Emigration from the Highlands and islands of Scotland

Corporate Author: Great Britain. Colonial Land and Emigration Commission
Other Authors: Brownrigg, John Studholme, 1786-1853, Christie, Robert, Donaldson, George Hay, 1810-1872, Fraser, Thomas d. 1876, Hamilton, William Alexander Baillie, 1803-1881, Hampton, John Somerset Pakington, Baron, 1799-1880, Murdoch, Thomas William Clinton, Sir, 1809-1891, Phipps, Charles Beaumont, Sir, 1801-1866, Price, Bonamy, 1807-1888, Trevelyan, Charles Edward, Sir, 1807-1886, Walcott, Stephen, Sir, 1806-1887, Great Britain. Colonial Office, Skye Emigration Committee, Victoria. Lieutenant Governor (1851-1854 : La Trobe)
Published: Melbourne : John Ferres, Government Printing Office, 1852
Parliamentary Paper Number: Parliamentary paper (Victoria. Parliament) ; 1852-53
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Item Description: "Ordered by the Council to be printed, 29th December, 1852"
"C. J. La Trobe, Lieutenant Governor, Message No. 47"
Comprises letter of 31st July 1852 to Lieut. Governor La Trobe from the British Colonial Secretary J[ohn] S[omerset] Pakington [later Baron Hampton]transmitting the despatch of 29th July 1852 to himself from Sir Charles Trevelyan (chairman of the Highland and Island Emigration Society) which includes memoranda (May1852 and June 1852) on the Society itself, a Subscription List, and various items of correspondence listed I - VIII
Subscription list includes: A. A., Sir T. Dyke Acland, Lady [Elizabeth Maria?] Adair, J. H. Adams, Anonymous (for Skye per Secretary)/(per Mac Leod of Mac Leod), Duke of Argyll, E. Arnand, Miss Arnot, Australian Agricultural Company, J. B. (initials only), M. B. (initials only) per Messrs. Willis and Co., Henry Baillie, Rev. John Bampton, Barclay and Co. [i.e. Barclays Bank], Thomas Baring MP, William Barker, a Barrister (for Skye), Dowager Duchess of Beaufort, Dr Begsley, William Benson, Mrs E. C. Blair, Mrs Lambert Blair, John G. Blake, [Charles James Bomfield] the Lord Bisop of London, Adam Bogue, John Boucher, Miss Bovill, Rev. Stephen Bridge, R. W. Bromley, Duke of Buccleuch, J. R. Burchett, Rev. H. N. Burrowes, Charles Buxton, Sir Edward N. Buxton, D. Cameron (of Lochiel), Col. Andrew Campbell, Donald Campbell, Lady [Charlotte Elizabeth?] Canning, E[dward] Cardwell, Lady Carnegie, P. Carruthers, [Thomas Challis] the Lord Mayor [of London], R. Chambers, Miss E. Champion, Lady [Mary Ann] Chantrey, The Chisholm [i.e. Duncan Macdonell Chisholm?], Church of St. Thomas the Martyr [given as St. Thomas's Church Newcastle-upon-Tyne] per the Rev. R. Clayton, Sir James Clark, Colonel Clifford, Dowager Lady Clinton, Vice-Admiral Sir T. Cochrane, J[ohn] P[ayne] Collier, J[ohn] C[ampbell] Colquhoun, Earl Cowper, Capt. [Robert] Craigie R.N., Crawford, Colvin and Co., Lord Patrick James Crichton-Stuart [given as Lord James Stuart], Edward Cropper, John Cropper, Rev. J. Cumming, Capel Cure, Lady Dalmeny, Sir John F. Davis, Hart Davis, [Edward Geoffrey Smith-Stanley] the Earl of Derby, Capt. M. Dixon R.N., "Do as you would be done by", Misses Dorrien, Drummond and Co. [given as Messrs. Drummonds] on behalf of various individuals, Robert Dundas [possibly 4th Viscount Melville 1803-1886], Countess [Catherine Herbert] of Dunmore, Mrs Elliott, F. T. Ellis (for the Misses Telford), George H. Ellis, Rev. Noel T. Ellison, Mountstuart Elphinstone, Sir William Erle, C. F. (per Messrs. Drummonds), Alexander Ewing [given as Bishop of Argyll and the Isles], James Farrer, Dr Ferguson, Lady Emily Foley, Sir Charles Forbes [1832-1852?], Dowager Lady [Elizabeth] Forbes of Newe, George H. Foster, James Foster, a Friend (for Skye), a Friend (per Messrs. Drummonds), Hugh Fuller, P. Gardner, Mrs Gawen, John Goldie, Miss Sebylla Grant, B. B. Gulliford, H. (initial only), Viscount Halifax [given as Sir Charles Wood MP], Andrew Hamilton, Claude Hamilton [i.e. Lord Claud Hamilton?], Baron Hampton [given as Sir John Pakington MP], Thomson Hankey Jr., [Charles Philip York] Earl of Hardwicke RN, Mrs Harper, Messrs. Harrison and Son, Baron Hatherley [given as Sir William Page Wood], Sir John Herschel, Arthur H. Heywood (Manchester), Heywood's Bank (Manchester) [given as Sir Benjamin Heywood and Co. (Manchester)], N[athaniel] Hibbert (Watford), A Highland Servant, Robert Stayner Holford, Mrs [Jean] Hughan, William Jackson [i.e. Sir William Jackson?], , Frederick H. Janson, J. Jeffery (for Skye), Sir Samuel Clarke Jervoise, Jones Loyd and Co., Sir Fitzroy Kelly, John Kenyon, R. C. Kidd, Arthur Kinnaird MP/Lord Kinnaird, Sir John Kirkland, H. J. L. (initials only), John Labouchere, a Lady, Mrs Charles [Emily Catherine] Langton, Rev. Charles Langton, C. T. [i.e. Charles Webb?] Le Bas, J. S. Lean, A. G. Lethbridge, W[alter] Long (mayor of Bath), Lieut.-Colonel Ludlow, C[harles] Z[achary] Macaulay, Kenneth Macaulay, T. B. Macaulay, A. J. D. Macbean, Sir Duncan MacDougal[l], Sir James McGrigor, Lieut-Gen. MacInnes, Rev. C[harles] Mackenzie, Holt Mackenzie, J. G. McKirdy, Lieut.-Gen. Charles MacLeod, J. M. MacLeod (of St. Kilda), Major W. MacLeod [possibly William Couperus MacLeod], Cluny [i.e. Ewen] MacPherson (of Cluny), Richard MacPherson, Capt. L[achlan] Macqueen, Earl of Malmesbury, Mrs [Margaret] Maltby, Duke of Manchester [given as Viscount Mandeville MP], Ross D. Mangles, Sir Henry Martin, Ronald James Martin, "Mary Ann" (for Skye), Alexander Matheson MP., Sir James Matheson MP, William Henry Leslie-Melville [given as W. L. Melville], W. Miller (Commissary General), Mrs E. Monkland, James Carrick Moore, J. M. Morgan, Sir R. J. [i.e. Roderick Impey] Murchison, Lady Elizabeth A. Murray, N. M. Rothschild and Sons, Duchess of Norfolk, Mrs [Janet] North, Mrs Oakes, Sir G[eorge] Osborn, Hon./Rev. S[ydney] G. Osbourne and Mrs [Emily Charlotte] Osborne, Viscountess Ossington [given as Lady Charlotte Denison], Colonel Otto (remitted from Oxford through Messrs. Robinson, Parsons and Co.), L. J. P. (initials only), W. P. (initials only), Thomas Page, Charles Peers, Mrs[Charles] Peers, Edward Penrhyn, E[rnest] A. Perceval, Hon. Mrs [Beatrice] Perceval, Hon. Mrs [Sophia Elizabeth] Percy, Samuel Petric, Miss Pine Coffin, Mrs General Pine Coffin, Sir Edward Pine Coffin, William Pocock, C. W. [possibly Charles William] Pole, Frederick Pole, Capt. George Pole, Mrs George Pole, Rev. E. Pope, Miss Portal, Postage Stamps, Messrs. Pott and H.R. Price, Mrs Potter [possibly Mary, wife of Thomas Bayley Potter], Prescott, Grote and Co., Bonamy Price, Messrs. H. R. Price and Pott [i.e. Price and Pott stockbrokers London], Prince Albert, Queen Victoria, Mrs Radley (by Miss Wrench), Robert Rawlinson, James Richardson [probably the Glasgow merchant], William Robertson [possibly William Tindal Robertson], Mrs Fred. Robinson, H. Crabb Robinson, Marmaduke Robinson, Miss Rollinson, H. B. Rose, Earl of Roseberry [i.e. Rosebery], H. C. Rothery, William Rothery, Rev. George Rous, Lord John Russell, Sir Edward Ryan, H. S. (initials only), W. E. S. (initials only), St. Matthew's Chapel Spring Gardens (after a sermon by [Alexander Ewing] the Bishop of Argyll and the Isles), David Salomons, Hugh F. Sandeman, Francis Scott MP, Benjamin Shaw, Sir John Shaw, Mrs Waldo [i.e. Maria Ponsonby] Sibthorp, N[ataniel] P. Simes, Rev. J[ohn Nassau]] Simpkinson, Lady Mary Singleton, J. R. Sitwell, Dr. [J.] Skey, Henry Porter Smith, Messrs. Smith, Payne and Smiths, Capt. Stewart, Charles E. Stewart, Thomas Stickney (deputy Commissary General), Stockwell Chapel, Capt. [James] Stoddart R.N., Samuel Stone, Countess of Suffolk [given as Viscountess Andover], George Granville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower [1786-1861] [given as the Duke of Sutherland], George Granville William Sutherland-Leveson-Gower [1828-1892] (Duke of Sutherland) & Anne Sutherland-Leveson-Gower (Duchess of Sutherland) [given as Marquis and Marchioness of Stafford], A Swiss Friend (for Skye), Archibald Campbell Tait [given as the Very Rev. Dean of Carlisle], William Tayler, Misses Telford (per F. T. Ellis), Connop Thirlwall [given as Lord Bishop of St. David's], Mrs E. Todd, T[homas] Tooke F.R.S., Sir Charles E. Trevelyan, Rev. E[dward] O. Trevelyan, Major [Henry W.] Trevelyan, Mrs [Emilia Anne] Trevelyan & Miss Trevelyan, Raleigh Trevelyan, W[illiam] P. & Mrs W. P. [i.e. Maria] Trevelyan, Sir Walter Calverley Trevelyan, Lady Truro, James Tulloch, Cecil Turner, Thomas Turnor, Hon. Mrs [Charlotte] Upcher, Lady Valiant, Rev. Dr. Vaughan (Harrow), Jacob Vincent, Miss M. Wakefield, James Walker, Rev. Josiah Walker, William Walker, Spencer Walpole, Misses Ward, Joshua Watson, Rev. W[illiam] Watson, Capt. Webb R.E., Miss E. S. [i.e. Sarah Elizabeth?] Wedgwood, James Park, Baron Wensleydale [given as Sir James Parke], A Widow's Mite (Skye), Colonel Ely Wigram, Loftus Wigram, Mr Wild, Rev. David Williams [given as the Warden of New College Oxford], Lady Willoughby de Eresby, Benjamin Wilson, Rev. James Wood, Major [Alexander?] Woodburn, Miss Wrench (for Mrs. Radley listed earlier) and William Blackman Young
Correspondence I: Mr [Thomas] Fraser (sheriff Skye/chairman of the Skye Emigration Committee) to the agents of the McLeod (John Smith), McDonald (James Brown) and Skeabost (Robert Christie) properties, dated Dec. 1851 and Jan. 1852, respecting contributions of the proprietors of Skye estates to the funds of the Society. Also Robert Christie's corrspondence with Thomas Fraser
Correspondence II: Sir CharlesTrevelyan to the editors of the London morning papers, dated 22nd May 1852, urging the claims of the Highland and Island Emigration society to public support
Correspondence III: Colonel C[harles] B[eaumont] Phipps to Sir Charles Trevelyan dated 23rd May 1852 announcing her Majesty's subscrioption of £300 to the Highland Emigration Fund
Correspondence IV: Mr Bonamy Price to Mr. [William Edward] Forster of Wharfside near Bradford in Yorkshire, respecting probable fall off in supply of Australian wool and the means proposed by the Highland Emigration society to meet this national exigency
Correspondence V: Between Sir C. Trevelyan and Mr. [John] Brownrigg (chairman Australian Agricultural Company) respecting sending Highland emigrants to Port Stephen in NSW
Correspondence VI: From Captain [William Alexander] Hamilton (sec. Admiralty) to Sir C. Trevelyan (with 4 enclosures including correspondence between T. W. C Murdoch (chairman Board of Emigration) and Sir C. Trevelyan and from Trevelyan to Captain Hamilton) relative to using H.M. Ship "Belleisle" for conveying emigrants to Australia
Correspondence VII: Between Sir C. Trevelyan, T. W. C. Murdoch and Thomas Fraser (including an enclosure to no. 4 from Thomas Fraser to [Hugh James] Rollo, enclosures to no. 12 comprising memorandum from S[tephen] Walcott (sec. Emigration Commissioners) & letter from Walcott to T. [i.e. J. B.] Haly (sec. Highland and Island Emigration Society) & enclosure to 13 of letter from Walcott to [James] Chant) describing measures taken in May and June 1852 for dispatching emigrants &c.
Correspondence VIII: Between Sir C. Trevelyan and Mr [George Hay] Donaldson (of Austin Friars) respecting the future of the Society
Other mentions: Adelaide 2,27,28, Annanias [i.e. Ananias] (biblical character) 22, Araminta (ship) 2, Duke of Argyll [given as Argyle] 26, Austin Friars (London) [7],29, Australian Agricultural Company [7],14,15,16,17, T[homas] Baring 3, Bath 6, Belleisle (ship) [7],17, W[illiam] Benson 3, Birchin Lane (London) 4, Birkenhead 28, Messrs. Bouverie, Murdoch and James 4, Bradford (Yorkshire) [7],12, Mr. Brickwood 14, [James Brown] agent McDonald estate Skye [7],8, Brisbane county (N.S.W.) 15,16, Mr. [John] Brownrigg (chairman Australian Agricultural Company) [7],14,15,16, Captain [Marcus Freeman] Brownrigg 22,26, Duke of Buccleuch 3, C[harles] Buxton 3, Canada 11, E[dward] Cardwell MP 3, Mr. Cardwell [nephew of George Rainey/not Viscount Edward Cardwell] 19, Carrington (N.S.W.) 15,16, Central Board of Management for Highland Relief (Scotland) [given as Highland Destitution (Relief) Board] 9, Chance (ship) 4,27,28, Mr. [James] Chant 28, Charing Cross (London) 4, Mrs. [Caroline] Chisholm 15,29, [Robert Christie] agent Skeabost estate Skye [7],9,10,23,24, Clarence [River district (N.S.W.)] 15,16, Rev. R[ichard] Clayton 6, Cluny (Scotland) 6, Clyde [River] (Scotland) 26, Messrs. Coutts and Co. 4, Charles Cowan MP 3, Darling Downs (Qld.) 15,16, Thomas Dickson [given as Dickens] 2, [George Hay] Donaldson [7],29,30, Downing Stret (London) [1], Messrs. Drummond [and Co. bankers] 4, the Duke [of Argyll?] 18, Edinburgh 9,11,20,21,22,23,24,25,26, Edinburgh Relief Committee 3, Alexander Lang Elder 2, George Elder Jr. 2, William Elder 2, F. T. Ellis 6, England 12,13,29, Europa (ship) 28, Family Colonization Loan Society 15, Flora (ship) 4,Sir Charles Forbes 3, France 5, Sheriff T[homas] Fraser of Skye 3,7,9,10,11,19,20,21,22,23,24,26,27,28,29, Geelong 2,4,27,28,29, Georgiana (ship) 2,4,27,28, John Oswald Gilchrist 2, Glasgow 4,19,20,22,23,24,25,26,27,28, Glasgow Relief Committee 3, Gloucester county (N.S.W.) 15,16, Governor of NSW 2, Governor of South Australia 2, [Gt. Britain] Admiralty 17,18, [Gt. Britain. Bankruptcy Act 1825] given as Bankruptcy Statute 10, [Gt. Britain. Bankrupts (England and Enforcement in Ireland) Act 1825 c. 16] given as the Irish Act 10, [Gt. Britain]. Colonial land and Emigration Commission (also given as Board of Emigration/Emigration Commissioners) 3,4,[7],9,11,13,14,15,16,17,19,20,22,23,24,25,26,27,28, [Gt. Britain. Emigration from Scotland Act 1851 c. 91] given as "The Act of last session by which the Drainage advances were rendered applicable to Emigration" 26, [Gt. Britain. Passengers Act 1849 c. 33] given as Passengers' Act 18, [Gt. Britain]. Treasury 14,15,21, J[ohn] B[askett] Standish Haly [given sometimes as T. Haly] 3,20,21,23,27, W[illiam] T[aylor] Haly 3, Captain [William Alexander] Hamilton 18, Harrow 6, Hebrides 2, Haymarket (London) 4, Mr Sydney Herbert (later Baron Herbert of Lea) 29, Messrs. Herries and Co. 4, Heywood's Bank (Manchester) 5, Robert How 2, Mr. Hume 29, Ireland 3,11,13,29, John Gray (ship) 4, Rev. John Kennedy 11, King's Arms Yard (London) 14,16, Henry Kingscote 3, Arthur Kinnaird M.P. 3, Lanarkshire (Scotland) 29, [Lieutenant] Governor of Victoria 2, Liverpool 4,25,26,27,28,29, Liverpool Plains (N.S.W.) 15, Lombard Street (London) 4, London [7],10,11,14,16,20,21,22,23,24,26,28, Mr. McAskill [7], Lord [Godfrey William Wentworth] McDonald 8, McDonald estate (Skye) [7],8, Sir Duncan MacDougal[l] 3, Rev. H[enry] Mackenzie (vicar St. Martin-in-the-Fields) 3, Mr. Mackgill 21, MacLeod of Macleod [i.e. Norman 1812-1895] 3, J. M. McLeod (of St. Kilda) 3, widow McLeod (Skye) 19, McLeod estate (Skye) [7], Sir John McNeill 2,8,19,20,21,22,23,24,26, Cluny [i.e. Ewen] MacPherson of Cluny 3, Macquarie county (N.S.W.) 15,16, Rev. James McQueen (Broadford) 11, Manchester 5, Marmion (ship) 2, Alexander Matheson [given as Mathison] 26, Sir James Matheson [given as Mathison] 26, Medina (ship) 2, Melbourne 2,4,16,27, Miltiades (ship) 4,26,27,28, Moreton Bay 2, Mossbank (house Portree) 20,21,23, Mr. [Thomas] Murdoch (chairman Board of Emigration) [7],14,18,20,22,27, New College Oxford 6, New England district (N.S.W.) 15,16, New South Wales 11, Ontario (ship) 2, Oxford 6, Pall Mall East (London) 4, Park street (Westminster) 18,22, Port Phillip 2, Port Stephen (N.S.W.) [7],14,15,16,17, Portland Bay 27,28, Portree (Skye) 20,21,23,24,28, W. G. Prescott 3, Prescott Grote and Co. (bankers) 4, Bonamy Price 3,[7],14, Prince Albert 3,4,12,29, Queen Victoria 3,12,16, Raasay Island (Scotland) 19,26, Mr. [George] Rainey (prop. Raasay Island) 19, [given as Rainy] 26, Messrs. Ransom and Co. 4, Rhuandunan (Isle of Skye) [given as Rhuendunan] [7], Robinson, Parsons and Co. 6, Mr. [Hugh James] Rollo 20,21, Baron L[ionel] de Rothschild MP 3, St. Andrew Square (Edinburgh) 9, St. James's Street (London) 4, St. Kilda (Scotland) 3,6, St. Martin-in-the-Fields 3, St. Martin' Place (London) 2,3,4,11,24,26, Alderman [i.e. David] Salomons MP 3, Sapphira (biblical character) 22, Scotland [1],3,4,10,11,14,15,28,29,30, [Scotland. Bankrupty Act 1621 c. 18 ] given as "in Scotland we have had somewhat similar Acts for the last 170 years" 10, F[rancis] Scott M.P. 3, Earl of/Lord Shaftesbury 3,15, Skeabost Estate (Skye) [7],9,10,23,24, J. Skey M.D. 3, Skye (Scotland) 3,4,5,6,8,10,11,12,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,28,29, Skye Emigration Committee/Society [7],23,25,27, Sleat (Isle of Skye) 8,9, [John Smith] agent McLeod Estate Skye [7], George Robert Smith 3, Samuel George Smith Jr. 3, Smith, Payne and Co. (bankers) 4, South Australia 11, Strand (London) 4, Strathaird Estate (Skye) 9, Duke of Sutherland 26, Sydney 2,4,15,16,27,28,29, Tasmania [given as Van Diemen's Land] 11, Mr. Taylor (sec. Skye Emigration Committee) 19,20, Threadneedle Street (London) 4, Trafalgar Square 3,4, Victoria 11, S[tephen] Walcott (sec. Emigration Commissioners) 27,28,29, John Walker 2, Wanota (ship) 28, Watford 5, Western Australia 11, Wharfside (Yorkshire) [7],12, Messrs. William Deacon and Co. 4, Messrs. Willis and Co. 6, Miss Wrench 6, Yorkshire [7],12,13
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