Gold despatches : [copies of despatches from His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor to the Secretary of State for the Colonies] return to address, Mr. O'Shanassy, 10th September 1852

Other Authors: Cassell, James Horatio Nelson, 1814-1853, Childers, Hugh Culling Eardley, 1827-1896, Ebden, Charles Hotson, 1811-1867, Guthridge, Nehemiah, 1808?-1878, Hodgson, John, 1799-1860, Kerr, William, 1812-1859, La Trobe, Charles Joseph, 1801-1875, Lonsdale, William, 1799-1864, McCrae, Alexander, ca. 1799-1871, Mackenzie, Alastair, d. 1852, Nicholson, William, 1816-1865, O'Shanassy, John, Sir, 1818-1883, Smith, John Thomas, 1816-1879, Sturt, Evelyn Pitfield Shirley, 1816-1885
Published: Melbourne : Printed by John Ferres at the Government Printing Office, 1852
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1852-53
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary, by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, and ordered by the Council to be printed, 2nd November, 1852"
Comprises 9 despatches from Lieut.-Governor La Trobe to the Rt. Hon. Earl Grey between 10 Oct. 1851 and 20 Jan 1852 [numbered 1,2,3,4 (no. 53/1851),4 (no. 58/1851),5,6,7,8] : together with various enclosures and sub-enclosures. The enclosures for No. 4 (No. 53/1851) follow on from No. 4 but are erroneously listed as despatch No. 3 enclosures
Despatch 1. Encl. Circular from colonial secretary William Lonsdale to the colonial treasurer [Alastair Mackenzie]
Despatch 4 [No. 53]. Encl. 1. Return of all printed notices and regulations issued between Aug 15 Aug. and Dec. 3 relative to discovery and issue of licenses for removal of gold. Includes sub-enclosures 1. Proclamation respecting the existence and working of gold, 2. Regulations respecting licenses to dig and search for gold, 3. Regulations for the escort of gold, 4. Appointment of Crown Lands commissioners to carry out the regulations, 5. Notice for the prevention of seamen and others from obtaining licenses to dig, Notice respecting gold for escort, 7. Tenders for the purchase of Government gold, 8. Notice respecting the export of gold, 9. Notice that none are to dig within half a mile of a homestead & 10. Further regulations respecting licenses to dig
Despatch 4 [No. 53]. Encl. 2. No. of commissioners for the gold districts and of clerks, inspectors and troopers attached to same appointed ... their names, dates of their appointments, salary paid to each and where stationed
Despatch 4 [No. 53]. Encl. 3 & sub-enclosures. Treasury returns 1. Gold transmitted by the Govt. escort Sept. 30 - Dec. 3 1851, 2. Fees for licenses issued Sept. 30 - Dec. 3 1851, 3. Escort fees payable on private gold received Sept. 30 - Dec. 3 1851, 4. Sales of govt. gold Sept. 30 - Dec 5 1851 , 5. Form of gold book, 6. Proceeds govt, land sales Sept. 1 - Nov. 30 1851 [returns 1-6 signed A. McKenzie, Colonial Treasurer], 7. Deposits in [Port Philip]Savings' Bank Aug. 7 - Dec. 7 1851 signed James Smith, Accountant
Despatch 4 [No. 53]. Encl. 4. Probable amount of gold raised between Aug. 1 and Dec. 6 1851
Despatch 4 [No. 53]. Encl. 5. No. of persons who arrived by sea ... Victoria July 1 to Nov. 30 1851
Despatch 5. Encl. 1. Foreign shipping within the Port of Melbourne Jan. 6 1852: Abberton (451 ton), Admiral (783 ton), Ameer (451 ton) & Andromache 468 ton) all from London, Benjamin Heape (261 ton) from Mauritius, Blundell (573 ton), Commodore (489 ton), Christabel (335 ton) & City of Manchester (1,200 ton) all from London, Charlotte (309 ton) from Sourabaya, Constance (578 ton) from London, Derwent (363 ton) from Sydney, Eagle (1075 ton) from Liverpool, Equator (235 ton) from Shanghai, Fanny (273 ton) from Adelaide, Helen Baird (441 ton) from Leith, Indus (368 ton) from Glasgow, John Fielden (916 ton) from Liverpool, Lady Kobilliard [i.e. Robilliard] (56 ton) from Guernsey, Lysander (476 ton) from Adelaide, Lord Stanley (769 ton) from Liverpool, Lady Flora (756 ton) & Northumberland (811 ton) from London, Napoleon (230 ton) from Singapore, Posthumous (400 ton), Rattler (522 ton) & Syria (542 ton) from London, Sarah Ann (352 ton) from Adelaide, Susannah [i.e. Susanne?] (200 ton) from Hobart Town, Stebonheath (1013 ton) from London, Stata (270 ton) from Leith, Sir Harry Smith (365 ton), Tory (483 ton) from Adelaide, Wellington (473 ton) from New Zealand and Zetland (1283 ton) from Liverpool
Despatch 5. Encl. 2. Colonial shipping within the Port of Melbourne Jan. 6 1852: Anna Dixon (118 ton) & Colina (55 ton) from Adelaide, Dart (134 ton) & Diana (103 ton) from Hobart Town, Elizabeth (76 ton) from Adelaide, Esperanza (141 ton) from Hobart Town, Flash (159 ton) from Adelaide, Go-a-head (121 ton) from Hobart Town), Hero (163 ton) from Adelaide, Hirondelle (100 ton) from Sydney, Jenny Lind (136 ton) from Hobart Town, J. Lovett (138 ton) from Newcastle, Lillias (88 ton) from Sydney, Mary Clark[e] (180 ton) from Adelaide, Minerva (84 ton) from Sydney, Melbourne (150 ton) from Hobart Town, Panama (223 ton) from Adelaide, Phoebe (89 ton) from Sydney, Sword Fish (170 ton) from Hobart Town, Swift (129 ton) from Launceston, Twins (144 ton) from Sydney, Wave (64 ton) from Port Fairy, Wanderer (135 ton) from Sydney and Wild Irish Girl (136 ton) from Adelaide
Despatch 5. Encl. 3. Replies to the Colonial Secretary's circular to govt. depts. in Melbourne and Geelong and to police magistrates in the colony as to what effects the gold crisis might be expected to have and how to obviate any inconvenience likely to arise from employees wanting to join the goldrush
Despatch 5. Encl. 4. Daily pay of civil service subordinate officers in 1851, the rate voted for by the Legislative Council for 1852, and the 1852 rate as increased by direction of the Lieut.-Governor -- Encl. 5. Increase in salaries of Customs Dept. subordinate officers
Despatch 5. Encl. 6. Letter from the mayor of Melbourne J[ohn] T[homas] Smith to the Lieut.-Governor forwarding copies of correspondence to him from J. T. Smith (alderman Fitz Roy ward), John Hodgson (alderman Lonsdale ward), W[illiam] Nicholson [1816-1865] (chairman Gipps' ward meeting), N[ehemiah] Guthridge (councillor La Trobe ward) and town clerk W[illiam] Kerr (on behalf of the alderman of Bourke ward) on resolutions made at public ward meetings regarding safety and security for citizens and their property
Despatch 5. Encl. 7. Comparative statement of the revenue ... received into the Colonial Treasury during the quarters ended Dec 31 1850 and 1851 respectively signed by the auditor general C[harles] H[otson] Ebden -- Encl. 8. Comparative statements of rates of wages and prices current at Melbourne for the months of Dec. 1850 and Dec. 1851 and memorandum signed by immigration agent Hugh C. E. Childers
Despatch 5. Encl. 9 & 10. Rate of increase per cent on ordinary prices (as charged in 1851 previous to the gold excitement) of the most important supplies under some of the principal contracts for government services in Victoria signed by colonial secretary W. Lonsdale
Despatch 6. Encl. 1. Return of gold exported from ... Victoria to Dec. 31 1851 inclusive signed by James Cassell, Custom House, Melbourne -- Encl. 2. Return of gold exported from ... Victoria since Dec. 31 1851 signed by James Cassell, Custom House, Melbourne
Despatch 6. Encl. 3. return of no. of persons who have arrived by sea in ... Victoria July 1 - Dec. 31 1851 and supplemental return Jan. 1-17 1852 signed by immigration agent Hugh C. E. Childers
Despatch 6. Encl. 4. Return of all gold transmitted by the government escort from the various workings Sept. 30 to Dec. 31 1851 signed by colonial treasurer A[lastair] Mackenzie -- Encl. 5. Return of amount of fees for licenses issued at the various workings from Sept. 30 to Dec. 31 1851 signed by colonial treasurer A. Mackenzie -- Encl. 6. Return of amount of escort fees payable on private gold received from the various workings Sept. 30 to Dec. 31 1851 signed by colonial treasurer A. Mackenzie
Despatch 8. Encl. Summary of effects of the gold crisis connected with public departments
Despatch 8. Encl. Appendix A. Letter from chief postmaster A[lexander] M'Crae [i.e. McCrae] to the colonial secretary
Despatch 8. Encl. Appendix B. Letter from surveyor general R[obert] Hoddle to the colonial secretary attaching return of his Dept. Jan 8 1852 showing salaries of respective [named] officers and a list of Survey Dept. officers who resigned on Jan. 1 1852
Despatch 8. Encl. Appendix C. Letter from supt. of police E[velyn] P. S. Sturt to the colonial secretary attaching a numerical return of the constabulary force in Melbourne and the County of Bourke for the year 1852
Other mentions A-J: Abberton (ship) 28, Edward Brown Addis 15, Adelaide 10,28,29, Admiral (ship) 29, Alberton 40,48, Albury 40, Ameer (ship) 28, Anderson's Creek [3],9,18,41,44, Andromache (ship) 28, Anna Dixon (ship) 29, W. W. Anslow (clerk Surveyor-General's Dept.) 50, Apollo (govt. schooner) 47, Appropriation Act (Vic,) 25, D[avid] Armstrong (asst. commissioner) 17, W. Austin (draftsman) 50, Australian Alps 21, Ballan 40, Ballaarat 4,7,9,10,11,17,18,19,21,22,41,44,45, Barker's Creek 21,41, Edward Barnett (asst. surveyor) 50, Mr. [Samuel] Barrow 51, [given as special agent deputed to VDL] 47, Bathurst district (N.S.W.) 5, [Batman's Hill] powder magazine 25, Benjamin Baxter (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander) 17, C. A. Bayley (draftsman) 50, Charles Beasley (draftsman) 50, John Bell (clerk to the commissioner Ballarat) 17, Bendigo Creek 21,41, Benjamin Heape (ship) 28, Blundell (ship) 28, Bourke (Vic.) County 3,51, Bourke (Vic.) Police [given as Superintendent Police, Melbourne] 12,17,30,31,48,51, Bourke Ward (Melb.) 35, Brilliant (ship) 42, Charles Brodie (inspector Mt. Alexander) 17, Broken River 8,9,41, Mr. Buckland (storekeeper Melbourne) 39, John Buckley (clerk Surveyor General's Dept.) 50, W[illiam] H[enry] Buckley (draftsman) 50, Buninyong [3],4,9,10,15,16,17,48, Burnbank 40, California 26, Callao [Peru] 28, Campaspie [River] 21, Carisbrooke 40, Charlton [given as Yowen Hill] 40, Christmas 23,35, Clunes 9, Cocquette (ship) 42, Colonial Architect 31, Commodore (ship) 28, Christabel (ship) 28, City of Manchester (ship) 28, Charlotte (ship) 28, Chepstowe 40, Lindsay Clarke (asst. surveyor) 50, Clunes [3],7,9,41, Colac 40, Captain [George Ward] Cole 51, Colina (ship) 29, Constance (ship) 28, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Bourke County) [3],30,31,47, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Gipps' Land) 48, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Grant County) 47, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Murray) 48, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Portland) 48, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Western Port) 17,48, Commissioner of Crown Lands (Wimmera) 48, Mr. [Skene] Craig (storekeeper Melbourne) 39, John Dane (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander), Darlington [given as Elephant Bridge] 40, D'Arcy (gold miner) 41, Dart (ship) 29, Henry Davidson (clerk Surveyor General's Dept.) 50, W. J. [i.e. William T.] Dawson (asst. surveyor) 50, James W. de Roche (clerk post office dept.) 48, Sir William Denison (liet.-governor Van Diemen's Land) 26, Derwent (ship) 28, Diana (ship) 29, Dorset (ship) 42, Mr. Commissioner [Francis C.] Doveton 16,17, Eagle (ship) 28, East Loddon River 10, Echuca [given as Maiden's Punt] 40, Eddy (gold miner) 41, Elizabeth (76 ton ship) 29, England 8,22,37, (given as Mother country 8,12), Equator (ship) 28, Esperanza (ship) 29, Executive Council (Vic.) [3],11,14,23,24, A. J. Eyre (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander) 17, Fanny (ship) 28, Favorite (ship) 42, Fiery Creek 40, Sir Charles Fitz Roy 6,8,25, [given as Governor General 12, 23,26], Fitz Roy ward (Melb.) 34, Flash (ship) 29, Charles Henry Fletcher (clerk Survey Dept.) 50, John Fletcher (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander) 17, H[enry] B. Foot (asst. surveyor) 50, Forest Creek 10,21,41, Francis Fryer (asst. clerk Post Office dept.) 48, Fryer's Creek 21,41, Gambling ad the Use of Obscene Language Restriction Act (Vic.) [given as 15 Vict. no. 12] 45, Geelong [3],5,6,15,20,30,33,40,42,44,48, Geelong police force 48, General Post Office [Melb.) 40,48, [Mr.] Gentil (employee Post Office dept.) 48, Gipps' Ward (Melb.) 34, Gill (gold miner) 41, Glasgow 28, Go-a-head (ship) 29, Golden Point 4,5,9, Goulburn River 21,41, Government Gazette 15, William Nairn Gray 15, Great Britain [given as United Kingdom] 20,43, Earl Grey (sec. of state for the colonies) [3],10,21,24,41,45, Guam 28, Guernsey 28, Hamburgh 28, Hamilton [given as Grange] 40, Harbour Master Geelong 30,47, Harbour Master [Melbourne] 30,31, Harbour Master Williamstown 47, Helen Baird (ship) 28, Hero (163 ton ship) 29, Hero (ship) 20,42, Himalaya (ship) 42, Hirondelle (100 ton ship) 29, Hirondelle (ship) 42, Hobart Town 28,29,42, Hobson's Bay 12,40, Robert Hoddle (surveyor general) 50, W[illiam] Hogarth (clerk Mt. Alexander) 17, R. W. [i.e. Richard H.] Horne (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander) 17, C. C. Horrell (draftsman) 50, Horsham 40,48, Charles Howard (clerk Post Office dept.) 48, Thomas James Howard (clerk Survey Dept.) 50, Thomas B. Howse (letter carrier Post Office dept.) 48, Mr. [William Henry?] Hull 35, [Andrew] Francis Hunter (gold escort officer Ballarat) 17, J. R. Hurst (draftsman) 50, Henry William Hutchenson [ i.e. Hutchinson] 15, India 28, Indus (ship) 28, J. Lovett (ship) 29, [Mr.] James (employee Post Office dept.) 48, Jenny Lind (ship) 29, John Fielden (ship) 28, Alderman [James Stewart?] Johnston 34
Other mentions K-O: Mr. [William] Kerr [town clerk Melbourne] 35, Kilmore 21,40,48, Kyneton 40, Lady Flora (ship) 28, Lady Kobilliard [i.e. Robilliard] (ship) 28, Lake Wallace 40, La Trobe ward (Melb.) 34,35, Launceston 29, Legislative Council 7,11,23,25,26,27,30,34,45,47,49, Leigh River 4, Leith (Scotland) 28, Licensing Act 1852 No. 14 (Vic.) [given as 15 Vict. No. 14] 45, Lillias (ship) 29, Liverpool 28, Loddon River [3],21, West Loddon district [3], London 28,42, Lonsdale ward (Melb.) 34, Lord Stanley (ship) 28, C[harles] J[ohn] P[itfield] Lydiard (asst. commissioner Mt. Alexander) 17, Lysander (ship) 28, Henry McGregor (letter carrier Post Office dept.) 48, William Mair (police magistrate Ballarat &c.) 17, Mary Clark[e] (ship) 29, Mauritius 28, Melbourne 3,5,7,9,10,12,15,17,20,21,23,24,30,31,34,35,40,41,42,44,45,48,49,51, Melbourne (150 ton ship) 29, Melbourne (ship) 42, [Melbourne] City Council 34,35, Melbourne (Vic.: City) Police 35,51 [given as Superintendent police, Melbourne] 12,17,30,31,48, Military Pensioners (van Diemen's Land) 26,47, Minerva (ship) 29, Mount Alexander 7,9,10,11,17,18,19,21,25,40,41,44,45, Mount Alexander range[s] 10, 21, Mount Emu Bridge 40, Mount Gambier 40, Mount Macedon 9, Muddy Creek 41,Murray District 18,44, Thomas Musgrave (draftsman) 50, Muspratt (clerk Post Office Dept.) 49, Napoleon (ship) 28, New South Wales [3],5,6,8,11,12,13,20,21,22,23,25,43,45, [N.S.W.] Act to Further Restrain the Unauthorised Occupation of Crown Lands 1839 No. 27 [given as 15 Vict. No. 27] 45, [N.S.W. Melbourne Incorporation Act] given as Corporation Act 34, [N.S.W. Vagrancy Act 1835 No. 6] given as Vagrant Act 45, New Year 23, New Zealand 20,23,28,43, Newcastle 29, Nicholas Alexander Fenwick 15, Northumberland (ship) 28, Oceania [given as South Sea Fisheries/South seas] 20,43, [Old] Melbourne Gaol 25, Omeo district 41, [given as Omee country] 21
Other mentions P-Z: Panama (ship) 29, Pentridge Stockade 9, [given as penal establishment] 24, [given as Penal Stockade] 25, [given as Superintendent of Penal Stockade] 30,31, Phoebe (89 ton ship) 29, Phoebe (ship) 42, James G. Pippet[t] (draftsman) 50, Police Magistrate Alberton 30,48, Police Magistrate Belfast 30,48, Police Magistrate Buninyong 16,48, Police Magistrate Geelong 15,30,48, Police Magistrate Kilmore 30,48, Police Magistrate Portland 30,48, Port Albert 29,33, Port Fairy 29,33,40, [given as Belfast] 48, Port Phillip District 6,Port Phillip Savings Bank (given as Savings' Bank of the colony) 13,20, Portland 20,29,33,40,48, Posthumous (ship) 28, Frederick Armand Powlett 15, Albert Purchas 50, Rattler (ship) 28,29, Daniel Reddin (letter carrier Post Office dept.) 48, Richmond 40, R[obert] Russell (asst. surveyor) 50, St. Kilda 40, Sarah Ann (352 ton ship) 28, Sarah Anne (ship) 42, Robert [D.] Scott (asst. surveyor) 50, Shamrock (ship) 42, Charles C. Schan [i.e. Schaw] (draftsman) 50, Shanghai 28, Sievwright (clerk Post Office Dept.) 49,Singapore 28, Sir Harry Smith (ship) 28, A[lexander] J[ohn] Skene 50, Henry Smith (clerk Survey Dept.) 50, Henry Smith (police inspector) 17, [John] Smith (clerk Post Office Dept.) 49, [John Thomas Smith] mayor [of Melbourne] 34,35,South Australia 11,12,13,20,22,23,43, Stata (ship) 28, Stebonheath (ship) 28, Supreme Court 36,47, Supreme Court. Master in Equity [given as Master in Equity] 30,31,47, Surabaya [given as Sourabaya] 28, Susannah [i.e. Susanne?] (ship) 28, Swan Hill 40, Swift (ship) 129, Sword Fish (170 ton ship) 29, Sword Fish (ship) 42, Sydney 8,28,29,42, Syria (ship) 28, Tasmania [given as Van Diemen's Land] 10,11,12,20,23,25,26,43,47,51, W[illiam A.] Taylor (draftsman) 50, A. [i.e. William] Templeton (gold escort officer Mt. Alexander) 17, Thomas Henry (ship) 42, Tory (ship) 28, Treacy (clerk Post Office Dept.) 49, Mr. [William Upton] Tripp 34,Turon (NSW) 11, Twins (ship) 29, Charles James Tyers 15, W[illiam] S[wan] Urquhart 50, Victoria [3],12,13,26,Vic. Audit Office 46, [given as Auditor General's dept.] 30,31, Vic. Board to Enquire into the Actual State of the Post Office [given as Board held upon this department] 49, Vic. Bridge Office [given as Superintendent of Bridges/ dept./office] 30,31,47, Vic. Colonial Architect's Dept 30,31,47, Vic. Colonial Secretary's Office 31,46, given as Colonial Secretary's dept.] 30,49, Vic. Colonial Surgeon 31,48, Vic. Court of Requests [given as Commissioner of Court of Requests dept.] 30, [given as Court of Requests Commissioner] 47, Vic. Crown Lands Commissioners 13, Vic. Crown Solicitor 48, [given as Crown Solicitor's dept.] 30, Vic. Customs Dept. 31,46, [given as Collector of Customs dept.] 30,31 Vic. Denominational School Board [given as Denominational School Board dept.] 30, [given as Denominational Schools] 47,Vic. [Gold] Mounted Police [given as Escort Officer] 17, [given as Government Escort] 11,13,21,25,41, Vic. Immigration Dept. [given as Immigration Agent's dept.] 30, [given as Immigration Agent] 31,47, Vic. Mounted Police 17, Vic. Native Police Force [3],4,17, Vic. Office of the Chief Commissioner of Goldfields [given as Commissioners for the Gold District/Chief Commissioner of the gold fields] 17, Vic. Ports and Harbours Office [given as Harbour] 24, [given as Harbour M aster's deparment] 47, Vic. Post Office dept. 48,49, [given as Chief Postmaster's dept.] 30, [given as Chief Postmaster] 31, [given as Post Office] 46, Vic. Sheriff's Office 12, [given as deputy Sheriff] 30,31,40,47, Vic. Surveyor General's Office 31,49, [given as Surveyor General's dept.] 30,49 [given as Survey Office] 47, Vic. Treasury 41, [given as Colonial Treasurer's dept.) 30, [given as Colonial Treasurer/Treasury] 13,15,16,31,46, Unauthorised Mining on Waste Lands Restriction Act 1852 No. 15 (Vic.) [given as 15 Vict. No. 15] 45, Henry Wade (surveyor) 50, Warreneep 4, Warrnambool 40, Waste Lands Australia Act 1846 c. 104 (Gt. Britain) [given as 9 & 10 Vict. cap. 104] 45, Wave (ship) 29, Wanderer (ship) 29, Thomas Watson (asst. surveyor) 50, Thomas Wedge (asst. surveyor) 50, Wellington (ship) 28, Western Australia 20,43, E. R. White (asst. surveyor) 50, Wild Irish Girl (ship) 29, Mr. [Robert] Willan 34, S[amuel] Windridge (inspector Mt. Alexander) 17, William Henry Wright 15, Williamstown 33, Woady Yallock [i.e. Yaloak] 40, [Yarra Bend] Lunatic Asylum 24,31 and Zetland (ship) 28
BOUND IN 1852/53 VOLUME 2 p. [249-299]
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