Gold fields : return to address--Mr [Francis] Murphy, 29th June, 1852

Corporate Author: Victoria. Lieutenant Governor (1851-1854 : La Trobe)
Published: Melbourne : Printed by John Ferres at the Government Printing Office, 1852
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1852-53
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Item Description: "Laid upon the Council table by the Colonial Secretary, by command of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor, and ordered by the Council to be printed, 26th October, 1852"
Returns Nos. 1 and 8. Names of places in Victoria where gold fields are being worked, their distances from Melbourne, the number of licenses to dig for gold, issued monthly since 30th November last, and the names of the places for which they were issued
Return No. 2. No. of Gold Commissioners, their names, dates of appointment, salaries, and allowances, places where stationed, and nature of their general duties: John [i.e. Edward Brown] Addis, Benjamin Baxter, James M. Clow, Owsley R. Cockburn, Samuel J. Cooke, Francis C. Doveton, Alfred J. Eyre, N. A. Fenwick, William Fenwick, Foster Fyans, George H. [i.e. George Alexander] Gilbert, Samuel Kingdon, Henry Panton, F. A. Powlett, Charles R. Read, Alfred Reynell, G. D. Smythe, H. W. H. Smythe, Edward S. Symonds, John C[ampbell] Thompson and William Henry Wright
Return No. 3. No. of clerks and other persons employed by the Gold Commissioners, their salaries, dates of appointment, and by whom employed. Also a return of clergymen for whom provision has been made: Rev. S[amuel] Chapman (Wesleyan), H. S. Chauncey (surveyor Forest Creek), J[oseph] Cusworth (postmaster Bendigo Creek), Albert Ely (clerk), F. Fryer (postmaster), Edward Garsett [i.e. Garsed?](clerk), Rev. J. A. [i.e. John Herbert] Gregory (Anglican), Robert Heywood (clerk), Francis Hutton (clerk), Francis Jones (clerk), J[ohn Fraser] Kerr (asst. storekeeper), George Levey (clerk), James M'Crea (surgeon/coroner), William M'Crea (surgeon/coroner), Lofthouse Margrave (clerk), Edwin Meyer (clerk), W. Miller (inspector), A.B. Nicholson (inspector), C.W. Nicholson [possibly Charles Hope Nicolson] (inspector), C[hristian] H[erman] Ohlfsen-Bagge (acting clerk of works), Charles Pain (clerk), J[osiah?] Perrin (asst supt. of bridges), Walter Pierce (clerk), David Ramsay (clerk), H[enry] Smith (inspector), W. Smith (inspector), Henry Stark (clerk), J. Steel (inspector), Rev. J. Symonds [i.e. John C. Symons] (Wesleyan), E. Wales (camp overseer), L. Walsh (storekeeper), Ashton Warner (clerk), Edward Webb (clerk), J. Welch (asst. storekeeper) and S[amuel] Windridge (inspector)
Return No. 4. No. of police, distinguishing horse and foot, employed upon and in connection with the gold fields, their daily pay, and distribution
Return No. 5. No., description, pay, and duties of any other force employed on the gold fields
Return No. 6. No. of police, and other persons employed on escort duty, their daily play, and the general expenses of that service weekly
Return Nos. 7, 9 and 10. Expenditure occasioned by the discovery of gold, in the public service, unconnected with the gold fields, since the 30th November last through increase of pay and allowances and in any way whatsovever, with the items in detail; the amount of revenue derived from the gold districts by licence fees and otherwise since the 30th November last specifying the amount received at each gold field and the expenditure at each separate place; also the amount of revenue derived from the escort of gold stated monthly since 30th November last
Return Nos. 11 and 12. Amount of gold forwarded by government escorts to Melbourne since the 30th November last; also the amount of gold forwarded by the Adelaide escort and the nature of any expenditure occasioned thereby to the Government of this Colony
Return No. 13. Amount of gold exported from the colony ... specifing the names of ships conveying the gold and ports for which they sailed: Aberfoyle (to London from Geelong 28/1/1852), Aberfoyle (to London from Melbourne 9/2/1852), Aberfoyle (to London from Melbourne 13/2/1852), Admiral (London), Amicus (Adelaide), Benjamin Heape (London), Blundell (London), Brilliant (to London from Geelong 8/1/1852), Brilliant (to London from Melbourne 15/1/1852), Britannia (London), Cape Horn (Sydney) x 2, Champion (Adelaide) x 2, Christabel (London), Christina (Sydney), Clara (Sydney), Commodore (to London from Geelong 27/5/1852), Commodore (to London from Melbourne 24/6/1852), Competitor (London), Conside (Sydney) x 2, Coquette (Sydney) x 2, Cornelius (London), Daphne (Adelaide), Dart (Sydney) x 3, Derwent (London), Don Juan (Sydney), Dorset (Hobart Town), Elizabeth (Adelaide) x 2, Emma (Sydney) x 2, Enchanter (to London from Geelong 9/2/1852), Enchanter (to London from Melbourne 25/2/1852), Essington (Sydney), Favorite (Sydney) x 2, Golden Spring (Sydney) x 2, Helen (London), Henry Edward (Adelaide), Hero (to London from Geelong 6/12/1851), Hero (to Adelaide from Melbourne 22/4/1852 & 23/6/1852), Himalaya (London), Hirondelle (Sydney), Honduras (London), Hooghley (to London from Geelong 30/3/1852), Hooghley (to London from Melbourne 3/5/1852), Kiwi (Adelaide) x 2, Lima (London), Lord Montgomerie (Adelaide), Margaret (Sydney), Margaret & Mary (Sydney), May Queen (London), Mazeppa (Adelaide), Medway (London), Melbourne (to London from Geelong 18/12/1851), Melbourne (to London from Melbourne 22/12/1851), Nelson (to London from Geelong 16/3/1852), Nelson (to London from Melbourne 20/4/1852), Northumberland (London), Phoebe (Sydney), Posthumous (to London from Melbourne 5/3/1852), Posthumous (to London from Melbourne 11/3/1852), ), Prince of Wales (Sydney), Punch (Adelaide), Queen of Sheba (Adelaide), Rienzi (Adelaide), Sarah Anne (London), Shamrock (Sydney) x 9, Statesman (to London from Geelong 16/1/1852), Statesman (to London from Melbourne 27/1/1852), Stebonheath (London), Susanne (Hamburg), Sword Fish (Hobart Town), Syria (London), Tasmania (London), Thomas & Henry [i.e. 235 ton brig Thomas Henry?] (Sydney) x 2, Thomas Hughes (London), Vanguard (to London from Geelong 1/3/1852), Vanguard (to London from Melbourne 16/4/1852), Waratah (Sydney) x 2, Wellington (London), Wild Irish Girl (Sydney), Wycliffe (London)
Return Nos. 14 and 15. Amount (if any) of gold lost in course of transmission by escort specifying the number of parcels, the particulars of such losses, and the nature of compensation given; also the amount (if any) of gold in the hands of the Government for which no claimants appear or for which claims have not been allowed or duly established
Return No. 16. Any correspondence which may have taken place with the Imperial authorities respecting the establishment of a Colonial Mint or Assay Office
Return Nos. 17 and 18. No. of persons, with the nature of the offences charged against them (not including summons cases nor cases where fines were inflicted) convicted, held to bail or committed for trial by the magistrates at the gold fields since the 1st of September last indicating, if practicable, those arrived from Van Diemen's Land; also the no. of summons cases and of those involving fines, with the nature of those dealt with by the magistrates for a similar period
General summary of foregoing returns completed to 30th June, 1852 and supplemented by notes of later dates
Other mentions: Adelaide 12,13,14,18, [Australasian] Weslyan [Methodist] Church 7, Ballaarat 5,6,7,8,10,11,12,17,18, Bendigo 8,10, Bendigo Creek 6,7,9, Bourke County 6,11, Buninyong 7,11, Carlesruhe 8, Castlemaine 8, [Catholic Church] given as Church of Rome 7, Church of Scotland 7, Mr. Assistant Commissioner [Owsley] Cockburn 15, Eagle Hawk gully 8, Empire (schooner) 11, Enrolled [Military] Pensioners 9,11, Forest Creek 6,7,8,9,10, Fryer's Creek 6,7, Geelong 6,8,10,13,14, Gisborne 8, [Gold Mounted Police Vic.] given as Escort/Escort Duty/Government Escorts/Adelaide escort 10,12,15,18, Grant County 6,11, [Gt. Britain. Army] 11th Regiment 9, [Gt. Britain. Army] 99th Regiment 9, [Gt. Britain. Royal Mint. Melbourne Branch] given as Colonial Mint 16, Hamburg 13,14, Hobart Town 13,14, Lake Omeo 6, Lieutenant-Governor [Charles La Trobe] 11, London 13,14, Melbourne 5,8,10,12,13,14, Mount Alexander 5,6,8,9,10,12,15,17,18, Mounted Police 11, Murray District 6,11, Omeo/Omeo District 8,11, New South Wales 14, Port Fairy 13,14, Portland Bay 13,14, South Australia 12,14, South Australian Government 6, Sydney 13,14, [Tasmania] given as Van Diemen's Land 14,17, [Vic. Better prevention of Offences Act 1852 No. 14] given as 15 Vict. No. 14 17, [Vic.] Colonial Architect's Office 11, [Vic.] Clerk of Stores Office 11, [Vic.] Colonial Secretary's Office 18, Victoria Customs 14, [Vic. Juror's Act 1852 No. 15] given as Act of Council 15 Vict. No. 15 6,17,[Vic.]. Master and servant's Act 17, [Vic. Ports, Harbours and Shipping Consolidation Act 1852 No. 12] given as 15 Vict. No. 12 17, [Vic.] Treasury 11,15
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