjamin] Rossiter & [Maurice] Feehan (Mornington), Jones and Milne (Gipps' Land), Roger Kelsal[l] (Grant), [John] Kennedy and [Richard C. Hedditch] given as Heddith (Normanby), George Keys (Bourke), John and Richard King (Bourke), James Kitson (Normanby), A[lfred] Langhorne (Bourke), [Robert Rowland & Edward] Leake and [John] McLachlan (Polwarth), J[ohn] S[tafford] & W[illiam] Lett (Gipps' Land), Charles Lucas (Gipps' Land), Matthew McCaw (Evelyn), Alexander McDonald (Bourke), Anthony McEwitt (Grant), Messrs. [John David and William] McHaffie (Mornington), Daniel McKenzie (Evelyn), Andrew McKinley (Grant), [Archibald] McLachlan and [Archibald B.] Yuille (Bourke), John McLean (Grant), George McLelland (Evelyn), [George] McLelland and Hunniford [i.e. Hannaford] (Evelyn), McMahon and Allen [i.e. John McMahon Allan] (Gipps' Land) James McMahon (Mornington), George Matthews (Mornington), [Robert] Morgan and [James] Dobson (Gipps' Land), Charles Newman (Evelyn), [Mark] Nicholson and [Edmund] Higgins (Villiers), John Nicholson (Evelyn), Thomas Pearse (Polwarth), John Pearson (Normanby), James Pinkerton (Bourke), George Playne (Mornington), James Purvis [i.e. Purves] (Mornington),[David Rickard] given as Richard, [John] Stratton & [John Gellion] given as Gillon (Gipps' Land), Thomas Roadknight (Gipps' Land), Lewis Robinson (Bourke), [Benjamin] Rossiter, [Maurice] Feehan and [Henry]Jennings (Mornington), [John] Russell, [Robert] Bell and [Robert] Gray (Grant), George Russell (Grant), [William] Ryrie and [James] Graham (Evelyn), Peter Sharp (Grant), George Sherwin (Evelyn), [James] Stanhope and [John] Craig (Villiers), S[imon] Staughton (Grant), John Stokes (Grant), [John Alexander] Stratton, Richard [i.e. David Rickard] and Gillon [i.e. John Gellion] (Gipps' Land), R[obert] Surridge (Normanby), Albert Synnot (Grant), George Synnot (Grant), James Tait (Grant), James Taylor (Gipps' Land), John Thomson [possibly John Thompson of View Hill Run] (Evelyn), Joseph Tolson (Grant), Robert Turnbull (Gipps' Land), William Turner (Evelyn), Robert Varcoe (Mornington), William Vickery (Polwarth), Charles Wedge (Mornington), John and H[enry] Wedge (Mornington), John Wilson (Evelyn), [Archibald Buchanan] Yuille and [Archibald] McLachlan (Bourke) and Robert Zeal[l]ey (Grant)
No. 5. Return of no. of acres held by landholders in the settled districts of Victoria by pre-emptive lease ... 1st October 1854 (p. 12): John Aitken (Bourke), Francis Anderson (Bourke), J[ames], S[olomon] & T[homas] Austin (Grant), [Thomas] Austin and [William] Kiddle (Grant), John E. Bates (Grant), Thomas Bates (Grant), [Martin] Batey and [Frederick N.] Flintoff (Bourke), John Bear (Evelyn), George Blurton (Bourke/Grant), John Cameron (Bourke), Thomas Chuurnside [i.e. Chirnside] (Grant), W[illiam] J. T. Clarke (Bourke), Rachel Connolly (Evelyn), Paule de Castella (Evelyn), James Donaldson (Evelyn), James Donnithorne (Evelyn), [William] Fletcher and [John] Gardiner (Evelyn), [Frederick N.] Flintoff and [Martin] Batey (Bourke), W[illiam] C. Haines (Grant), William Hindhaugh (Grant), R[obert] C. Hope (Grant), Peter Inglis (Evelyn), Roger Kelsall (Grant), [William] Kiddle and [Thomas] Austin (Grant), Alfred Langhorne (Bourke), John Learmonth [given as Learmouth] (Grant), William Lithgow (Bourke), Charles McLachlan (Grant), Neil McLean (Grant), McManus and Co. [possibly George McManes & Samuel McGregor] (Grant), Thomas Manifold (Evelyn), George Mercer (Grant), Henry Miller (Grant), William Murray (Bourke), E[dward[ and J[ohn William] Page (Bourke), John Paterson [possibly Dr. John Patterson] (Bourke), John Pearson (Evelyn), James Pinkerton (Bourke), Esther Porter (Evelyn), Thomas H. Power (Evelyn), W[illiam] and G[eorge] Pyke (Bourke), John Ritchie (Evelyn), James Robertson (Bourke), Henry Rourke (Evelyn), George Russell (Grant), William Rutledge (Evelyn), Simon Staughton (Bourke/Grant), Michael Steele [i.e. Steel] (Bourke), John Von Steiglitz (Grant), [Charles Lambert] swanston and [Edward] Willis (Grant), Lawrence [i.e. Laurence] Trewin (Grant), William Walker (Evelyn), [Edward] Willis and [Charles] Swanston (Grant), Thomas Wills (Evelyn), Alex. Wilson (Grant) and Peter Young (Bourke)
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