Item Description: Committee: [Henry] Miller (chairman), [Robert] Pohlman, [William] Splatt, [James] Strachan, Dr [Alexander] Thomson and [William] Westgarth
Solicitor for the Petitioners for the Bill: John Duerdin
Witness examined: Charles Salmon Vallack
Other mentions: Bank of Australasia [v], Bank of England x [i.e. vi], London x [i.e. vi], Robert Montgomery Martin x [i.e. vi], Melbourne iv,[v], New South Wales [v], Oriental Bank x [i.e. vi], Scotland [v], Sydney x [i.e. vi], Victoria [iii],iv,[v] and [Vic.]. Colonial Treasurer [ii]
BOUND IN 1852/53 VOLUME 2 p. [977-982]
Physical Description: x [i.e. vi] p. ; 33cm.